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Compare the AO Smith electric water heaters and select the best model for heating water in your home. Explore the differences, top features and most important details from the manufacturer specification.

Electric water heaters from AO Smith are categorized into few groups, and they cover the standard or conventional tank-type and heat pumps. There is a variety of sizes; from the small and compact models for point-of-use service to the large whole-house units with the maximum tank size of 119 gallons.

While some of these models are using features for the high performance and thermal efficiency, standard models are not Energy Star compliant while the other types, heat pumps, are.

Conventional type

There are two main series from the standard type of AO Smith electric water heaters: Promax and Conservationist.


Specs / Series Promax Plus Standard Specialty
Capacity (Gal) 40-80 30 - 119 2.5-40
First Hour Delivery (Gal) 54-87 41 - 112 37-52
Recovery (Gal) 21 21 7-21
R-value 20 9.2-16 8-16
Energy factor 0.92-0.93 0.81-0.93 0.88-0.93

Promax Plus

Promax Plus series is the high-efficiency group where the water heaters are equipped with the elements for high thermal efficiency and energy savings; external heat traps and 2.5" foam insulation with high insulation value. The DynaClean II system and its specially designed dip tube help in reducing the sediment and lime build-up inside the tank and on other components.

Standard Promax

Standard Promax series provides more choices with the tall, short and Lowboy models, and tank sizes from 30 to 120 gallonS. Most of the models utilize the specially designed dip tube which helps in reducing the sediment buildup. They are recommended for budget-oriented families.


Specialty group is made for homes with the limited space, and they consist of the Table Top model with the flat surface designed for kitchen use, Lowboy or Compact for space saving (under the kitchen sink) and point-of-use models for low-demand applications.


AO Smith electric water heaters from the Conservationist series utilize the best features such as the DynaClean II, a self-cleaning system, Blue Diamond glass liner against the aggressive water action, long-lasting low-watt density heating elements, powerful magnesium anode rod and more.

The Conservationist is the group of the most energy efficient electric models, mainly thanks to the 3" thick foam insulation (great R-value of 24) and built-in heat traps, for incredible 0.95 EF. With the highest energy factors, the operating costs are also maximized.

They come with the capacity from 40 to 80 gallons and First-Hour Rating from 52 to 81 gallons.

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Mobile home series

Electric water heaters from this series are designed for water heating in mobile or recreational vehicles, and they cover models from 28 to 40 gallons with the sizes that can fit spaces where the standard model cannot. They come with the decent energy factor of 0.92 and 0.93, First-Hour Rating from 40 to 50 gallons and lower recovery rate of 16.1 (when compared to standard home type).

Heat pumps

Voltex is the only electric water heater from AO Smith that is Energy Star compliant. Voltex is a heater that utilizes two technologies, electric and heat pump and is the right solution for those who are looking going green. The hybrid water heating is what makes these units ultra-efficient, which is as twice as efficient as the conventional electric models. If you would like to know more about heat pumps technology and Voltex, read the review here.

Conservationist or Voltex is what you should consider buying, mainly because of the quality of its components and savings due to the high thermal efficiency and longer warranty of 10 years.

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