HTP Boilers Review

A review of the HTP boilers from Hydra Smart RT-199 series, gas-powered models, designed with the state-of-the-art features and used mainly for residential water heating and light commercial applications.

HTP boilers are wall-hang, indoor water heaters that are designed with the sealed combustion and forced draft direct venting system that ensures the convenient and flexible ventilation and safe removal of the exhaust gases.

The HTP gas boilers are represented by one series only – Hydra Smart RT-199, which includes six different sizes making it available for any house type, from one-bath to multi-bath homes. The RT-199 boilers utilize the advanced features, such as the condensing and self-cleaning technology, and are considered as the eco-friendly and ultra-efficient units that with the AFUE of maximum 96% provide significant energy savings, while the ultra-low NOx burner, makes it compliant with the strict emission rules, in some states.

Models review

The models are as follows, from smallest to the largest and inputs ranging from 8,000 to 199,000 BTU:

  • UFT-80W – 8,000-80,000 BTU/H and AFUE of 95.4
  • UFT-100W - 10,000-100,000 BTU/H and AFUE of 95.4
  • UFT-120W - 12,000-120,000 BTU/H and AFUE of 95.4
  • UFT-140W - 14,000-140,000 BTU/H and AFUE of 95.4
  • UFT-175W - 17,500-175,000 BTU/H and AFUE of 95.4
  • UFT-199W - 20,000-199,000 BTU/H and AFUE of 95.4

Features review

HTP boilers operate either on natural gas or propane and can be used in residential and commercial applications, including the domestic hot water heating and space heating such as the radiant floor, fan coil, baseboard heating, and others systems.

As most of the gas boilers today, HTP boilers are also able significantly to modulate its power, with the turndown ratio of 10:1 (which can be seen above in the model review). This is done thanks to the specialized mixer which is part of the blower, resulting in the reduced stress and part wear, longer operation and higher efficiency. The gas burner is made of the high-temperature ceramic metal fiber, which ensures reliable and efficient operation, low CO and NOx emission.

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The HTP boilers are equipped with one stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger with the inserted aluminum fins for the increased heat transfer, resistant to corrosion, mechanical and thermal stress, making it durable and very efficient. The fire tube is designed downward, which reduces the sediment build-up and easy condensate drainage, therefore reducing the time for the maintenance.

As the most advanced boilers today, HTP boilers utilize the digital control system integrated in the front of the unit, making the temperature control, monitoring and troubleshooting very easy. The innovative electronics allows an easy understanding of the problems by showing the diagnostic error codes on the LCD display, while the push buttons make the water heating more convenient through the programming and monitoring.

Other advanced and safety features include the innovative gas leak feature, dual stage anti-freezing mechanism, and seismic sensor; also the outdoor sensor that based on the outdoor temperature change adjusts the heating operation or disables the unit. The boiler can be connected to an indirect fired water heater and cascade system for the high demanding applications, also the circulation system and boiler pumps.

The small and compact size of the maximum 20” x 37” x 17” offers not a complicated installation with a top and bottom connections and flexible venting installation using the PVC, CPVC and PP and sizes of 2” and 3” in diameter and maximum length of 100 ft., in horizontal or vertical setup.

The products come with the 10-year warranty.


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