American Water Heaters
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Before buying one of the American water heaters check out the detailed review here. Find the popular electric and gas-powered water heaters from the American manufacturer, including the tank-type, hybrid and tankless models, with its features, benefits, and specs.

American water heaters company is a popular and well-known name in the water heating industry that offers a wide range of heating devices and replacement parts for residential and commercial applications. The manufacturing, R&D and administrative offices are located in Johnson City, TN.

There is a comprehensive line of American hot water heaters for heating the potable water including the sophisticated heat pumps and hybrid water heaters, energy efficient on-demand models and one of the most efficient tank-type Polaris brand.

American water heater

American water heaters for residential applications

Electric models

American electric water heaters are, thanks to the variety of models, designed to provide sufficient hot water for almost any home size, or manufactured housing, using the simple technology and using the electric heating elements for heating.

You can buy electric heaters for point-of-use service such as the 2.5-gallon Tiny Titan, Lowboy or Compact models, or the whole-house service popular 50-gallon water heater, even larger 119-gallon tanks, such as the Standard model.

The most advanced models include the self-cleaning system, electronic user interface, dry fire protection, and long warranty.

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Gas models

American gas water heaters with the storage tank are produced in sizes from 30 to 100 gallons, including the most popular 40-gallon and 50-gallon sizes, and they can use either natural gas or propane gas for water heating. Some of these models are for manufactured homes, while others are for residential homes where you can choose between  the atmospheric vented, direct or power vented models with the thru-the-wall or thru-the-roof venting of the flue gases.

Also, if you require more hot water especially during the peak time, American company offers Ultra High Recovery line, also high-efficiency such as Polaris or Nautilus models, or environmentally friendly water heaters, such as Low NOx models.

The recommendation is to buy gas water heaters that are built with the FVIR technology, which contains elements for the increased safety, provide longer unit life and are environment-friendly. A durable and efficient burner, limescale and sediment protection and anode rod are very important for reliable water heater work, and with the advanced electronics, it is easier for troubleshooting.

A great example is the high-efficiency power direct vent water heater which comes with the 96% thermal efficiency and several superior features.

Hybrid models

Hybrid water heaters are electric and gas heaters that are, thanks to its high thermal efficiency, Energy Star approved. American hybrid water heaters are an ideal solution for those who prefer electricity (or is the only option) and looking to use green technology and save big. With the two sizes available these hybrid models are the excellent option for larger homes, and they provide the same amount of hot water as the conventional type but at half the cost.

Hybrid water heaters that are powered by the natural gas combine two technologies; storage tank-type and tankless. American company offers a patented hybrid technology with the condensing design that brings high energy efficiency of over 90%, improved hot water delivery and heat transfer, advanced electronics, and lower installation costs.

Tankless models

For the homeowners who prefer tankless technology and other benefits this technology brings, American tankless water heater is the answer.

With the several models available, American WH company offers units for indoor and outdoor installation, for the high efficient water heating, on demand, and with the continuous delivery. American tankless water heaters are designed small, wall-hanging, and are powerful enough to cover up to three applications at the same time.


American water heater company offers for its models, different warranty lengths, based on the quality of its elements, a number of anode rods, technology... and it goes from 6 to 12 years. On-demand water heaters have 12-years warranty on the most important element - heat exchanger while the tank-type warranty is mainly related to the quality and quantity of the anode rods.


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