Noritz NR50 
Tankless Water Heaters 
Review and Buying Tips

A review of Noritz NR50, the smallest tankless water heater from Noritz. Find the NR50 best features, specs, and benefits. Where to use the NR50 model?

The NR50 tankless water heater is one of the smallest and least powerful water heating models from Noritz. And it is the smallest. The models is designed as an outdoor, power-vented heater with on-demand and endless hot water production. With 33 pounds, this unit is considered lightweight, which can be mounted on the wall easily.


Models review

Noritz NR50Noritz NR50

This small Noritz tankless water heater is recommended for apartments, condominiums, cottages, townhouses, and where space is an issue. Since the Noritz NR50-OD is installed outside, no venting is required, and thanks to its quality materials, it is protected and safe in different weather conditions.


Water flow

The Noritz NR50 water heater, with the maximum water flow of 5.0 gallons per minute, provides sufficient hot water for one to two showers or applications, based on the temperature of the water supply. It will provide more hot water in southern parts of the US than in colder northern states.

Modulation for comfort

Due to its small size, the Noritz water heater NR50 is equipped with a high-performing single-flame burner, which uses direct ignition for lighting the gas. Full modulation gives its users much more comfort, as the water heater adjusts its power based on the water flow. It can work from its minimum of 19,000 BTU to its maximum of 120,000 BTU, and with the 12 temperature settings, it can heat water from 100 F to 160 F maximum.

Remote control

The NR50 does not include remote control, but it is sold as an accessory. The remote is recommended as it allows you to set the temperature of the outgoing hot water at your convenience, use the flow meter alarm, and if something goes wrong with the heater to diagnose the problem by using the error codes.

Without the remote, you won't have access to the error codes for easier troubleshooting, but instead, the lamps located on the front of the unit will flash if the problem occurs.

Safety features

´╗┐Noritz gas water heaters are pretty safe. They are equipped with several safety devices, which will turn the unit OFF if something goes wrong.

  • Safety lock-out
  • Flame sensor
  • Resin coated PC board
  • Automatic overheat protection
  • Optional freeze protection
  • Lighting protection system
  • Fan rotation detector


Models/Specs Noritz NR50
Power (BTU) 18,000-120,000
Water flow (GPM) 0.5-5.0
max # of baths 2
Water/gas connections (inch) 3/4
Temperature (F) 115-140
Energy factor 0.81
Warranty 12/5


Noritz NR50 is recommended for those who are couples or have a small family, don't have much space for mounting the heater, and prefer keeping the gas device outside the living space.

This is a small but powerful heating device designed to provide high thermal efficiency of 83%. As it is Energy Star approved, it is qualified for government grants and other applicable utility rebates.


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