American Polaris Water Heater Review

Find out how the innovative design of the American Polaris water heater brings the highest energy efficiency and amazing performance in-home water heating. See the detailed review of Polaris advanced features.

Polaris hot water heaters are high-efficient tank-type heaters that are designed in two sizes: 34 and 50 gallons, both used for residential and commercial water heating.

In residential applications, Polaris is recommended for large-sized homes and families with high hot water demand.

Also, Polaris can be used for space heating, small and large homes, and it works perfectly with the radiant hydronic heating systems and forced-air systems.

American Polaris water heater


One of the most significant advantages of the American Polaris water heater is the high thermal efficiency of over 95%, which ensures excellent performance and lots of hot water. It is design-certified by CSA as a Category IV and direct-vented water heater, so it takes the fresh combustion air from the outside and transfers the flue gases out, keeping the inside air untouched.

Advanced design

The innovative design and collection of the advanced features are what makes Polaris unique. The tank is made of the high-grade stainless steel, making the unit resistant to corrosion and rotten egg odor, as the anode rod is not needed anymore. The flue tube inside the tank and surrounded by water is made of the stainless steel also, but its unique spiral design brings much better results. It takes longer to the flue gases to escape the heater, so the heat transfer is increased, and efficiency is higher.

The Woven Fiber Premix Burner uses either propane or natural gas, and while it produces clean combustion with the bright blue flame, it produces fewer NOx gases than many conventional-type heaters. Thanks to its excellent performance and evenly distributed flame, gas burner provides a fantastic heat transfer. The maximum power of 199,900 BTU is found on 50-gallon models, and even with the high temperature it produces, Polaris water heater has excellent resistance to the thermal stress.

Power and flow rate

Both models have a capacity not only to heat potable water but provide enough heat for space heating. With two sizes and seven models in the offer, you can choose a Polaris water heater with the power ranging from 100,000 BTU to 199,000 BTU and first hour delivery from 129 gallons to 257 gallons.


Sealed combustion makes these heaters safe for the users as all the exhaust air is moved out through the power/direct venting while the fresh air for combustion is always provided. The Polaris is made with the flexible venting system; it directly vents up to 120 feet using affordable PVC, ABS and CPC pipes, horizontally through the wall or vertically through the roof and by using the concentric or two-pipe system.

Self-Diagnostic System

These gas water heaters utilize three external LED indicators as part of the self-diagnostic control system for easier troubleshooting. All the information about the heater's operation/status and possible problems are stored in the microprocessor, which monitors nine critical functions.

Other, also important features to mention are the hot surface ignitor which, when energized, glows red hot and lights the gas automatically. Another great feature is a brushless radial blower that ensures quiet operation.

Polaris water heater is made by the American Water Heaters company situated in Johnson, TN, US. The company offers a 10-year warranty on the tank and one year on other parts of the heater.


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