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Exploring Reliance water heaters with the highest energy factors and Energy Star compliance, models that have the lowest impact on nature and what the differences between the models are.

The review covers three groups of heaters; electric-powered and gas-operated tank-type heaters for the whole-house water heating and tankless gas units.

Reliance water heaters are owned by AO Smith Company, one of the biggest HVAC companies in North America.

Model and type selection

Electric models

reliance heat pump

The group of Reliance electric water heaters contains several types and models with warranties from 6 to 12 years. The best models utilize features such as the self-cleaning system, high-quality anode rod and long warranty of 12 years.

Tall and short models are mainly used in whole-house water heating, where the tank size of 50-gallon is the most popular. Point-of-use, compact and lowboy models are designed for homes with the limited space, vacation homes, apartments, and offices.

Electric models are not Energy Star approved, but there is one type that utilizes the advanced heat pump technology making them ultra-efficient and Energy Star approved. More about Reliance heat pumps here.

Gas models

reliance gas water heater with pressurized combustion systemThe article about the best gas water heaters from Reliance covers only those models that are Energy Star approved and those with the ultra-high energy efficiency of over 90%.

The review will cover atmospheric, power direct and power vented models for residential and mobile homes and will explain its top features and benefits.
Some of these models use the advanced features such as the patented air intake system, gas burner with the low emission, self-cleaning and diagnostic system, powered anode, and have the long 12-year warranty.

Gas-powered tankless

Reliance tankless is using on-demand technology to heat water only when it is needed and in continuous supply. The review will show the best of tankless and how one homeowner can easily troubleshoot problems and get more hot water if it is needed.

How to contact Reliance:

Reliance Water Heater Company
500 Tennessee Waltz Parkway
Ashland City, TN 37015, 1-800-807-7014

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