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Explore the benefits of the most popular and advanced AO Smith water heaters. Find the review of the electric and gas models, including hybrid, tank and tankless type.

AO Smith is one of the largest manufacturers of water heaters in North America. For over 70 years AO Smith is designing and producing HVAC equipment with numerous patents, models, and brands in their possession. The most popular models are coming from the Effex, NEXT, Vertex and Voltex series that include tank and tankless type with and without condensing technology.

If looking for the best model, you can search for one with the cutting-edge technology and most advanced features, or simply check out the AO Smith catalog or brochure where the company already classified them as the Good, Better and the Best. This is what makes your search easy.

AO Smith is the owner and manufacturer of the following brands, popular in the heating industry and among the consumers:

  • State Industries

  • John Wood

  • Reliance

  • American

  • GSW

  • Maytag

AO Smith corporate office is at 500 Tennessee Waltz Parkway
Ashland City, TN 37015, USA and the phone number is 800-527-1953.

AO Smith water heater review


Gas water heaters from AO Smith are designed in many types and models; atmospheric, power vent, direct vent, power direct vent, high efficient, low NOx, tankless... or in short for any home size and hot water demand request. From the economy to highly advanced Vertex models, AO Smith makes – select the best one that fits all your needs for hot water.


If natural gas and LP are not the right solution for your home than electric water heater might be. There are two series that feature electric models; the smaller group called Conservationist and much bigger ProMax series.

AO Smith electric water heaters from Conservationist series are designed as high efficient units with the same quality features as its gas-powered counterparts. These are mainly built for the whole house water supply, while Promax also offers specially designed (Lowboy, Compact and Table Top) and point-of-use models.

Heat pumps

The review will also explore the most efficient electric models - Voltex heat pumps, which have a superior energy factor than other electric models, making them Energy Star approved.


Majority of the electric and gas powered AO Smith hot water heaters are designed with the following features:

  • DynaClean system is the self-cleaning system that reduces the sediment build-up while increasing the heater's performance. DynaClean system is the standard feature on ProMax models.

  • Green-Choice gas burner is the environment-friendly burner that is designed to reduce NOx emission by 33% on all gas models.

  • CoreGuard anode rod is the magnesium or aluminum rod with the stainless steel core used to protect the tank from the aggressive water action. It is used on both Conservationist and ProMax series.

  • Blue Diamond glass coating is used to protect the inside surface of the tank from corrosion.


ao smith tanklessIf looking for the gas heaters that can produce hot water on demand and with the continuous water flow, AO Smith water heaters with the tankless technology might be the answer for you.

AO Smith tankless units for residential water heating are small and wall-hanging, and due to its high-efficient operation are Energy Star approved. AO Smith tankless water heaters are designed for indoor and outdoor installation and based on the different water flow and power, can supply enough hot water from smaller homes to larger houses with multiple bathrooms.

Check out the detailed review to see different types such as the ultra-low NOx non-condensing and condensing, and find out the differences, benefits, and advantages over other types.

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AO Smith also has a solution for those homeowners looking for more power and ultra-efficient water heating. These water heaters are known as condensing and as the non-condensing units, they are eligible for government tax credits. Condensing technology is found not only in the storage tank type but tankless too.

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