State Heat Pumps 
Review and Buying Tips

The main advantages of State heat pumps over the conventional type electric water heaters are ultra-efficient water heating, green technology, and low operating costs.

The high energy factor of up to 2.75 is why the State heat pump is the only electric unit from the manufacturer that is Energy Star compliant and subjected to utility rebates.

According to the State manufacturer, the heat pump can save approximately $30 per month when compared to electric units, and the payback period can be 2-3 years.

Models review

State heat pump

State heat pumps are available in three sizes, 50, 60, and 80 gallons, and with the higher capacity, the unit operates in the maximum efficiency mode with greater performance. The footprint is almost the same as the conventional type water heaters, while these models are taller due to the addition of the heat pump. It is perfect for high demanding homes and families.

The model EPX 60 DHPT is the 60-gallon water heater, while model EPX 80 DHPT is the 80-gallon unit. EPX 80 DHPT has the same footprint as the 60-gallon model but is taller by 14 inches (approx. 81 vs. 67”) and heavier by 45 pounds. It has more capacity and a better first-hour rating in all modes but a slightly lower energy factor in two modes, while in the Hybrid mode energy factor (EF) is the same.

SPX 50 DHPT is the 50-gallon heat pump water heater with the lowest first-hour rating of all three models but the highest energy factor in all modes, where the hybrid mode gives the highest 2.75.

This model uses a different temperature controller than the other two models. It is larger, has bigger selection buttons, and utilizes the communication port that allows easy distant control and monitoring via smartphones, tablets, and computers, also a connection to utility-saving programs. The temperature controller on the 60- and the 80-gallon water heater is smaller but has a larger display and still easy temperature and mode selection and diagnostic tools.

All State heat pumps are equipped with more or fewer quality elements such as the long-lasting backup heating elements, protective sacrificial anode rod on the 50-gallon model, and powered anode on 60- and 80-gallon models, 2” thick foam insulation, tamper-resistant brass drain valve, and dry fire protection system.

Features review

This type of water heaters comes from the Premier series and is also known as the hybrid because of the combined use of conventional electric-powered and heat pump technology. The implementation of these two technologies is what makes heat pumps unique and versatile. The unit uses the compressor, fan, and external coil heat exchanger to extract the heat from surrounding warm air and transfer it to water, while the electric heating elements are used as a backup when more power and faster recovery are needed.

Another great advantage is the advanced electronics that provides more options to the users; you can select the temperature between 95 F and 150 F, take advantage of the diagnostic system and choose one of the four operating modes depending on demand and needs for hot water.

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Operating modes

  • The Efficiency mode provides great savings since the heat pump is the only one used.
  • The Hybrid mode is used in applications where fast recovery is needed, and it combines the heat pump and electric heating elements depending on demand. This mode provides the highest energy efficiency. 
  • In the Electric mode, the water heater utilizes the heating elements only, while in the Vacation mode, during the extended stay, for example, the unit maintains the tank temperature of 60 F as protection from freezing and up to 99 days in 50-gallon models.


The hybrid design allows installation in almost any region while it works the best in milder climates. If you have a utility room with a furnace or any type of appliance that emits the heat, the heat pump can take advantage as it will take that heat to heat the water and cool down the room air.

The Premier heat pump is the most effective energy-efficient option for consumers who use electricity for water heating, as they can reduce the utility costs by up to 66% and provide payback in less than 3 years. State offers a warranty of 10 years on all models.


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