Richmond Tankless Water Heaters 
Review and Buying Tips

A review of Richmond tankless water heaters for home use, including gas and electric types, mid and ultra-high efficiency models. Find the best on-demand heaters from Richmond and explore features and the main advantages over other models. See which models can help you save over $1000 during the warranty period.

Tankless benefits

Richmond water heaters with tankless technology are available as gas- and electrically-powered units, designed for on-demand water heating, delivering hot water in continuous and endless supply, efficiently, and at a low cost.

Tankless heaters are designed small, lightweight, and have a compact size, ensuring easy installation on the wall while freeing up floor space for other necessities. Models are equipped with advanced and sophisticated technology.

They are highly efficient and environment-friendly units that offer accurate temperature and water flow control and a self-diagnostic system for simplified repair if something goes wrong.

Homeowners can use Richmond tankless water heaters for point-of-use service and the whole-house water heating, and from one to multiple applications, including sinks, showers, baths, hot tubs, dishwashers, and washing machines.

With the installation of the EZ-Link cable, which connects two units to operate as one, homeowners can get two times more in the heating power and water flow, providing enough hot water in high-demanding applications.

Richmond gas tankless water heaters

Richmond gas tankless water heaters come from the Encore series and are divided into two groups: non-condensing or mid-efficiency and high-efficiency or condensing.

Richmond gas tankless water heater

Condensing or high-efficiency series

Richmond tankless water heaters from the condensing series are the most advanced models, heating water efficiently and with ultra-low NOx gas emission and featuring the best of the company. Homeowners have a selection of five models total, with three sizes and a choice to install them indoors or outdoors.

All condensing water heaters are built to use natural gas or propane, heating water with two heat exchangers, and gas burning assembly with the modulating power from the lowest 11,000 BTU to the highest 199,900 BTU. Due to its superior efficiency of 0.93-0.94, condensing models are Energy Star compliant, saving homeowners more than $1000 over the warranty period.

They all use intelligent electronic control for added efficiency and safety. By using the EcoNet WiFi technology, you can make your tankless water heater “smart” and get service alerts, notify your technician, or remotely control and monitor a unit.

Condensing 11 GPM series. Condensing water heaters with the water flow of 11 GPM (Encore RMTGHRH series) come with the built-in recirculation heating system, delivering hot water instantly and reducing time, water, and energy waste.

They use programmable time-based activation for added comfort and convenience.

These models are built only as indoor models but have an option to use an outdoor conversion kit, providing the highest water flow and energy efficiency of all Richmond models.

Using the long PVC vents (up to 100 feet), included crossover and service valves, and with the high altitude certification, installation becomes faster and more flexible.

RMTGHRH tankless models are equipped with many safety features to protect the unit and users from high operating temperatures, freezing days, and gas and water leak.

Condensing 9.5 and 8.4 GPM series. Condensing models with the water flow of 9.5 and 8.4 GPM come from the Encore RMTGH series and are available as indoor and outdoor models. Indoor models use 2” or 3” PVC pipes, up to 150 feet long, and can be vented horizontally or vertically. Outdoor models are ventless.

While they don’t have the recirculation pump built-in, they utilize a recirculation pump kit ready for connection, so you can still get hot water fast.

By staying in a ready-fire state, hot start programming allows users to minimize cold water bursts and maximizes comfort.

These are not designed with a control panel and LCD as the above model, but they have a digital remote controller, pre-wired for added convenience.

If the above models are installed as a single unit, they can provide enough hot water for up to 4-bath homes max. At the same time, if they are linked through the EZ-Link cable system, two units can be combined into one system, providing more hot water for demanding families.

Non-condensing or mid-efficiency series

Richmond tankless water heaters from the mid-efficiency series (RMTG series) are available in three sizes delivering plenty of hot water from two to four baths. They are designed with the maximum power of 199,900 BTU, 180,000 BTU, and 170,000 BTU, and water flows of 9.5 GPM, 8.4 GPM, and 7.0 GPM, respectively. They all have the same minimum power and water flow rates. All models can be installed indoors (direct vent) and outdoors (ventless).

These models have only one copper heat exchanger, and since energy factors are around 0.82, mid-efficiency models are not Energy Star approved. But, they still provide greater savings than the tank-type. The operating costs are 40% lower than the cost of the electric type and by 30% than gas tank-type water heaters.

Mid-efficient models with a water flow of 9.5 GPM are available, as mentioned, as indoor and outdoor, with an addition of a model with the built-in recirculation pump.

These non-condensing water heaters are neither as advanced as condensing, nor efficient and top performers. Still, they can perform pretty well, supply endless hot water, and still connected to EcoNet and recirculation pump for faster and accurate delivery.

Due to the high energy factor, all condensing models are Energy Star compliant and therefore eligible for government grants and utility rebates.

Richmond electric tankless water heaters

Richmond electric and tankless water heater

Richmond tankless water heaters powered by electricity, such as 3.5 and 6 kW models, are designed for point-of-use water heating. They can be installed inside a garage, barn, apartment, condo, office, close to distant sinks, and where it is not economical to use the centrally located water heater.

Larger models, also called whole-home, such as 18 and 27 kW models, are built to supply hot water to more than one fixture at a time but require more amps.

Small electric on-demand heaters can be installed almost anywhere as they do not require venting as the above gas-type models, and the best place for the installation is under the kitchen sink or in the bathrooms.

Most models utilize self-modulating power control and adjustable digital controls to meet the demand and get an accurate temperature, leading to more savings and comfort.


The parent company, Rheem, manufactures both gas and electric tankless water heaters, and the company provides warranties of 12 years on gas models and 10 years on electric.

Richmond tankless water heaters are an excellent solution for those who want to switch and replace the old and less efficient tank-type water heater. These innovative heating units can easily provide hot water in endless supply, so no worries that you will run out of hot water. They offer convenience, comfort, space-saving, economical water heating, and environment-friendly operation.


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