HTP Water Heaters
Review and Buying Tips

The HTP manufacturer of water heating appliances is an American company located in New Bedford, Massachusetts. It is well-known as the producer of the popular Munchkin boilers, also appliances for residential and commercial domestic hot water and space heating applications. Check out an overview of the advanced hybrid, gas, and other HTP water heaters.

HTP water heaters are designed as the gas-powered, with both tank and tankless-type design; electric with the tank-type design only, solar, indirect storage tanks, and hot water supply boilers.

The manufacturer puts a great emphasis on quality and user-friendly operation, so the models are designed with stainless steel tanks and heat exchangers, quality components, and innovative features, including smart electronics for safe, reliable, and accurate operation.


Electric water heaters from the HTP manufacturer come from the Everlast series. The water storage tanks have 40 and 52 gallons of capacity and are made of long-lasting quality stainless steel. As these water storage tanks are less prone to aggressive water action, the anode rod is eliminated, resulting in less maintenance work and no potential rotten egg problem.

Since the main problem with the storage tanks is the potential leak (when the carbon steel tanks are used), HTP started using high-quality stainless steel tanks and laser-welded technology, resulting in longer tank life and the opportunity to offer a limited lifetime warranty (very rare). 

The heating elements are also made of stainless steel for longer life and are cleverly positioned for better recovery rates, and with the heavy-duty insulation, energy retention inside the unit is better while standby heat loss is significantly reduced.


Hydra Smart series

HTP water heaters are also designed as wall-hung models for indoor installation utilizing tankless and condensing technology for ultra-efficient and on-demand water heating.

Represented by six RT models from Hydra Smart series, different in size, these tankless boilers can provide up to 199,000 BTU of gas input and high water flow, making them ideal for large families and homes with multiple baths.

Energy factor of 0.98, ultra-low NOx emission, 10:1 turndown ratio - modulation, extended 12-year warranty are just some of the fantastic features RT tankless units offer.

HTP Crossover - hybrid

Hybrid water heaters, such as the HTP Crossover combines small water tank storage, on-demand water heating, and many tankless features. Such a combination tank-tankless ensures reliable and safe operation, as long as hot water is needed, even using small amounts of hot water without wasting gas and abusing the heater.

High turndown ratio, durable heat exchanger, low emission, ultra-efficiency, small and compact design, and extended warranty are just some of the advanced and innovative features HTP Crossover offers.

Phoenix LD

Phoenix LD is the light-duty and condensing water heater designed in three popular sizes; 50, 60, and 80 gallons have a maximum power of 76,000 BTU and a turndown ratio of 3:1.

High performance makes it great equally for small jobs, multiple fixture hot water delivery, and where the large volume of hot water is needed fast.

All models are ultra-efficient, and Energy Star approved, also Eco-friendly with ultra-low NOx gas combustion. The main features include the stainless steel tank, efficient and durable cupronickel (copper-nickel), heat exchanger with the spiral design, and advanced programmable electronic system with an easy-to-read LCD display.

It comes with a 10-year warranty in residential applications.

Gas boilers

Elite VWH gas boilers come in seven different options with the maximum power input of up to 399,000 BTU. Thanks to the flexible installation, these can be installed either on the floor or wall, with the direct venting system uses long PVC vents of up to 200 feet.

Due to its 5:1 turndown ration, the modulating gas burner can reach lower temperatures when needed, resulting in better energy savings, reliability, and less wear and tear. When connected to the storage tanks, they provide a large volume of hot water, which can be significantly increased using the cascading system that allows the connection of up to 8 Elite VWH gas boilers.

Other models

Other quality HTP products used in combined domestic hot water and space heating are: Versa-Flame, Versa-Hydro, and EFT Combi - all models designed as eco-friendly (low NOx gas emission), with high efficiency, advanced modulation, stainless steel components, and warranty between 10 and 12 years.