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Check out the ultra-efficient AO Smith gas water heaters, to buy the best model for your house. Compare one of the best model, Vertex with other popular models.

The selection of gas-powered water heaters is vast; there are models for any home type - from budget-friendly ProMax as the most extensive group to the innovative condensing models from Vertex group.

All the gas models, either tall or short in height, come with the two warranties of 6 and 10 years, while the best model utilizes the LCD display, powered anode, self-cleaning system and are Energy Star approved. From the tankless type, one should be looking at the condensing type, due to its superior efficiency and performance.


ao smith condensing technology - VERTEX

Vertex power vent and power direct vent are two of the most popular and probably the best gas water heaters from AO Smith. They are available in two sizes - 50 and 75 gallons and have high thermal efficiencies and delivery rate for the continuous flow of hot water. With the maximum gas input of 76,000 and 100,000 BTU, AO Smith Vertex models can deliver lots of hot water - up to 129 galons making it ideal for high demanding homes.

The condensing technology makes these two AO Smith water heaters having the highest thermal efficiencies of 90 and 96% and Energy Star compliance. Vertex heaters are equipped with the most advanced features; ultra-efficient helical coil heat exchanger, two anode rods for better rust protection, sophisticated diagnostic tool, low NOx and high efficient gas burner.

High efficient models

high efficient model from AO Smith - EFFEX

Effex is the high-efficient gas water heater that utilizes the exclusive and patented pressurized combustion chamber for the effective heating. Available in two sizes, 40 and 50-gallon, Effex water heaters offer high energy factor of 0.70 making them Energy Star approved.

As opposed to the conventional tank-type heaters, Effex models are more sophisticated as they utilize the electronic gas control for better performance, DynaClean diffuser dip tube to reduce the sediment build-up and powered anode rod for even better tank protection.

Other AO Smith water heaters that are Energy Star approved can be found among the atmospheric-type models that are designed with the automatic flue damper and electronic gas control.

Conventional gas models

Most of the AO Smith water heaters that are using natural and propane gas as the fuel source are coming from the two popular series - Conservationist and ProMax - which is the most extensive group and designed as the power vent, power direct vent, and direct vent.

Both series utilize the AO Smith patented and advanced features and in the offer you can find models for every home size, economy models, low NOx, energy efficient and high recovery water heaters.

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