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Review of the Takagi water heaters, including popular TK-Jr and T-K3 models. Find out which of the Takagi tankless models have the energy efficiency of over 95% and how to select the best model.

Why Takagi water heaters

Takagi Industrial Co. is one of the four popular Japanese manufacturers of tankless water heaters in US. The headquarters is in Japan, and Takagi has been designing and producing water heating appliances since 1952.

Takagi tankless water heaterAccording to Takagi manufacturer, the water heating products are the first units with continuous water supply and on-demand heating that entered the North American region.

Also, Takagi is among the first ones who were able to offer a model, T-H1, with the ultra-high thermal efficiency of close to 95%.

Takagi water heaters are, together with Rinnai, Noritz and Paloma, high quality and most advanced units from Japan, that offer green technology with the high efficiency combustion and lower gas emission.

The tankless water heaters are equipped with many advanced features such as:

  • Flexible venting with the indoor, outdoor and direct vent conversion kits

  • Multi-link capability to provide even more hot water

  • Electronic circuit board with the microprocessor for higher safety and advanced monitoring

  • Double flame sensors

  • Clean gas combustion with the help of the air-fuel ratio rod and computerized operation

  • Remote controller that is included in some models
  • Commercial grade materials for heavy duty conditions

  • Primary heat exchanger - some models are made of Copper Alloy HRS35 which gives more strength than the regular type (commonly used) copper

  • Secondary heat exchanger made of 316L Stainless Steel - condensing models only

  • Bypass and flow adjustment valve built-in in some of the commercial models that deal with the high hot water demand
  • Safety features that protect the units from freezing, extremely high temperatures and overheating

  • Great warranty of 15 years

Takagi models

There are several models with the tankless technology that are designed for residential and commercial applications, where the most advanced models include the condensing technology:

  • Takagi T-KJr2 series offers tankless water heaters which are the smallest from all Takagi units and can provide sufficient hot water for one to two bathrooms, also smaller homes, apartments, cottages and condos. These models are designed mainly as the effective and cost-effective way of residential water heating that can be combined with the radiant floor or baseboard heating. With the appropriate venting kit, Takagi T-KJr2 can be converted into the direct vent model and be used in confined areas. The models are Energy Star compliant.

  • T-K4-IN/OS are tankless water heaters designed as the indoor and outdoor models with the high water flow capacity and energy efficiency. Energy Star compliant.

  • Takagi T-K3 series is the most popular series due to its versatility and efficient water heating. T-K3 heaters work as the outdoor models but can be converted into the direct model for indoor use. For homes with the high demanding hot water supply, several models can be connected into one system. Thanks to the high energy factor, T-K3 models are Energy Star compliant.

  • T-H2 series consists of the tankless models with the condensing technology and are built for the outdoor and indoor installations. Condensing technology utilizes two heat exchangers for the high efficient water heating, which can reach over 90%. It easily supplies enough hot water for up to three fixtures simultaneously.

  • T-H3 series is known for the high efficient water heating and ultra-low NOx emission, utilizing quality elements and advanced features.
  • T-D2 was designed for residential and light commercial applications and for indoor and outdoor installation.

  • T-K3-Pro utilizes the best features from the popular T-K3 with some additions and is mainly built for the light commercial applications.

  • Takagi water heater T-M32 was designed for heating in heavy-duty commercial applications.

  • T-M50 designed for heavy duty commercial applications.

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Takagi water heaters utilize the advanced features to provide safe, reliable and durable operation. One of the most important components; an electronic circuit board, ensures that the outgoing hot water temperature is stable, precisely monitored and according to your settings. Takagi tankless are small but powerful; they save on energy, water and produce fewer greenhouse gases. To order parts, download the manual or schedule the service visit www.takagi.com. The water heaters can be ordered online or through the plumbing wholesalers and contractors.

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