Raypak Pool Heaters
Review and Buying Tips

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Raypak pool heaters review and buying tips for heating inground and above-ground pools. Check out why gas heaters are the favorite type among pool heaters. See the top models.

If there’s a way to heat your pool during the offseason and enjoy warm pool water when everybody is closing it, it is when using swimming pool heaters.

Raypak pool heater

Among the top brands in the market, you can find Raypak pool heaters. This brand offers a wide array of heat pumps, gas pool heaters, and other useful water heating devices.

There are many brands of swimming pool heaters in the market, but not all of them will be worth your money and time. We think it all comes down to the brand and reputation, and for us, Raypak pool heaters are easily some of the best to choose.

When it comes to water heating devices, Raypak delivers the quality you would expect. From its gas pool heaters to the heat pumps, this brand knows what people need and what people go after.

Let’s see should you buy a gas-powered heater or the heat pump – operated by the electricity, by checking out the pros and cons of both types.

Gas pool heaters vs. Heat pumps

Both heat pumps and gas pool heaters are excellent for heating pools. However, both come with different advantages and disadvantages, as well as budget needs, ease of use, features, efficiency, performance, durability, etc.

Usually, gas heaters are much more effective, heating pools even in winter for long periods while keeping the water temperature constant no matter of the outside temperature. However, they cost more money to maintain and to fuel up.

While heat pumps need little to no maintenance and operation costs are low, they don’t heat up as effectively and fast as gas type, but they are the most cost-effective solution for homeowners.

Before selecting one of the swimming pool heaters, you need to consider the following pros and cons of different types:

Gas pool heaters pros and cons

+ Lower initial price

+ Heats up quicker and more effectively

+ Works in colder seasons better

+ Easy to install

-    Costs a lot more to operate

-    Demand a lot more maintenance

-    Provides efficiency much lower than heat pumps

Heat pumps pros and cons

+ Lower operation costs

+ Exceptional energy efficiency

+ Easier to install and maintain

+ Perfect for warm/mild environments

+ May offer both heating and cooling capacity

-    Higher initial price

-    Won’t work effectively in winter

-    The efficiency drops significantly with the temperature drop

-    Slow heating

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What do Raypak pool heaters offer?

Raypak offers a wide array of products, but none as useful as its swimming pool heaters. Here, we are going to go over each one of these to let you know what this brand offers:

Raypak above-ground 156A

Whether it is for an above-ground pool, a spa, or an in-ground pool, the 156A gas pool heater from Raypak will keep the water warm without problems, climate, or temperature change. Offering 150,000 BTU and a reliable build with top-notch performance – it is an option not to overlook.

Highlighted features:

  • Superb powder coating offers excellent protection
  • Excellent wind-resistant design for outdoor installation
  • Outstanding fin-tube heat exchange provides more efficiency
  • Easy to control with AFT digital interface
  • Much more energy efficient with Energy-Smart feature
  • Lower NOx emissions

Raypak above-ground 106A

Due to its extremely compact yet reliable design, the gas model 106A from Raypak delivers all the efficiency you need. It is one of the smallest on the market, so it is extremely easy to install and transport when required. When you add the 105,000 BTU, it’s an almost perfect device for above-ground small-sized pools.

Highlighted features:

  • Easier to install than most heaters due to their compact & convenient design
  • Lower capacity but efficient
  • Exceptional resistant shell with coating and wind-resistant design
  • Superb durability with steel burner deck and ceramic combustion chamber
  • Exceptional efficiency for lower NOx emissions and monthly costs

Raypak Low NOx 207A & 407A

Offering from 200,000 up to 400,000 BTU in four different models, the Raypak 207A, 267A, 337A, and 407A are great devices to have at home. They will keep your small, medium, and large pools warm accordingly, and offer superb efficiency and reliability throughout the year.

Highlighted features:

  • Perfect for any season due to high capacity and efficiency
  • Excellent user-friendly interface with a Digital system
  • Low NOx emissions for residential use
  • Stainless steel tube construction offers excellent durability
  • Superb condensation protection with Unitherm Governor add-on
  • Highest flow rate available in gas heaters (125 GPM)

Raypak 206A – 406A

Using your pool at any time and any season is an advantage Raypak pool heaters offer. The set of heating devices from 206A, 266A, 336A up to 406A are simply amazing for this. With different BTU measurements from 200,000 to 400,000, the water in swimming pools gets warmed up fast and with the steady temperature, no matter the weather changes.

Highlighted fea:

  • The digital ignition system for faster responsiveness and reliability
  • Easy to install and transport with resistant build
  • Outstanding copper heat exchanger for better performance
  • CPVC tubes make installation & maintenance easier
  • Excellent for versatile users as it works with propane and natural gas
  • Energy-Smart features keep emissions low and efficiency up

Raypak 2450-4450 Ti – heat pumps

The heat pumps from Raypak are also exceptional. The 2450Ti, 3450Ti, and 4450Ti are also high-quality models, delivering effective heating capacity with DuraSteel cabinets that promote a long lifespan & reliability. They come in models from 48,000 up to 80,000 BTU.

Highlighted features:

  • Amazing DuraSteel cabinet provides more resistance and durability
  • Superb 3-Swing Blade fan increases efficiency exponentially
  • Scroll compressor provides a quieter yet more effective performance
  • Can be diagnosed with On-Board manual diagnostics when problems arise
  • Works with solar energy to heat up water much more efficiently, saving the energy
  • Can work with gas to improve performance exponentially

Raypak 5450-8450 Ti – heat pumps

Coming in 6 different models from 103,000 up to 137,000 BTU – the 5450Ti, 6450Ti, and 8450Ti are designed to heat small and medium-sized pools. With their exclusive DuraSteel cabinet and top-notch composite base, these are also some of the most durable and reliable on the market.

Highlighted features:

  • Extremely tough cabinet and overall construction
  • The spiral titanium heat exchanger provides outstanding efficiency
  • Offers remote availability to control with distance
  • Onboard diagnostics with a Digital control makes control easier
  • Outstanding scroll compressor keeps performance at peak
  • It can be boosted with gas when needed

Top selling Raypak pool heaters reviews!

Raypak R336A

Raypak R336A, as the natural gas heater, comes with a gas input of 336,000 BTU, and it offers one of the most effective performances in the market. It will keep your pool warm even in the harshest of environments, with a superb microprocessor thermostat, digital display for easier use, and reliable spark ignition system.

Benefits of using Raypak R336A:

  • Superb heating capacity with 336,000 BTU keeps your pool warm throughout the year.
  • You won’t have to worry about the temperature: the microprocessor will keep it at the right level for you.
  • Exceptional rust-resistant and anti-corrosive build with superior cabinet.
  • Powder PolyTuf coating and Polymer headers provide more reliability.
  • Outstanding copper-fin-tube exchanger keeps effectiveness at peak.
  • It’s easy to use and works for all kinds of pools.

User’s opinions:

The easiest to install a heater for many users, most confirmed the device as a plug-n-play style due to its effortless setup. The design of the device is also user-oriented for easier operation, and many customers loved the hard casing, which delivered a highly durable and reliable product entirely. A few users just complaint about the circuit board, which tends to stop working after a few months of use, but overall the device performed amazingly.

Raypak 156A

Providing the easiest installation methods and one of the most convenient constructions, Raypak 156 A with the power of 156,000 BTU will help you warm up your small or medium-sized pool without problems. It is reliable entirely, comes with a resistant build, provides the perfect ignition system, and is very easy to use.

Benefits of using Raypak 156A:

  • Easier to install than most heaters: perfect for above-ground and small in-ground pools.
  • Outstanding digital control systems will help you keep the device working more effectively.
  • Excellent copper heat exchanger keeps heating performance at peak.
  • It offers a 3-prong cord to use in both 120v and 220v connections.
  • The superb spark ignition system for more reliable performance.

User’s opinion:

One of the things that highlight this water heater is the ease of installation. Despite having to be careful about several factors such as pressure and the perfect gas delivery, users had a very straightforward installation process.

Many users were more than happy with the results when it comes to performance, as it heats up 3 degrees every hour – which is more than enough for a cozy experience. Also, the gas bills over a long period weren’t too high so that users could receive a reliable device with excellent performance for an acceptable operating cost.

However, some users complained about the device having a “rollover switch open” error. A technician could only fix this error after charging a high fee. But overall, there weren’t many things to complain about.

Why buy Raypak pool heaters?

Raypak is a brand that has been on the market for years. This makes each copper heat exchanger heater a great choice without a doubt.

Apart from that, Raypak always keeps innovative products in check. Clients love their heat pumps and overall swimming pool heaters catalog. Also, the quality standards are always there, keeping products efficient, reliable, and long-lasting.

Want the best swimming pool heaters at home? Raypak pool heaters will easily fit your biggest standards. From gas pool heaters to heat pumps, these water heating devices are just amazing. Come and see why!