Noritz NRCP Series of Tankless Water Heaters Review

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A review of Noritz NRCP series of tankless and condensing water heaters for the ultra-efficient domestic water heating and fast hot water delivery. The NRCP series is the most advanced group from this manufacturer, known as the ecoTOUGH category, and is built for an indoor use in large homes and small commercial applications with the high hot water demand. It is recommended for the homeowners who would like to have a better control of the water usage.

Noritz NRCP models are designed as direct vent indoor models for on-demand water heating, supplying up to 4-bath homes with the continuous water flow and endless supply. The built-in smart technology can memorize your family water usage pattern providing hot water fast and when you want it, reducing the wait time.


Noritz NRC models overview

The NRCP models are available in two sizes, NRCP1112-DV that comes with the maximum power of 199,900 BTU and water flow of 11.1 GPM, and NRCP982-DV, another indoor unit, that has a slightly lower power of 180,000 BTU and water flow of 10.1 GPM. Both models are with the EF of 0.95, ultra-efficient and Energy Star compliant, which ensures great savings and low pollution.

The NRCP water heaters are mainly used in residential applications such as showers, dishwashing, and washers, but can also be used in commercial applications utilizing either natural gas or propane.



The main difference between NRCP and other models is the implementation of the internal pump allowing pre-heat water to recirculate through the system, allowing faster water delivery to the fixture. The water heaters can work in two recirculation modes, external with the return line and internal that does not require the return line while keeping the internal water warm. The appliances cannot be used for space heating appliances, only the potable water.

Dual heat exchangers

Both models from NRCP series are equipped with two heat exchangers, made of the heavy duty stainless steel, protecting the heat exchanger from the high thermal and mechanical stress and scale build-up. The condensing operation is what brings the great energy savings, higher efficiency and flexible vent installation using the PVC and CPVC pipes.

Flexible vent installation

The condensing technology of the NRCP tankless water heaters allows the use of PVC and CPVC vents up to 100 ft., due to the lower temperature of exhaust gases, making the installation easier, faster and economically reasonable. With the correct conversion kit, the water heaters can, instead of the DV, use single vents (SV).

Fully modulating gas burner

The NRCP series utilize the dual flame burners that are capable to generate high-efficient operation with the power of up to 199,900 BTU and steady water temperature.

The modulating gas valve with the Turn Down Ration of over 10 can lower the power from high 199,900 BTU to 18,000 BTU, making it last longer and provide greater savings with the cleaner gas combustion.

Connecting Noritz models

Quick Connect capable to connect to identical heaters, allowing more hot water for the homeowners.

Worry-free ignition

Direct electronic ignition allows an easy and automatic gas ignition of the burner.

Remote control

The programmable remote control is built into the body of the water heater, right in the front panel for an easy access. The remote controller is quite big, and due to its simple design provides all the necessary features for the great performance: the function buttons, temperature settings buttons, LED indicator and the large LCD display screen where you can check the operating status, temperature and the error code during the failure.

Safety devices

  • Flame sensor

  • Overheat protection
  • Freeze protection

  • Exhaust temperature sensor

  • Gas leak detector sensor

  • Water temperature sensor


Noritz NRCP series of tankless water heaters is the most advanced group from this manufacturer, mainly due to the features such as the built-in recirculation pump, smart electronics, condensing technology and continuous on-demand supply, making it a perfect choice for large, new or old homes - it saves the energy, has a lower environmental impact and lasts long. Warranty is 12 years on the heat exchanger.

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