HTP Hybrid Water Heaters Review

Check out a HTP hybrid water heater - Crossover RGH-199, a water heater that utilizes a technology that significantly increases energy efficiency and boosts performance compared to the conventional gas types.

The HTP hybrid Crossover comes with a unique design that combines the best features found in tankless-type design with the elements of the tank-type, resulting in the reduced number of cold water sandwiches or temperature fluctuations, higher efficiency, better performance, and steady flow of hot water to one or multiple fixtures.

HTP Crossover water heater

Features review

Modulation and efficient water flow

The HTP hybrid Crossover takes advantage of tankless features such as on-demand water heating, continuous supply of hot water, small and compact design for an easy wall mount installation. The modulating gas burner has the turndown ratio of 10:1, where the maximum gas input is 199,000 Btu and a minimum of 19,900 Btu. With the maximum water flow rate of 11 GPM, the Crossover can provide a sufficient amount of hot water to serve several fixtures simultaneously.

The superior quality of the fire tube stainless steel heat exchanger and the scale prevention technology allows increased efficiency of 96.5% with the low NOx emission and longer life of the unit due to the reduced scale build-up and excellent corrosion resistance mechanical and thermal stress.

The Zero Flow Activation allows the start of the heating operation even during the smaller incoming water flow as there is no required minimum flow (typical for tankless units).

The hi-fin heat exchanger, which is also a storage water tank, has a capacity of 3.5 gallons, so hot water is always ready – and if a smaller amount is needed, the unit does not have to power up and waste gas and wear.

Control panel

The brain of the water heater is the control panel located at the front of the unit, with the built-in microprocessor, allowing an easy setup, control, monitoring, and programming. For example, the hot water temperature is controlled by using the temperature control buttons while monitoring the parameters on the large LCD display.

The LCD screen with the backlit lamp and several indicators can show the status of the unit; ON/OFF, operating, installer and recirculating mode, different temperatures and flow values, time, and in a case of the malfunction, an error code (Er followed by the numerical code).

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The internal and external recirculation modes help deliver hot water fast, either by using the built-in internal or adding the external circulation pumps (the operation is shown on the LCD screen).

Furthermore, HTP hybrid water heater can be hooked on the solar water heating systems, space heating, air handlers, indirect tanks, and geothermal applications, providing more options to the users and savings.

Flexible installation

As said, the Crossover water heater is easy to install on the wall. The venting system ensures flexible installation, either with the power vent and the single pipe or direct power dual vent pipe with the sealed combustion configuration.

The vents terminate either horizontally through the exterior wall or vertically through the roof. There are two vent sizes that can be used: 2” and 3” in diameter, the first with the maximum lengths of 50’ and second with 100’. Due to the lower exhaust temperature, the water heater can use several vent pipes made of PVC, CPVC, and PP.

Safety features

As the tankless Hydra model, the HTP Hybrid Crossover is also equipped with advanced safety features such as the gas and water leak detector, optical flame sensor, freeze protection, burner overheat cut-off device, flue high limit switch, and water temperature high limit switch.


Since the HTP Crossover can be used in residential and commercial applications, the manufacturer provides warranties of 12-years when used in residential and 5 years in commercial applications.