Richmond Water Heaters 
Review and Buying Tips

A review of Richmond water heaters for home water heating. Explore the features and benefits of the electric, gas, tankless, tank-type and hybrid models. Find out how to select the right type and model.

Richmond hot water heaters are owned by the well-known American company Rheem, a leader in the HVAC industry, tested and certified by the authorized labs. The corporate office is in Atlanta, and the extensive line of products, which can be found among electric, gas and solar, tank, tankless and hybrid water heating systems covers a great number of potential customers in the US and Canada.

Richmond water heater

Richmond water heaters for residential applications

As Rheem, Richmond implements the advanced features in its water heaters; such as the EverKleen Self Cleaning System to fight the lime and sediment build-up, Integra System, LifeGuard stainless steel heating elements and other for the reliable and safe operation.

Gas and electric water tank heaters come with the different warranties; 6, 9 and 12 years, which depends on the quality of materials and features that protect the heater, while tankless come with the 10-year and hybrid with 12-year warranties. Also, part of the Richmond / Rheem offer is the Marathon electric heater which offers a lifetime warranty.

Richmond gas water heaters

Tank type

One of the main features found in Richmond gas tank-type heaters is the Integra System, a Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant system (FVIR) which protects the unit and provide efficient and reliable operation.

Gas water heaters that are equipped with the EverKleen system and heavy-duty anode rods will provide longer warranties since the heater has better protection. Also, these models have a faster recovery rate, so they are recommended for larger homes where families require higher hot water demand.

Richmond water heaters can use natural gas or propane, and based on its features and venting options; they can be found as Ultra Low NOx, Heavy Duty, Power Vent... with capacities from 29-gallon to 100 gallons. Read more!


Tankless heaters heat water on demand. They are small and compact, wall-hanging and take less space than the tank-type. Richmond water heaters with the tankless technology are used for homes with up to three bathrooms, where the largest model produces up to 9.5 gallons per minute. Richmond builds several types of tankless heaters, which can be installed either indoor or outdoor. Find the review here.

Richmond electric

Tank type

Richmond water heaters that are powered by the electricity are very simple appliances for water heating. Tank-type models come with the tank sizes from the lowest 2.5 gallons, designed for point-of-use service, to the largest 120-gallon whole-house models. Specialty models include the table-top and solar electric heaters, plus mobile homes.


Electric tankless heaters are built for those who prefer on-demand water heating, simply hang the unit on the wall, rather than occupying the floor space. Smaller units, such as the 3 kW models are mainly used for single fixtures, while more powerful, such as the 27 kW units, are meant for two or three applications working at the same time.

Richmond Hybrid

If the electricity is your only option, but you prefer Energy Star products, high efficient water heating, the right choice will be an electric water heater with the heat pump technology. Richmond hybrid models are available in two sizes and provide an extended 12-year warranty.


So what are the best Richmond water heaters? The best ones are those that are long-lasting, have a fast recovery rate and first-hour delivery and have the advanced features that not only protect the unit and the user but make the water heating efficient, reliable and environment-friendly.


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