Noritz NR66 
Tankless Water Heaters 
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Find the main features and benefits of Noritz NR66 tankless water heaters. See why buying a Noritz water heater from NR66 series is an excellent choice.

Noritz NR66 is a tankless water heater designed for on-demand and continuous water heating that can deliver hot water to up to two fixtures simultaneously, mainly in residential applications such as bathrooms, kitchens or laundry. It can also be used in commercial applications with lower demand for hot water.


Models review

Noritz NR66-OD is an outdoor unit that does not require venting, and except residential homes can be installed and used in manufactured or mobile homes.


Modulating burner

The NR66-OD model is equipped with the modulating, high-performance gas burner that works with the power ranging from its minimum power of 15,000 BTU to the maximum 140,000 BTU. The built-in automatic air regulator is another feature that helps a gas burner to maximize its efficiency. This way water can be heated from its min. 100 F to a max. 160 F.

Remote control for convenience

The water heater is factory set on 120 F, and the best way to control the temperature of hot water is to buy a remote control. The remote control as the optional feature from Noritz, will not only allow you to set the temperature but set a flow meter alarm and use the error code display system for easy troubleshooting. If the remote is not used, flashing light on the unit will indicate if there is a problem. Another reason is the inconvenience of changing the hot water temperature ("jumper clips" have to be used).

Energy Star compliance

High performing burner is designed to use propane or natural gas, and either fuel source you use the heater will heat water with an efficiency of up to 84%, which makes them Energy Star compliant.

Turbo Flow system

Turbo flow system allows water flow of up to 6.6 gallons per minute when the heater is working with the 35 F temperature rise, and this is sufficient for one to two bathrooms, depending on the region where you live. The minimum water flow of 0.5 gpm gives you convenience where small water flow is required, such as hand washing or shaving. These small tankless water heaters are also recirculation compatible.

Safety features

    Noritz water heaters, NR66, are equipped with the safety features to prevent injuries, scalding water and reduce unit failure.
  • Flame rod
  • Thermal fuse
  • Overheat prevention system
  • Freeze protection to - 30 F for an indoor and -4 F for outdoor models (this applies to the heater's internal plumbing)
  • Lighting protection device
  • Fan rotation detector
  • Resin coated PC board for protection and durability


Models/Specs Noritz NR66
Power (BTU) 15,000-140,000
Water flow (GPM) 0.5-6.6
max # of baths 2
Water/gas connections (inch) 3/4
Temperature (F) 100-160
Energy factor 0.81
Warranty 12/5


If you own an apartment, condominium or townhouse, and would like to enjoy an endless and on-demand hot water, Noritz NR66 is a solution for your water heating needs. Space saving and wall-mounted design make it ideal for small homes.


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