Best Tankless Propane Water Heaters – Buying The Right One

No natural gas? Are you looking for comfort and convenience when away from home? Don’t worry; tankless propane water heaters are the solution you are looking for.

Tankless heaters powered by propane gas (LPG) can be used for domestic water and space heating in the same way as if using the natural gas. If planning to go camping, staying at the cottage or RV-ing, and if natural gas and/or electricity is not available, you can use propane powered portable heaters.

Combining the effectiveness of propane and the convenience of tankless water heaters, these devices will offer fantastic quality and versatility. Come and learn more about them!

Efficiency and excellent performance, that’s what LP offers over natural gas, but not the only advantage you will get. Propane sometimes makes more sense, it is a lot cleaner to the environment, and even easier to use.

When you combine propane and tankless water heaters – the result is even better. Superb performance, convenience, and outstanding results overall – that’s what you get with tankless propane water heaters.

What do tankless propane water heaters offer? Benefits & advantages

Tankless water heaterTankless water heater

Low costs

Propane heaters are not the most affordable fuel, but could be cheaper than electricity or oil. And combining it with the tankless water heater, which provides greater savings over tank-type (over 30%), you will get better savings throughout the year.


As it offers more power than a heat pump and as it is more efficient than natural gas, a propane heater could offer up to 95% of heating efficiency – making it a great option in some regions. When you add the tankless feature, you can save even more propane and reduce costs exponentially while having a longer lifespan.

Environmentally friendly

As well as producing less carbon dioxide, a propane tankless water heater also reduces the carbon footprint and does not contaminate the environment as bad as others. Being one of the cleanest fossil fuels in the market (more than gas and oil), it will help you heat up water more efficiently and without side effects.


Easily stored, transported and even reliable due to its liquid state, propane is very convenient to use. Capable of heating up practically anything, it is also incredibly fast to heat (almost twice as fast) as other fuels, and even lasts more due to its efficiency.


Typically, devices that use LP need to be hundreds of times more resistant and reliable than others. Why? Because propane can travel faster, so it becomes a little squishier in devices. And thanks to its safer formula, propane is actually non-harmful when ignited, so you get a totally safe fuel option in every way.

Propane vs. natural gas


Being stored in larger quantities and providing a superior BTU capacity per cubic quantity, propane is almost twice as useful for heating up water. While natural gas offers 1,051 BTU per cubic feet, propane offers up to 2,500 which translates to higher efficiency for heating devices.


Natural gas is often much more cost-effective solution than propane. The price of propane, on the other side, is cheaper than oil or electricity. The propane heaters are also cheaper to repair than different types.

Environmental impact

Natural gas, when ignited, produces NOx, which is a greenhouse gas that affects the environment. Propane, however, does not do that despite being a similar fuel. Being more efficient and providing more energy per gallon, propane eventually releases much fewer gasses to the atmosphere while producing more energy.

What do tankless heaters offer? Advantages & benefits

Now that you learn some about propane, it is time to know a little more about tankless or on-demand heaters.

Less waste

Not only are tankless heaters more effective in using water, as they hold almost no water and dispose of fewer amounts, the tank-less design and quality of construction also allow tankless heaters to produce less environmental damage when disposed of.

Cleaner water

Without tanks that produce contaminants such as rust and scales – tankless heaters will provide faster and cleaner water directly to your shower or sink. As there is no standing water, hot water is always fresh.

More water

Don’t need to wait for the heater to warm up the water, simply turn up the device and open the tap, and hot water will immediately come your way (depends on the pipe length and recirculation availability). Even after hours of using, the water is still hot.

More space

Tank heaters occupy too much space in houses. With a tankless heater, you obtain one of the most convenient and space-oriented devices in the market, as they are wall-mounted and as small as the small suitcase.

More efficiency

Without having to save up water and heat it up in the meantime, on-demand water heaters use up to 40% less energy than tank heaters. This is translated into less monthly costs and less wasted energy & water.

Longer lifespan

Almost all tankless heaters not only last longer due to their innovative design, but they also demand less maintenance and have more replaceable parts. This means you have a much more convenient and reliable product.

Why use propane tankless water heaters

Now that you know why tankless heaters are so amazing, and why propane is so effective, it is time to know why tankless water heaters may provide the best results you can think of. Here’s why to use tankless propane water heaters:

  • Propane tankless heaters are more efficient than electric tankless heaters, even natural gas type. Due to the high energy factor, propane models are often found as Energy Star rated models.
  • Propane tankless heaters produce less carbon emissions.
  • Propane tankless heaters may qualify the user for tax credits depending on the use and location.
  • A propane tankless heater does not waste as much energy as a gas tank heater due to higher efficiency.
  • A propane tankless heater will not store water so it won’t waste any energy heating it up.
  • A propane tankless heater is much smaller than a gas tank-type heater.
  • A propane tankless heater can last up to 20 years working, which is up to 10 years more than a tank-type.
  • A propane tankless heater demands less maintenance and care than a conventional type.

Top selling propane tankless heaters reviews!

Takagi T-H3-DV-P – 199,000 BTU

Takagi T-H3-DV-PTakagi T-H3-DV-P

The Takagi T-H3-DV-P is a high-quality tankless heater that works with propane, offering up to 10 GPM of continuous water flow and over 90% efficiency. It is one of the most energy-efficient devices in the market, which makes it Energy Star compliant.

It weighs only 66 lbs. which is a standard for most tankless heaters, yet it comes with up to 199,000 BTU which is a very high heating capacity for its size, plus the excellent 55 dB noise level. If you get this heater, you will easily get a fantastic performance at all times.

Benefits of the Takagi T-H3-DV-P:

  • More hot water due to superior water pressure
  • Excellent design for saving space and providing comfortable storing
  • Provides outstanding energy conversation
  • Comes with digital safety features
  • Promotes lower NOx emissions than most
  • Can provide water for up to four bathrooms at the same time

Rinnai RUC98iP Ultra Series – 199,000 BTU

Rinnai RUC98iPRinnai RUC98iP

Being one of the most efficient, compact and powerful models in the market and with both available to use gas and propane the Rinnai RUC98iP is an excellent choice. It provides a superb 199,000 BTU capacity with a super-efficient performance and low NOx emissions.

It can keep your house ready to use hot water at any time without problems. Having 95% thermal efficiency, you are talking about an excellent device entirely. Even when adding how easy it is to install and transport, as well as its high 9.8 GPM water capacity – this model is a top-notch option without a doubt.

Benefits of using the Rinnai RUC98iP:

  • Compact and lightweight design with the flexible venting system makes the installation easy
  • Much more energy efficient than most with 95% thermal efficiency
  • Provides really low NOx emissions compared to most heaters
  • Long-lasting build for up to 12 years of working straight
  • Excellent 199,000 BTU capacity enough for large houses with multi-baths

Eccotemp FVI-12 – 74,500 BTU

Offering 74,500 BTU, the Eccotemp FVi-12 is not an option to overlook if you need the portable unit. With its 3.6 GPM of water consumption, plus an amazing set of digital features such as a temperature display and electronic ignition, it can become a huge change for your cottage.

Using LP just makes this device a perfect addition to any house, as it becomes more efficient, reliable, durable and hugely convenient. Especially for its compact design and 120v electrical compatibility, this heater is a top-notch choice.

Benefits of using the Eccotemp FVI-12:

  • Works without the tank or with the tank if you need to
  • Provides the most continuous flow of hot water out there
  • Excellent for smaller home, cottage or cabin for its efficiency and top-notch performance at 74,500 BTU
  • Installs easily on any small space due to its compact design and excellent ventilation
  • Totally easy to use thanks to a digital display
  • Produces little noise
  • Can be used in practically any place with a 120 v electrical connection


There’s no other device as efficient and convenient as tankless propane water heaters are. Totally easy to install, much easier to use and need less maintenance than other hot water heaters – getting one of these is a splendid idea. However, choosing one is not that easy.

That is why we have reviewed three models, two which are used for whole-house heating of potable water and one for portable heating. Our choices of tankless propane water heaters will meet your standards completely and provide the performance and efficiency you need.


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