Problem with Noritz Tankless

Problem with Noritz Tankless

by Sharon
(DuQuoin, IL)

I built a new home in 2007 and installed a Noritz tankless hot water heater. It now shuts off in the middle of a shower and the water is cold. The plumber told me to get out of the shower and hit the on/off button and wait for it to heat up again.

However, the remote unit is in the master bath. What are my guests supposed to do if they are showering in the back bathroom and no one is there to hit the on/off button on the remote? Also, wondering about the warranty on the Noritz. I can't find a dealer in the area who has a rep to help me. It's been doing this for over a year now!

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Apr 15, 2018
Tankless units common fault
by: Marshall

Unfortunately, this is very common with many mfgs tankless units. You can try flushing the unit with vinegar to descale the pipes which may avoid some of the fault codes for a short period of time, or replacing sensors on the unit.

7 years of needing "shower buddies" standing by to reset the unit were enough for us. When the gas solenoid went out that was the last straw and we junked our Bosch unit.

Happy to have a tank unit again, no change to utility bills and so much more reliable.

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