State Water Heaters Review and Buying Tips

Gas and electric State water heaters buying guide, review of the popular types and models, with the focus on the most innovative features that bring great benefits to your home water heating.

State Industries is an American company that offers a few hundred of water heating products for residential and commercial use.

State water heaters are powered by gas, electricity and solar and are designed as storage tank type and tankless. Residential models are built in sizes from 30 to 100 gallons, and they provide sufficient amount of hot water for two to seven people.

State Polaris gas water heater

State gas water heaters

Tank type

Premier, Select, and Scout. State gas water heaters are built with the tank capacities up to 100 gallons, and most of them come with the warranty of 6 years, while some better protected - with a 10-year warranty. Most models utilize the atmospheric vented systems while others are direct or power vented.

Premier series comes with several advanced features such as the automatic self-cleaning system for longer tank life and steady energy efficiency, eco-friendly gas burner, which reduces NOx emission, FVIR design and more.

Premier high-efficiency models are Energy Star compliant that have much better first-hour rating than other models with the same capacity.

Power-vent models are the best of State water heaters as their innovative design allows an amazing thermal efficiency of up to 96% and 129 GPH recovery.

State Select series consists of gas water heaters with the capacity and performance of every home and need: from high output and efficiency to ultra-low NOx and manufactured housing models.

Scout heaters are explicitly made for mobile homes (manufactured housing).

The recommended State hot water heaters are those that are Energy Star approved, have high recovery rate and FHR, have features that reduce the sediment deposits, an intelligent system for the improved performance and diagnostics, reduce gas emission and are equipped with elements that prolong its operation and life.


State water heaters are also available with the tankless or on demand technology. There are two groups of tankless products, condensing and non-condensing, designed mainly for residential and light commercial applications.

All models are wall-hanging, small and compact that are powerful enough to supply hot water for several fixtures at the same time. State tankless water heaters are designed for indoor and outdoor installations, and every unit has a long 12-year warranty.

Similar models: AO Smith and Takagi


Hybrid water heaters from State Industries incorporate the latest technology, which combines the best tank and tankless features which result in delivering high thermal efficiency, more hot water with the quick recovery rate, better experience, money and time savings.

State electric models

Conventional electric

State electric water heaters are also found in three groups, as the above gas type: Premier, Select, and Scout, with the addition of State Mobile, designed for modular housing applications.

State Premier is the most efficient water heater from all the electric models, thanks to the 3" thick foam and heat traps, and excluding heat pumps. It comes with the self-cleaning system which helps in reducing the sediment build-up and with the quality anode rod allows 10-year warranty.

State Select group is the group with the widest selection of the electric water heater where some models are high-efficient, short and tall in size for the whole-house supply while some are for point-of-use service.

Scout and Mobile models are built explicitly for manufactured and modular housing applications.

Heat pumps

State water heaters with the heat pump technology are using less than half the energy of conventional models, which increases the energy efficiency to an amazing 2.4. These are the only electric heaters that are Energy Star compliant and are an ideal solution for high demanding homes and those who are looking to save on energy, time and space. Read more.

State solar models

State Premier solar water heating system is a complete package that consists of the water storage tank heater, solar panels, and integrated solar pumps. There are 16 systems available offering different configurations and direct and indirect solar boosters with the capacities up to 120 gallons and backup heating elements.


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