Top 5 American 50-gal Gas Water Heaters Review

Top 5 American gas water heaters selected here are those models that are used for potable water heating in residential applications, have one or more of the following features; high energy factor or recovery rate, low and ultra-low NOx, long warranty and utilize the latest advanced features found in the industry.

Polaris water heater

Some of these features include the condensing technology (high energy factor), powered anodes (non-sacrificial), advanced gas valves and electronics (precise temperature control and diagnostics). This review covers only the 50-gal water heaters that use natural gas.

Top 5 gas water heaters


One of the most advanced American gas water heaters is definitely Polaris. The main characteristics of the Polaris series are:

  • Ultra-high energy efficiency of 96% that significantly saves energy and money.
  • Long lasting and corrosion free stainless steel water storage tank that also reduces the maintenance of the heater by eliminating the need for the anode rod.
  • An ultra-quiet blower for better comfort.
  • A metal fiber gas burner ensures clean gas combustion, lower pollution and better resistance to the thermal and mechanical stress and corrosion.
  • A microprocessor and self-diagnostic system for better control and accuracy.
  • Polaris utilize the power/direct venting system with the 2” or 3” tubes, and maximum length of up to 120’ - all made of PVC, CPVC or ABS.
  • Extremely high recovery rate of up to 257 gal/hr, found on the 50-gal unit - PG10 50-199-3NV, resulting in more hot water where it is needed the most – large families with high demand for hot water.
  • Long 10-year warranty.

Nautilus Power Direct Vent

Nautilus Power Direct Vent water heater VG6250T100NV is the second best 50-gallon unit, and it utilizes the following features:

  • Condensing design resulting in the ultra-high efficient water heating of 96%.
  • A spiral heat exchanger allows higher performance and better thermal efficiency.
  • An advanced electronic control with the large LCD display, diagnostic system, and remote control capability.
  • Can be used in both space and potable water heating with the provided side recirculating taps.
  • 3” vent pipe with the lengths of up to 128’.

Nautilus Power Vent

Nautilus Power Vent water heater VG6250T76NV is the 50-gallon unit that utilize the following features:

  • Ultra high efficient water heating of 90%.
  • An advanced gas valve control that comes with the diagnostics and long-lasting hot surface ignitor.
  • A water heater with the side-mount taps can be used in space and potable water heating.
  • Excellent protection against the corrosive water action – Blue Diamond Glass coating and two heavy-duty anode rods.
  • A Green Choice gas burner that reduces the emission of NOx gases by 33%.
  • Vent pipes with the 2”, 3” and 4” diameter and maximum length of 128’.

PCG6250T403NOV - Pressurized combustion chamber

  • Pressurized combustion chamber that utilizes an advanced air intake blower for distributing the optimal mixture air/gas, resulting in superior efficiency of 0.70.
  • Hot Surface ignition eliminates the outdated pilot light.
  • The Green Choice is the Eco-friendly gas burner that reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Service diagnostics and temperature monitoring using the digital LCD display.
  • A non-sacrificial powered anode rod for the advanced metal tank protection.
  • A self-cleaning system and diffuser dip tube reduce the sediment build-up inside the water tank keeping the performance high and heater durable.

Ultra-Low NOx Power Vent

PVUG62-50T42 is the Ultra-Low NOx Power Vent gas water heater with the 50 gallons tank and following features:

  • Power venting using the PVC, CPVC or ABS vents, with the size of 2” or 3” and horizontal and vertical termination.
  • Ultra-Low NOx gas emission thanks to the Green Choice gas burner.
  • Intelli-Vent gas control for a better temperature control and simple diagnostic.
  • Superior corrosion resistance is utilizing the Coregard anode rod and Blue Diamond glass coating.
  • Self-cleaning dip tube system.
  • Energy Star approved with the 0.68 energy factor.