Stiebel Eltron
Tankless Water Heater Review

Find out what is the best-selling Stiebel Eltron tankless water heater and why. Built as the electric heaters they are designed for residential and light commercial water heating, and with the compact and small size are perfect fit almost anywhere inside the house. Let's review its main features, benefits and user's pros and cons.

stiebel eltron tempra 24Stiebel Eltron is the German company that designs and manufactures products for heating, which includes electric tankless water heaters and heat pumps. The group, which includes on-demand models, is especially interesting, where the series Tempra is the best-selling and the most popular model.

This review is about Stiebel Eltron Tempra, a group of small and wall-mounted electric heaters, ranging from 12 to 36 kW, which are providing hot water for point-of-use service and whole house applications.

Tempra models selection

Tempra can be found in the following sizes: 12, 15, 20 and 24 kW, while more advanced Tempra Plus also includes larger units with the 29 and 36 kW. Models from 12 to 20 kW are mainly used in one-bath homes, Tempra 24 might be used in homes with up to 3 baths, while Tempra Plus 36 in homes with up to 4 bathrooms, but it all depends on the temperature of the groundwater and is the heater installed in homes located in the warm or cold climate (region).

Also, based on the number of heating elements, one heater will have more or less power, but the maximum number of elements is 3, engaged in stages for modulating power, such as in Tempra 36. The heater electronically controls the input of the heat transferred to the water.

Tempra Plus 24 user review

Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 24 is one of the most popular and top selling models. Here is the summary of user's pros and cons found on several websites:

  • Tempra 24, most of the time provides and maintains precise temperature of hot water.

  • It is easy to use it as the readings are shown on the digital display while the knob in the front of the unit allows an easy adjustment.
  • The installation can be easy and it requires heavy-duty wire as it has to handle 2x60 amps circuits. The recommendation from the users is to check the electrical panel, so it can handle the recommended Amps.

  • Professional installation can be very expensive. And if you need a new electric panel the cost might be in thousands of dollars.

  • Even with the manufacturer's claim that the fluctuation of hot water is minimal, some users complained that the "cold-water sandwiching" is still present, especially if running two fixtures at the same time.

  • A few complaints were found that the heater cannot provide higher temperatures due to the colder groundwater.
  • According to the manufacturer, every Stiebel Eltron tankless water heater is designed for a long service life, and that is confirmed by many users in their reviews.

  • Many users like the idea that Tempra doesn't require any regular maintenance, except periodical cleaning the filter screen on the incoming water line.

Main features

Every Stiebel Eltron tankless water heater from Tempra series was designed to provide the unlimited supply of hot water, on demand and where it is needed: and for one or multiple fixtures. They come with the following features:

  • Advanced microprocessor technology, which uses the information obtained from the water flow and temperature sensors so it can constantly monitor the temperature.

  • Digital temperature control is used for the precise temperature control. The digital display on Tempra Plus models allows you to set and check the temperature, which is in the range from 86 to 140 F.

  • Advanced flow control automatically adjusts the flow through the water heater, which reduces the temperature fluctuation (Tempra Plus). If the heater's heating capacity is higher than designed and in order to keep the constant temperature, Tempra Plus uses the computer controlled motorized valve to reduce the water flow.

  • A knob on the front cover is used for convenient temperature change. The temperature scale is in F and C.

  • Quiet operation as there are no movable mechanical parts.


  • On-demand supply of hot water

  • Every Stiebel Eltron tankless water heater heats water instantly, and it turns on only when the hot water tap is open.

  • Energy saving performance. No stand-by heat loss as found in water tank heaters.

  • The small and compact size which saves the valuable space..

  • No venting required as found in the gas models.

  • Convenient to install and use. It can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom... almost anywhere where it is needed.

  • Tankless design reduces the chances of sediment built-up and leaking, which is common in water tank heaters.
  • Sleek design

  • Great replacement if removing the old water tank heater

  • 3-year warranty


12, 12 Plus 15, 15 Plus 20, 20 Plus 24 / 24 Plus 29 Plus 36 Plus
# elements One Two Three
Breaker size
(Amp) (240V)
1x50 2x30 2x40 2x50 3x40 3x50
Wire size
(AWG Copper)
1x6/2 2x10/2 2x8/2 2x6/2 3x8/2 3x6/2
Min. water flow
0.37 0.50 0.77
Max. temp @ 3GPM 20/27 25/33 33/44 41/54 49/66 61/82

Stiebel Eltron tankless water heater Tempra is recommended for point-of-use services such as bathrooms and kitchen sinks (one fixture), smaller homes, condos, apartments, garage, and offices. When compared with the water tank heaters, Tempra series offers greater energy efficiency since it does not have standby heat loss and water pipes are shorter.


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