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3 ways to minimize damages caused by your electric water heater
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Rinnai RUR98
Rinnai RUC98
Rinnai RL94
Rinnai RL75
Rinnai V65
Rinnai gas boilers
Rinnai error codes 11
Troubleshooting Rinnai
How to use Rinnai


Takagi T-H3
Takagi T-K4
Takagi T-H2
Takagi T-D2
Takagi T-KJr2


Bosch C 1210 ES
Bosch C 1050 ES
Bosch C 950 ES
Bosch 940 ES
Bosch Therm 520
Bosch Tronic
Bosch tankless error codes


Noritz NRCP
Noritz NRC
Noritz NR
Noritz CB
Noritz NRC111
Noritz NRC98
Noritz NRC663 (EZTR40)
Noritz NR71
Noritz NR66
Noritz NR50
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Paloma PH2-25
Paloma PH2-28
Paloma condensing


Navien NHB
Navien NCB
Navien NPE


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American tankless
American 40-gal gas
American 50-gal gas
American heat pumps
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AO Smith

AO Smith gas
AO Smith electric
AO Smith tankless
AO Smith heat pump - Voltex
AO Smith direct vent
AO Smith condensing
AO Smith tank-type condensing - Vertex
AO smith condensing error codes

Bradford White

Bradford White gas
Bradford White electric
Bradford White tankless
Bradford White 30-gal gas
Bradford White 40-gal gas
Bradford White direct vent
Bradford White power vent


Giant gas
Giant electric
Giant tankless


HTP boilers
HTP hybrid

John Wood

John Wood gas
John Wood tankless


Reliance tankless
Reliance heat pumps


Rheem electric
Rheem gas
Rheem heat pumps
Rheem gas tankless
Rheem electric tankless
Rheem power vent
Rheem direct vent
Rheem high efficiency


Richmond tankless
Richmond gas


Ruud tankless
Ruud gas


State tankless
State gas
State electric
State Select
State condensing
State heat pumps
How does the State tankless work


Whirlpool gas
Whirlpool electric

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How to replace the Hydro Generator on Bosch water heaters from 520 series
How to replace temperature sensors
How to replace a gas control valve
How to fix a noisy burner
How to remove and install heat exchangers on Bosch C1210 model
How to troubleshoot Bosch tankless by using the error codes
How to replace a water valve on C1050ES
How to fix a thermocouple
How to check is my gas-powered Kenmore water heater working properly
How can I convert a heating element on Kemore Power Miser 12 50-gal to use different wattage than factory installed
How to remove the hot surface igniter for cleaning and replacement
How to install a Rheem heat pump
Fixing hot water bad taste
Why and how to reset an ECO
How to fix AO Smith when the pilot light goes out
How to install a powered anode rod on GAHH 40 from AO Smith
How to test an air pressure switch
How to fix an error code 6 on AO Smith GPDH 50
How to clean a flame arrestor
Troubleshooting the power vent water heater where the blower runs continuously
How to operate the gas valve and thermostat on gas tank-type models
How to install heat traps
Troubleshooting the error code 111 - No hot water
How to fix heating elements and no hot water problem due to dry firing, bad wiring, and sediment build-up
How to replace an anode rod
How to replace a dip tube
How to replace a gas valve on the tank-type WH
How to replace a TPR valve
How to replace heating elements
Fixing the creaking noise
How to deal with condensation in venting
How to select water softeners for water heating
How to reduce water heating costs
How to chlorinate a water heater
Open or closed water heater system
Installing a draft hood
Backdrafting - the cause and solution
Tips on installing a heat pump
How to fix the "not enough hot water" problem
Using recirculation to fix the slow hot water delivery
How to select a water heater expert
How to become a water heater expert in the US
How to become a water heater expert in Canada
How to deal with water heater corrosion, rust and brown water
How to solve no hot water problem
How to prevent and fix flooding water heaters
Ignition failure on tankless water heaters and what to do
How to replace ignition electrodes on Bosch tankless


How to repair a water heater leak
Fixing the sediment buildup problem
Milky hot water
Discolored (rusty) hot water
Troubleshooting rotten egg odor
Water heater noise fix
Water hammer
Overheating issues
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Burner flame problems and solution
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