Rheem Hot Water Heaters Review and Buying Tips

Explore the benefits of Rheem hot water heaters for home use. Find the review of electric and gas-powered models, including heat pumps, tank, and ultra-efficient tankless and condensing type.

Rheem hot water heaters can be found in all popular categories: gas, electric, tank, tankless, and hybrid. Some models are built as the budget-friendly models which come with the 6-year warranty while units with the higher quality come with the advanced features and long warranty (even the lifetime).

The best examples are models with the tankless and condensing technology utilizing natural gas or propane, and heat pumps that use electricity. When buying the best, you will enjoy all the comfort, and convenience Rheem offers.

Popular models 

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Rheem tank-type water heaters

Rheem tank-type water heater

There is a wide selection of Rheem tank-type water heaters powered by gas or electricity, all grouped in several categories. The tank-type models are designed for indoor installation in utility rooms, basements, laundry, garage and attics, even mobile homes. The largest and one of the most important components is the storage tank that usually comes with the capacity from 20 to 80 gallons, and together with the first hour rating is one of the main factors when sizing the heater.

Rheem gas water heaters are mostly atmospherically vented using a pilot light for lighting. These are also the most affordable type. Other gas models are fan assisted or power vented, also direct, and power-direct vented, providing even more flexibility during installation. Yes, they cost more, but also offer more.

You can even buy Rheem hot water heaters that are Energy Star approved and utilize condensing technology for greater savings, also eco-friendly models with the Low NOx burners, high recovery models and heaters specifically designed for manufactured homes.

The tank-type models come with the standard exclusive features such as the EverKleen, Guardian and FVIR system, while the most sophisticated models utilize the smart technology, self-diagnostic system, EcoNet home integration, commercial-grade components, and long warranties.

Rheem electric water heaters offer a variety of sizes so they can be used from small to large homes. If you need a tank-type unit for point of use service or storage tank for the whole-house heating and with over 100 gallons, Rheem has it. Even the electric thermal storage tank and Table Top type.

One of the most popular and top seller electric water heaters from Rheem is the Marathon – “the most durable electric water heater ever made”. Quality features such as the EverKleen system, seamless polybutene storage tank, stainless steel heating elements, premium grade anode rods, and limited lifetime warranty are some of the exceptional features Marathon offers.

Rheem electric can also be found with the digital controllers, diagnostic system, and EcoNet integration, including the Rheemglas tank lining protection and EverKleen self-cleaning system.

Rheem tankless

Rheem RTEX electric water heater

For the homeowners looking to buy a water heater for on-demand and continuous supply of hot water, Rheem offers gas and electric tankless models. Rheem tankless heaters are small, compact, wall hanging, also powerful and friendly on the environment.

Rheem electric and tankless water heaters are ideal for point-of-use applications such as bathrooms or kitchen sinks where they heat water fast and deliver almost instantaneously. They can also be used for the whole house and multiple fixtures, but only those that have more power. As they are designed small, compact, and with the modern look they can be installed almost anywhere, no matter is it a kitchen or bathroom.

The largest model is the RTEX-36 (sold on amazon.com) with several built-in heating elements that can produce up to 36 kW of power or modulate per request.

Gas tankless water heaters are energy efficient units that are wall-mounted, saving space and energy while providing a continuous supply of hot water, on demand and fast. As they are designed with different capacities, they can be used from smaller to larger homes and deal with multiple applications easily, including combined water and space heating.

Rheem water heaters that are using tankless technology are precise, smart, and very reliable. They can last over 20 years. While electric models are for indoor installation only, gas-powered units are for both indoor and outdoor installation. The most efficient units one should consider are the condensing heaters.

As you can see in a review about Rheem tankless water heaters, you can get a model from one of the three groups, where the condensing and Energy Star model RTGH-RH11DVLN (sold on amazon.com and Home Depot) is one of the best to have; mostly due to the built-in recirculation system, stainless steel components, excellent water flow and ultra-high energy efficiency of 0.96.

Rheem heat pumps

Rheem hot water heaters that are using heat pump technology and heating elements are known as hybrid water heaters. The hybrid technology allows Rheem heat pumps to provide ultra-high energy efficiency, which is two or more times higher than what conventional electric type could offer. They are also more sophisticated, offering several heating modes, touch screen control, Wi-Fi connection, and diagnostics system.

The hybrid heaters are the only electric models from Rheem that are Energy Star approved, providing even more savings through the tax credits and utility rebates.

Rheem offers three sizes of heat pumps, including the popular 50-gal tanks. What makes them different from the standard type of electric water heaters is the ultra-high energy factor of over 3.70, much higher first hour rating than the standard type, and ability to heat the water in several operation modes.

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About Rheem

The Rheem manufacturer is one of the most popular North American companies for residential and commercial water heating. Rheem is the industry leader in the HVAC industry that carries a variety of types and models, including the three popular brands; Marathon, Ruud, and Richmond.

Rheem has a long history of making water heaters. The company is designing and building such devices from the 1920s. Today Rheem is fully owned subsidiary of Paloma Industries, from Japan, the world's largest manufacturer of gas devices.

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