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Tankless Water Heaters 
Review and Buying Tips

A review of the Noritz NRC series of tankless and condensing water heaters, including the top features, specs, and benefits. The NRC series comes from the ecoTOUGH group, which is excellent for small and large houses with up to 4-bath homes and homes with high hot water demand.

As the Noritz NRC models are designed as condensing and tankless water heaters, they can use the residual heat from the flue gases and preheat the cold incoming water, increasing the energy efficiency to high 95%.

Noritz NRC water heaters are designed to operate not only with high performance and efficiency but provide lower greenhouse gases, savings on utility bills, and government grants as the Energy Star recognized units. Except for residential use, water heaters can also be used in commercial applications; offices, mechanic shops, small restaurants, schools...


Models review

Noritz NRC111 tankless water heaterNoritz NRC111

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Noritz NRC111

Noritz water heaters from the NRC111 series are designed for the outdoor installation (model NRC111-OD) and indoor installation as the direct vent (model NRC111-DV).

Water heaters use either natural gas or propane (LP) gas for residential water heating in both cases. With the high water flow of up to 11.1 GPM, these models can easily meet the high hot water demand of large homes with up to 4 baths and multiple applications. Also, with the Quick-Connect feature, two models can be connected into one system to double the capacity. The remote controller comes with the units.

Noritz NRC98

The NRC98 line of tankless water heaters is the second largest group, designed with the maximum gas input of 180,000 BTU and hot water flow rate of 9.8 GPM, making it perfect for homes with up to 3 baths. The energy efficiency is close to the above models - 93%, ensuring significant energy savings.

There are both indoor (DV) and outdoor (OD) models available, and this group was the first one that offered a high efficient outdoor model. The NRC98 is also capable of using the Quick-Connect feature for high demanding homes.

Noritz NRC711

The Noritz NRC711 group comes with the maximum power of 157,000 BTU and a flow rate of 7.1 GPM, which is recommended for homes with up to 3 showers. Weighing only 41 pounds, the units are much lighter than the NRC111 models, making them easy to handle during the wall-mount installation.

Even with the small design, both indoor and outdoor units can provide high energy factor of 0.94. It comes with scale detection software for reducing the effects of scale build-up and a display window for convenience - to view the status and error codes.

Noritz NRC663

Noritz NRC663-FSV is also known as the model EZTR40. This is a small and lightweight condensing unit with a maximum gas input of 120,000 BTU and a water flow of 6.6 GMP, making it great for efficient whole house water heating in smaller homes.

The EZTR40 model is used for indoor installations only, and it uses the N-Flex kit for the installation inside B-type vent, so no need to change an existing one. Its ability to use the existing B-vent, top mount water connections, and half-inch gas connection allow homeowners easy replacement of an existing 40-gal and 50-gal tank-type water heaters.

Noritz NRC661

The NRC661 is smaller version of the above NRC771 model; it is lighter, has less power of 120,000 BTU and lower water flow of 6.6 GPM, supplying homes with up two baths without difficulties.


Dual heat exchangers

Some models, such as the Noritz NRC111, are equipped with two heat exchangers, primarily made of thick commercial-grade copper and secondary made of durable stainless steel, both resistant to high thermal and mechanical stress, including corrosion.

Flexible vent installation

As the NRC series utilizes the condensing technology, which results in lower exhaust temperatures, the manufacturer recommends, instead of stainless steel venting, cheaper PVC and CPVC vents.

Fully modulating gas burner

Best models such as those from the NRC111 series utilize dual-flame burners for the maximum heating output and less temperature fluctuation. The modulating gas valve automatically adjusts the gas burner output so the power can go from its minimum of 16,000 BTU to its maximum of 199,900 BTU. Such a power adjustment provides cleaner gas combustion, savings, and longer operation.

Connecting Noritz models

The Quick Connect cable allows some NRC units to provide twice the hot water capacity of one unit. For even more power and water flow, a multi-system can be used, as up to 24 units can be linked and operated by a single controller.

Worry-free ignition

As with other Noritz tankless water heaters, NRC models are not using the pilot light but direct electronic ignition that automatically lights the burner.


Noritz condensing water heaters are versatile as they are not used for heating the potable water only, but for space heating too, due to its combi-system design.

Remote control

The remote control, which is included in the shipment, is very simple and functional. It consists of the setting buttons and digital display so the homeowner can easily see the operating status, temperature, and error code when the problem occurs.

Self-diagnostic system for easy troubleshooting

The self-diagnostic system helps in troubleshooting as it shows the error code, such as 11, 29, 90, 92, 99 on the remote control display.

Safety features

  • Flame sensor
  • The thermal fuse for the overheat prevention
  • Freeze protection to - 30 F for an indoor and -4 F for outdoor models
  • Lighting protection device
  • Neutralizer overfill
  • Fan rotation detector


Models/Specs Noritz NRC111 Noritz NRC98 Noritz NRC711 Noritz NRC661
Power (BTU) 16,000-199,900 16,000-180,000 15,000-157,000 15,000-120,000
Water flow (GPM) 0.5-11.1 0.5-9.8 0.5-7.1 0.5-6.6
max # of baths 4.5 3.5 3 2
Water/gas connections (inch) 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4
Temperature (F) 90-140 90-140 115-140 100-140
Energy factor 0.91 0.91 0.89 0.89
Warranty 12 12 12 12


The Noritz NRC series, as it can be seen from the above short review, are ultra-efficient models that are used in a variety of applications.

The Noritz NRC111 model is the most advanced and powerful tankless water heater from this group. It comes with the ultra-high efficiency for the Energy Star approval, greatest flow rate, and it also saves energy, produces less NOx gases, and has a lower impact on the environment.


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