How to use Noritz Error Codes for easy Troubleshooting

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This article answers the questions, what should I do if I see an error code on the Noritz water heater and the remote control. How Noritz error codes can help fixing the water heating problem.

Noritz error codes explained

Most of the Noritz water heaters come with the advanced technology and intelligent electronics which is the great help in troubleshooting the heating problems.

The LCD display found on the control panel or remote control provides a visual contact if the failure occurs. The numerical error code will appear and it will flash on the display.

Problems such as no hot water, not enough hot water, flame loss, water too hot or cold, temperature fluctuation, are just some of the problems that will be identified through the error codes.

Before attempting to solve the problem, it will be assumed that the Noritz model was installed per codes and manufacturer instructions. A gas type is a natural gas.

Below is the list of the most common error codes, where Noritz NRC111 was taken as an example and where some codes are applicable to other models.

Error code 10

Problem: Power drops or gas combustion continues even after the unit is turned off.

Action: If the water heating system has the recirculation, try to keep the temperature with the difference of 10 degrees. If the combustion continues, check if there is any foreign body, such as oil/grease on the burner. In order to reset the code, turn the unit off and on.

Error code 11

Problem: The error code 11 relates to the ignition failure.

Action: The gas pressure should be checked for the right values. Check for any obstructions in the vents as the unit might not be removing the products of combustion properly or fresh air supply is blocked. Remove any debris from the ignition rod, if it is dirty, and check for loose wiring in the ignition.

Error code 12

Problem: The flame was detected, but it becomes either very low or it gets extinguished.

Action: Check that there is enough air coming for the proper gas combustion. Make sure that the flame rod/sensor is not covered with the debris - clean or replace it if necessary.

Error code 14

Problem: The problem is with the thermal fuse. This is a safety element and must be replaced if broken.

Action: If there is an obstructed air flow in the vent system, the water heater will operate with the poor combustion. Also, check for the clogged heat exchanger due to the lime scale or other impurities from the poor water quality. Eliminate the cause of the problem by cleaning or replacing the heat exchanger.

Error code 16

Problem: The outgoing hot water temperature is too high.

Action: Check the gas pressure and adjust it if it is needed. The heat exchanger has to be cleaned from the limescale. Reset the error code by unplugging the power and plugging it back in after approximately 20 seconds.

Error code 20

Problem: The activation of the high limit switch due to the overheating.

Action: This problem is usually resolved by descaling the heat exchanger, but first check if the problem is with the high limit switch, which should be replaced if broken.

Error code 29

Problem: The neutralizer does not drain the condensate properly so the water level is exceeding the correct level.

Action: Make sure there is a proper draining of the neutralizer (clean it if it is blocked) or clean the water level sensor from the moist. Also, check that the condensate piping is properly sized and with the right slope.

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Error codes 31 and 32

Problem: Problem with the inlet (cold water side) or outlet (hot water side) thermistor.

Action: Check the elements for the proper work.

Error code 33

Problem: Another problem with the thermistor, but this time on the heat exchanger.

Action: Replace if broken.

Error code 59

Problem: Problem with the combustion due to the low gas BTU input.

Action: Check the gas pressure and do the necessary adjustments if needed. If the unit is installed above recommended elevation, make sure to do the proper adjustments. Make sure there is no blockage in the venting system or debris on the burner.

Error code 61

Problem: Fan failure

Action: Use the voltmeter to check the voltage on the fan. If the voltage is OK, check the fan operation and circuit board.

Error code 65

Problem: Main flow control valve

Action: Check the main servo on the valve for blockage, failure and replace it if needed.

Error code 66

Problem: Bypass flow control valve

Action: The same solution as for the above error code, except checking the main valve servo, check the bypass servo.

Error code 70

Problem: Circuit board failure

Action: Replace

Error code 71

Problem: Gas valve drive circuit

Action: Use the voltmeter to check the voltage on the circuit board and replace it if there is a failure. The error code 71 is often seen when the battery backup or generator is used, so there is a different voltage supply.

Error code 72

Problem: Flame rod detection abnormality

Action: Check for the correct grounding and flame detection circuit on the circuit board.

Error code 73

Problem: Issues with the settings on the circuit board

Action: The circuit board needs proper programming or dip switch was changed when the power was supplied to the water heater. The error code can be reset it by disconnecting the power for 30 secs and plugging it back in.

Error code 76

Problem: No communication in multi-system setup

Action: Check the quick connect cord and reset the unit by disconnecting the power.

Error code 760

Problem: Remote controller functionality

Action: Reset the unit. Check the wiring connection and that only one remote is used.

Error code 90 and 99

Problem: Problem with the gas combustion

Action: Check for the obstructed venting, improper gas burning (flame shape and color change). Make sure the water heater gets the recommended gas pressure and proper mixture of fuel and air (per specs). After fixing the problem, reset the error code by disconnecting the unit.

Error code 92 and 93

Problem: Neutralizer life cycle is at the end of its life cycle

Action: Replace the neutralizer and reset the burner timer.

If any of the Noritz error codes appear on the screen, or unit doesn't show any but has problems, it is recommended to contact the technical service from Noritz or licensed technician. The above list of the error codes and presented solution of the problems is just for the reference.

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