State - worthless

by Herbert Bolden
(Houston, TX)

I purchased a State Water Heater approximately 6 years ago. I have had nothing but problems with the water since it was installed. From day one the water heater had to be restarted periodically. The little Thermal Reset Switch would pop out and I had to reset the unit to restart it. I have called almost every couple of months this year because the water kept shutting down. Now I call the "tech support" number and they tell me the equipment is no longer under warranty (it expired in June of this year). When I began calling about this issue the water heater was still under warranty.

Every time I called they would walk me through troubleshooting techniques that would temporarily resolve the problem. The Thermal Reset Switch has continuously been a problem since the installation.

I am very frustrated and believe I was sold an inferior product. The "tech support" "people" are worthless because I sincerely believe they know the product is defective.

I am a small business owner and I would never dream of treating my clients this way.

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