Richmond Tankless Water Heaters 
Review and Buying Tips

A review of the Richmond tankless water heaters for home use. Find the best on-demand heaters from Richmond and explore its features and main advantages over other models.

Richmond water heaters with the tankless technology are gas- and electric-powered units that are designed for on-demand water heating and continuous and endless supply of hot water, at low-cost operation, built in the compact size that are installed on the wall. Thanks to the advanced and sophisticated technology, tankless water heaters are high efficient and environment-friendly units that, most of the time, offer an accurate temperature and water flow control and self-diagnostic system if something goes wrong.

Richmond gas tankless water heaters

Richmond gas tankless water heater

Richmond gas tankless water heaters are also known as an Encore brand, which consists of the three series:

  • RMTG-64
  • RMTG-84
  • RMTG-95

All of the above Richmond tankless water heaters are further divided into natural and propane gas-powered water heaters that can be installed indoor and vented horizontally or vertically or outdoor.

If the above models are installed as the single unit, they can provide enough hot water for up to 3-bath homes max, while if they are linked through the EZ-Link cable system, two units can be combined into one system, while providing more hot water, for demanding families.

Warranty is 12 years on the heat exchanger and 5 on other components, which is pretty much the same as other manufacturers’ offer. Due to their high energy factor, all models are Energy Star compliant and therefore eligible for government grants.

Richmond electric tankless water heaters

Richmond electric and tankless water heater

Richmond tankless water heaters that are powered by the electricity, such as 3 or 7 kW models, are designed for point-of-use water heating, and for a garage, barn, apartment, condo, office, distant sinks and where it is not economical to use the centrally located water heater.

Larger models, such as 18 or 27 kW models, are built to supply hot water to more than one fixture at the time but do require more amps also.

Small electric on-demand heaters can be installed almost anywhere as they do not require venting as the above gas-type models, and the best place for the installation is under the kitchen sink or in the bathrooms.

They come with the 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger and one on other parts.


Richmond tankless water heaters are an excellent solution for those who want to switch and replace the old tank-type water heater. These innovative heating units can easily provide hot water in endless supply, so no worries that you will run out of hot water. They offer convenience, economical water heating, and environment-friendly operation.


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