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Why is Noritz tankless water heater the great solution for your home? See the expert review of the Energy Star approved Noritz water heaters. Find the top features and benefits designed for domestic water and hydronic home heating. 

Noritz model selection

noritz tankless water heater ncc199-svNoritz manufacturer features an impressive selection of tankless water heatersand boilers for residential and commercial use. All home sizes are covered; from the smaller one with one bath to larger homes with multiple baths, jacuzzi and hot tubs, and applications that require higher hot water delivery. Noritz boilers can be used for both water and space heating, and are called combination boilers.

Here is the list of the available Noritz water heaters built for domestic hot water production and space heating, found in high and mid-efficiency group:

  • Noritz CB series - combination direct vent boilers designed with the maximum power of 199,000 BTU and 95% efficiency for those homeowners who prefer having one unit to supply hot water and provide space heating, such as the hydronic applications.

  • NRCP condensing series - indoor and direct vent models, designed with the latest technology for the ultra-high efficiency, low NOx operation, and fast water delivery. NRCP series is able to produce lots of hot water, up to 11 GPM, easily supplying up to 4 baths, in the shortest period of time, thanks to the internal circulation pump and two operating modes.

  • NRC series - designed in four different sizes for an indoor and outdoor installations, NRC series comes from the high-efficiency series, capable to use both natural gas and propane. The smallest unit has the maximum gas input of 120,000 BTU while the largest has 199,900 BTU, easily covering up to 4 baths.

  • NR series is the group of four economy and mid-efficiency tankless water heaters that are able to heat water with the efficiency of up to 85%.

  • Hydronic tankless boilers from NH series are specifically designed for radiant heating applications. Hydronic boilers come in two sizes and both for indoor installation; NH150-DV with the maximum gas input of 150,000 BTU and NH199-DV with 199,900 BTU.

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Noritz advanced features and difference

What I personally like on Noritz tankless water heaters are the advanced and superb features such as two the most important elements; dual flame burner and commercial-grade heat exchanger. Another great thing about Noritz is that almost all parts are built by this company, no outsourcing.

High energy efficiency

Noritz tankless water heaters can perform with the 83-97% energy efficiency, making them environmentally friendly or "green", great energy savers and some Energy Star approved.

Dual flame burner

A dual flame burner is one of the latest technologies used in Noritz water heaters, while most of the competitors utilize the single flame burners. This Noritz' superior technology allows greater performance, efficiency and cleaner gas combustion.

Powerful and clean

Even with the higher water flow rate, dual flame burner increases the heating output. Tankless models with the two rows of burners are not only powerful but they are good on the environment as they produce less greenhouse gases and provide hot water with less fluctuation in the temperature (less cold water sandwiching).

Heat exchanger

Non-condensing heaters from Noritz are using thicker copper pipes for its heat exchangers, which brings longer service life and increased thermal efficiency.

Condensing technology

Condensing models on the other side are equipped with the dual heat exchangers which are the combination of thick copper pipes and stainless steel. Condensing technology allows water to get more heat from the flue gases, so Noritz hot water heaters can increase its performance and lower the temperature of the exhaust gases and use cheaper PVC pipes. This series also brings amazing 11 gallons per minute of hot water.


As other manufacturers, Noritz is providing an endless hot water while the Turbo-flow feature brings higher flow rate.


Quick-Connect is available on models such as NR981, NRC111, and NRC98, which brings even more hot water for one home. This feature allows two identical models to be connected, combining the power and work as one.


There is also a larger Multi-system that can be used to link up to 24 units. These units are hooked up to a single controller so this system can work as one system.

Easy troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Noritz tankless water heaters is easy as the unit uses an advanced control and diagnostic system available on the built-in controller (some models). Some of the error codes can be found in this article.


As it can be seen from the above review and detailed category review, the Noritz manufacturer makes tankless water heaters for almost any type of the house; new or old, small or large, and for any budget, economy mid-efficient models and advanced, expensive ultra-efficient heaters. The common benefits are the endless hot water supply, small size, wall-hung installation, low NOx emission, easy use and control and long warranty.

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