Top 5 American 50-gal Gas Water Heaters

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Top 5 American gas water heaters selected here are those that are used for potable water heating in residential applications, have one or more of the following features; high energy factor or recovery rate, low and ultra-low NOx, long warranty and utilize the latest advanced features found in the industry.

Some of these features include the condensing technology (high energy factor), powered anodes (non-sacrificial), advanced gas valves and electronics (precise temperature control and diagnostics). This review covers only the 50-gal water heaters that use natural gas.

The top 5 gas water heaters


One of the most advanced American gas water heaters is definitely Polaris. The main characteristics of Polaris series are:

  • Ultra-high energy efficiency of 96% that greatly saves the energy and money.

  • Long lasting and corrosion free stainless steel water storage tank that also reduces the maintenance of the heater by eliminating the need for the anode rod.

  • The ultra-quiet blower for better comfort.

  • Metal fiber gas burner ensures clean gas combustion, lower pollution and better resistance to the thermal and mechanical stress and corrosion.

  • Microprocessor and self-diagnostic system for better control and accuracy.

  • Polaris utilize the Power/Direct Venting system with the 2” or 3” tubes, and maximum length of up to 120’ - all made of PVC, CPVC or ABS.

  • Extremely high recovery rate of up to 257 gal/hr, found on the 50-gal unit - PG10 50-199-3NV, resulting in more hot water where it is needed the most – large families with great demand for hot water.

  • Long 10-year warranty.

Nautilus Power Direct Vent

Nautilus Power Direct Vent water heater VG6250T100NV is the second best 50 gallon unit and it utilizes the following features:

  • Condensing design resulting in the ultra-high efficient water heating of 96%.

  • Spiral heat exchanger allows higher performance and better thermal efficiency.

  • Advanced electronic control with the large LCD display, diagnostic system and remote control capability.

  • Can be used in both space and potable water heating with the provided side recirculating taps.

  • 3” vent pipe with the lengths of up to 128’.

Nautilus Power Vent

Nautilus Power Vent water heater VG6250T76NV is the 50 gallon unit that utilize the following features:

  • Ultra high efficient water heating – 90%.

  • Advanced gas valve control that comes with the diagnostics and long lasting hot surface ignitor.

  • The water heater with the side-mount taps can be used in space and potable water heating.

  • Great protection against the corrosive water action – Blue Diamond Glass coating and two heavy duty anode rods.

  • Green Choice gas burner that reduces the emission of NOx gases by 33%.

  • 2”, 3” and 4”” vent pipes with the maximum length of 128’.

PCG6250T403NOV - Pressurized combustion chamber

  • Pressurized combustion chamber that utilizes an advance air intake blower for distributing the optimal mixture air/gas, resulting in superior efficiency of 0.70.

  • Hot Surface ignition eliminates the outdated pilot light.

  • Green Choice is the Eco-friendly gas burner that reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.

  • Service diagnostics and temperature monitoring using the digital LCD display.

  • Non-sacrificial powered anode rod for the advanced metal tank protection.

  • Self-cleaning system and diffuser dip tube reduces the sediment build-up inside the water tank keeping the performance high and heater durable.

Ultra-Low NOx Power Vent

PVUG62-50T42 is the Ultra-Low NOx Power Vent gas water heater with the 50 gallons tank and following features:

  • Power venting using the PVC, CPVC or ABS vents, with the size of 2” or 3” and horizontal and vertical termination.

  • Ultra-Low NOx gas emission thanks to the Green Choice gas burner.

  • Intelli-Vent gas control for a better temperature control and simple diagnostic.

  • Superior corrosion resistance utilizing the Coregard anode rod and Blue Diamond glass coating.

  • Self-cleaning dip tube system.

  • Energy Star approved with the 0.68 energy factor.

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