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Review of the Rheem tankless hot water heaters for home use. Explore the features, benefits and find out how Rheem on-demand technology can save on water heating.

Rheem tankless water heaters are gas- and electric-powered units that offer continuous and endless supply, an accurate temperature control, compact and space saving design with the advanced safety features and low operating costs.

Rheem gas tankless water heaters

There are two different types of Rheem gas tankless water heaters:

  • Prestige series

  • Mid-efficient heaters

Prestige series

Prestige series consists of four condensing and tankless water heaters that are designed for multiple applications. They heat water efficiently with the precise output temperature and use the self-diagnostic system for easier troubleshooting.

These condensing models can be equally used for lower and higher demand homes and different applications, with an option to connect up to 20 tankless units into one system.

Rheem RTGH-95 series

Rheem tankless hot water heaters from 95 series offer two models; an indoor direct vent and outdoor model, both high-efficient and Energy Star compliant. Due to their high-flow rate, they are ideal for up to 3 bathroom homes.

Rheem RTGH-84 series

Rheem RTGH-84 series consists of the two models also, an indoor direct vent and the outdoor model both high-efficient and condensing. They have lower power level and flow rate than the previous models and can be used for 2-3 bath homes.

Mid-Efficient heaters

rheem tankless hot water heater rtg74Water heaters from Rheem RTG series are not condensing, but are heating water, by using the tankless technology and gas modulating valve for a reliable and efficient work.

Rheem RTG-95, RTG-84, and RTG-64 series can be found as the indoor and outdoor models that are providing enough hot water from smaller to larger homes, with 3 and more bathrooms. If more hot water is needed, these models can be combined into one system of up to 20 Rheem heaters.

All gas tankless water heaters from Rheem are equipped with the exclusive sensing technology and Guardian film wrap overheat protection. They are mostly built for natural gas, but can also be converted to use propane or LP gas. Water heaters come with the 12-year warranty on heat exchanger and 5-year on other parts.

Tankless electric

Rheem tankless electric water heaters are designed for point-of-use heating mainly, for distant sinks or where it is not economical to use the central heating system.

These small electric and on-demand heaters can be installed under the sink in the bathrooms or kitchen, even in garage, workshop or barn and anywhere else where you need hot water fast and endless supply.
Based on the temperature settings and groundwater in your area and flow rate you have an option to select several models for up to three fixtures.

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They come with the 5-year warranty on the heat exchanger and one on other parts.


When selecting Rheem tankless hot water heaters, keep in mind to select the right size, which will satisfy your home needs at the peak times. These appliances do not have a storage tank, but they heat water on demand when the hot water tap is open. Rheem tankless offers the great, convenient and efficient way for water heating, not only at the point of service but the whole house also, saving the valuable floor space, time and energy.

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