Richmond Water Heaters 
Review and Buying Tips

Are you looking to buy a Richmond water heater for your home but not sure which type or model to choose? Check out our buying tips to get the best model with features you need and bring the most benefits to your family. See the differences between electric, gas, tankless, tank-type, and hybrid types.

Richmond hot water heaters are owned by the well-known American company Rheem, a leader in the HVAC industry. The corporate office is in Atlanta. 

The company offers an extensive line of products, including electric, gas, solar, tank, tankless, and hybrid water heating systems. Homeowners can buy water heaters with a simple design and basic features but are affordable, or models with the most innovative features and state-of-the-art technology.

Richmond water heater

Richmond water heaters for residential applications

Richmond water heaters include many quality features such as the EverKleen Self Cleaning System to fight the lime and sediment build-up, FVIR system for protection, and LifeGuard stainless steel heating elements for uninterrupted power supply. Some models also include quality anode rods, eco-friendly gas valves, self-diagnostic systems, and more, ensuring reliable and safe operation.

Gas and electric water tank heaters come with different warranties; 6, 9, and 12 years, and the warranty period depends on the quality of materials and features that protect the heater. Tankless models come with 10-year and hybrids with 12-year warranties.

Richmond gas water heaters

Tank type

One of the main features found in Richmond gas tank-type heaters is the Integra System, a Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant system (FVIR) that protects units from accidental ignition of the flammable vapors while ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

Gas water heaters equipped with the EverKleen system and heavy-duty anode rods provide longer warranties since the heater has superior protection. Those models with a faster recovery rate are recommended for larger homes where families require more hot water.

Richmond water heaters are designed to use natural gas and propane, and based on the available features and venting options, they can be found as Ultra Low NOx, Heavy Duty, Power Vent, Direct Vent, and others, offering tanks with capacities from 29-gallon to 100 gallons. Sizing is very important, so use this sizing guide to find out how, or contact a professional plumber for an estimate.

The best gas water heaters are found in an Encore series. They are ultra-high efficient and condensing, using power direct venting to bring the combustion air in and safely remove the exhaust gases to the outside atmosphere. Condensing models are equipped with a submerged spiral heat exchanger, dual anode rod, and self-diagnostic system, resulting in greater performance, high recovery, first-hour rating, and an energy factor.

If you would like to know more about this Energy Star model, including other gas models, check out this article.


Tankless heaters heat water on demand. They are small and compact, wall-hanging, and take up much less space than the tank-type. Richmond water heaters with tankless technology are used for mid and large-sized homes with up to three-four bathrooms, where the largest model produces up to 11 GPM of hot water.

The best models utilize condensing technology and recirculation pumps for higher efficiency and faster hot water delivery. The Richmond manufacturer offers several types of tankless heaters, including condensing and non-condensing groups, and which can be installed either indoors or outdoors. See the review of Richmond tankless water heaters here.

Richmond electric


Richmond water heaters that are powered by electricity are very simple and affordable appliances for water heating. Tank-type models come with tank sizes from the lowest amount being 2.5 gallons, designed for point-of-use service, to the largest 120-gallon whole-house models. Specialty models include the table-top, POU, and solar electric heaters, plus mobile home types.

With every purchased Richmond electric water heater, homeowners get a 6, 9, or 12 years warranty, depending on the model and included features. Features you should be looking for and which will give you a longer warranty are EverKleen self-cleaning system, heat traps, premium anode rod, and LIFEGUARD heating elements.

The best Richmond electric water heaters are coming from the Marathon and Encore Smart series.

Richmond/Rheem Marathon water heaters are equipped with non-metallic storage tanks that cannot rust and are insulated with thick foam insulation to conserve energy longer. Every Marathon water heater is protected with a lifetime warranty.

Encore Smart electric water heaters are equipped with the premium features such as the self-cleaning system to reduce the sediment build-up, LeakGuard, and built-in auto shut-off valve to reduce the risk of water leaks, voice control, diagnostics system, and built-in EcoNet WiFi technology for remote monitoring and control. Water heaters from the Encore Smart series have the longest 12-year warranty.


Electric tankless heaters are built for those who prefer on-demand water heating, cheap and easy installation, so the units are simply hung on the wall rather than occupying the floor space. Smaller units, such as those models with the power of 3 kW, are mainly used for single fixtures, while more powerful, such as the 27 kW units, are meant for two or three applications working simultaneously.

Larger models are equipped with dial control, adjustable digital temperature display, and self-modulating power control, allowing accurate temperature selection and energy savings.

All electric and tankless water heaters have a compact and modern look and are usually installed near fixtures for faster delivery.

Richmond Hybrid

If electricity is your only option, and you prefer Energy Star products and high efficient water heating, the right choice will be to buy an electric water heater with heat pump technology - hybrids.

Richmond hybrid models are available in four sizes that provide an extended 10-year warranty. While conventional gas-powered tank-type water heaters can achieve lower energy factors of around 0.60, electric type approximately 0.92, hybrids can get you ultra-high efficiency of approximately 4.0 – four times higher than other types.


So what are the best Richmond water heaters?

The best ones are those that are long-lasting, have a fast recovery rate and first-hour delivery, and include advanced features that not only protect the unit and users but make the water heating efficient, reliable, and environment-friendly.

Consider gas tankless water heaters with the condensing technology and recirculation pump, while from the electric type, Encore Smart, Marathon, or Richmond hybrids are your best bet.


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