Richmond Gas Water Heaters 
Review and Buying Tips

Things to look for in Richmond gas water heaters for efficient and cost-effective potable water heating in residential homes. Explore top features with benefits of the power, direct, power direct, and atmospheric vent models, including Energy Star approved and low NOx units.

Richmond gas water heaters are available in many types and sizes, from small houses and apartments, and single point use, to large ones with multiple applications. Two of the main types are the tank-type that stores water, and tankless, which does not.


Richmond gas tank-type water heaters

Richmond gas water heaters that are equipped with the water tank, heat water stored inside using gas burners and heating elements. This is old but proven technology.

If they are used to heat and deliver hot water to one fixture, we are talking about point-of-use heaters, which come with lower capacities, mostly from 2 gallons to 20-30 gallons.

If they are used for multiple applications or delivering hot water to more than one fixture simultaneously, we are talking about whole-home water heaters, and they come with capacities from 30 to 100 gallons.

Gas-operated water heaters can operate using natural or propane gas, and are further divided into four main groups, depending on the venting system. The simplest type is atmospherically vented, which is also the cheapest and has the lowest efficiency.

The other three groups include power vent, direct vent, and power direct vent models, among which are the best models from Richmond.

All the tanks come from the Encore and Essential series and include warranties of 6, 9, and 12 years.

This review is mainly about gas-powered tank-type water heaters:

Features to look for

  • Condensing or high-efficiency operation
  • High performance and recovery rate
  • EverKleen system – reduces sediment buildup while providing more hot water with higher efficiency
  • One or two premium anode rods – protects the unit from corrosion
  • Heat traps – prevents energy loss
  • Ultra-low NOx gas emission for eco-friendly water heating
  • Advanced electronic system
  • Diagnostics system
  • Eco-friendly gas burner
  • Energy Star compliance
  • Long warranty (9 or 12 years)

Richmond power vent type

Richmond Power Vent

Richmond gas water heaters require an electrical connection with 110/120 volts to power the electric blower and safely remove the combustion products to the outside atmosphere.

Richmond water heaters with power vents are more expensive than atmospheric or direct vented models because they utilize an electric blower and other advanced features.

The greatest advantage is the installation flexibility as the vents can run horizontally through the outside wall or vertically through the roof, utilizing PVC, ABS, or CPVC pipes. As the vent pipes are usually long, your gas water heater doesn't have to be installed close to the outside wall, providing more flexibility during installation.

Power vented models are built with capacities ranging from 40 to 75 gallons, providing enough hot water to families with up to 5 family members when demand for hot water is normal.

Richmond offers heavy-duty models with high recovery, also models with the electronic control, self-diagnostic system, FVIR, self-cleaning system, ultra-low NOx gas emission, and Energy Star compliance for high-demanding homes and owners looking for the latest technology.

Direct vent type

Richmond gas water heaters with direct venting are designed to utilize vents running through the outside wall using the airtight and sealed combustion chamber, eliminating the need for the chimney and a power blower.

The vent system is usually made of two pipes, a pipe within the pipe or coaxial type, which can be rotated 360 degrees for more flexibility during installation.

There are two types of a direct vent series, recommended for manufactured homes and residential homes, all providing lower energy factors but reliable operation.

Power direct vent models

Richmond power direct vent models use the induced draft blower to get the outside air for combustion in homes where indoor air quality is an issue and there is not enough room space for the installation.

As the power vented models, Richmond power direct vent models also utilize long vents that can run up to 100 ft. through the roof or outside wall.

Power direct vent models are available as heavy-duty with the 75-gal tank capacity and an energy factor of 0.63, and condensing models with much higher efficiency.

Condensing power direct vent water heaters come from the Encore series and have a standard 6-year warranty. Units are equipped with the premium features such as the low NOx gas burner, self-diagnostic system, condensing heat exchanger, and dual anodes. The high energy factor of 0.83, first-hour rating of 87 gallons, and a recovery rate of up to 48.5 GPH make them high-performing and very efficient.

Atmospheric vented models

Richmond gas water heaters using natural drafts are also called atmospherically vented units that use a chimney to safely remove the flue gases and the surrounding air for combustion.

This is the group with the greatest number of water heaters, types, and sizes, and you can find models with capacities from 29 to 98 gallons, from low to high efficiency, such as Powered Damper models from the Encore series.

Homeowners also have options to buy an ultra-low NOx, heavy-duty, Energy Star rated, manufactured housing, and models with the 6, 9, and 12-year warranty. They include features such as the self-diagnostic system, FVIR, an anode with a special resistor, and hot surface ignition.

Tankless models

Richmond gas water heaters are also designed with tankless technology, which doesn't store hot water as the tank-type but heats water on demand and delivers hot water in continuous supply.

Tankless water heaters are much smaller than the tank type but very powerful, efficient, and able to deliver hot water in endless supply to one or several fixtures simultaneously.

Tankless heaters are designed for the whole-house water heating, from one to more than three bathrooms. The best tankless models are those with condensing technology, as the energy efficiency goes over 90%.

Richmond tankless water heaters provide great flexibility since they can be installed indoors or outdoors. Similar units connected with the cable link system are combined into one system, providing even more hot water.


As seen in the above overview, homeowners have an opportunity to select many water heater types, from basic to advanced models. The best models, such as those from the Encore series or tankless, are built to last, provide plenty of hot water, have the lowest cost of operation, and longest warranties.


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