Titan Water Heaters
Review and Buying Guide

Check out Titan water heaters for point-of-use and whole-house electric water heating. Review of the available models and the most advanced features that provide optimum efficiency and performance.

Titan SCR2

Niagara Industries is the manufacturer of the popular Titan water heaters, electrical and tankless products made for heating the potable water in residential and commercial applications. Every Titan tankless heater was built as the wall-hanging unit that occupies less than one square foot of space, making it ideal for homes that lack in space.

Titan models heat water on demand, where the tankless design eliminates the energy waste, known as the standby heat loss, plus it provides an endless supply of hot water with the energy savings of 40% and more.

Titan incorporates several great features such as the digital control platform that provides the real-time readings and reliable and long-lasting shielded Incoloy heating elements that works great even in the regions with hard water.

Review of the Titan models

There are four categories available:

Titan SCR2

Titan water heaters from the SCR2 series are small electric models that are using the advanced technology for the faster water heating and more accurate outgoing temperatures.

These popular models use the microprocessor that checks the incoming and outgoing water temperature over 20 times per second, resulting in less temperature fluctuation, stable temperature and maximum energy efficiency of the units.

There are seven models available in SCR2 series, where the power range goes from 3.2 to 11.8 kW, which makes them great for a variety of applications. Lower-power models N-10, N-42, N-64 and N-75 are designed for point-of-use service only, while the first two models produce just the warm water. Other models are used for whole-house water heating, and the biggest model N-120 is recommended for homes with one to three bathrooms.

Model N-10 N-42 N-64 N-75 N-85 N-100 N-120
kW 3.2 4.2 6.4 7.5 8.5 10.8 11.8
Temp. rise 
@ 1 g/min
24 33 51 60 69 87 95
Volt. (V) 110 208-277
Amps (A) 29 19 29 34 38 49 54
Wire 10/2 10 AWG 10 AWG 8 AWG 8 AWG 8 AWG 6 AWG

Titan SCR3

One of the main features found on the Titan SCR3 is the digital LCD that displays the real-time usage, power in kW, voltage, amperage, and diagnostics. SCR-3 model utilizes the "QUAD-4" technology that allows greater temperature stability when the water flow varies.

This model is recommended for both modern and older homes (retrofit), from small to large size (depends on the climate), as long as the voltage is from 208 V to 240 V.

Only one model is available, N-160, and it comes with the maximum power of 12 kW when operating on 208 V or 16 kW when operating on 220 V.

Model N-160
kW 12 (16)
Temp. rise @ 1 g/min 109
Voltage (V) 208 (220) - 240
Amps (A) 55 (65)
Wire 6 (4/6) AWG

Titan SCR4

Titan water heaters from SCR4 series utilize three heating elements and are designed for homes with the high hot water demand and homes located in colder regions. Titan SCR4 is comprised of two models; 18 and 21 kW.

Model N-180 N-200
kW 18 21
Temp. rise @ 1 g/min 122 143
Voltage (V) 240 240
Amps (A) 75 88
Wire 8 AWG 8 AWG

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Titan Laser models are manufactured for Caribbean, Central and South American countries, and because of the low power consumption can be used in areas where the power is limited.

Model L-64 L-75 L-85
kW 6.4 7.5 8.5
Voltage (V) 220 220 220
Amps (A) 29 34 38

Titan N-140

Titan N-140 is the latest release from this manufacturer. Like other models, it is also designed as the tankless unit for fast water heating but with the newest and patented digital control and LCD display which provides beneficial information for the users; a real-time usage, power, Watts, Amps, Volts, and the efficiency. It is recommended for use in medium and large homes in warmer regions or small to medium size houses in colder areas.

Titan tankless water heaters are easy to install as long as the requirements in Amperage, Voltage, breaker and other codes are met. Due to its small and compact size, they can be mounted almost anywhere inside the house. Even with the high resistance to sediment build-up, it is recommended to install a sediment filter in the area with the extremely hard water.

How to contact the manufacturer

If you would like to contact Niagara Industries, a company that makes Titan water heaters here is the info:

2540 N.W. 38 Ct, Miami Fl, 33142

Telephone (305) 876-9010; Fax (305) 876-9030