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Explore Rheem gas water heaters utilizing both storage water tank and tankless technology, and see how its advanced features will bring you some great benefits in home water heating. Meet the popular gas models and find out what are the most efficient and best-performing models.


Rheem gas water heaters are found in many models and sizes; from conventional tank-type hot water storage to on-demand water heating, including all the possible venting options available in HVAC industry and covering homes from point-of-use to whole-house applications.

Gas water heating, utilizing either natural gas or propane is the most used and efficient way of water heating, and that is why Rheem offers a variety of types and sizes.

Almost all Rheem gas models are equipped with the advanced and exclusive features that provide reliable and efficient water heating, longer heater's life and hassle-free use. Here is an example of those found on tank-type models:

  • EverKleen Self Cleaning System fights the sediment and lime build-up on the tank and heater's elements. A specially designed dip tube is what creates a turbulent water flow to reduce the deposits and increase the efficiency.

  • Guardian System provides the FVIR protection and maintenance free use.

  • Rheemglas porcelain enamel tank lining is utilized against corrosion resulting in longer tank life.

  • Low NOx gas burner with low nitrous oxide emission.

  • EcoNet technology allows WiFi connection and remote control and monitoring.

Types and models

Rheem gas water heaters utilizing both natural and propane gas are divided into three groups: Professional, Performance and Specialty line.

Professional line

The Professional line is further comprised of the Prestige, Classic Plus and Classic series and from this group, the best gas models come with the ultra-high energy factor of 0.94 - Energy Star approved, advanced electronics and long warranty of up to 12 years.

Prestige line

  • HE Condensing Power Direct Vent
  • Power Damper
  • Tankless (series 95, 90 and 84 indoor and outdoor)

Classic Plus line

  • Induced Draft
  • Powered Damper and Power Damper Ultra Low NOx
  • Atmospheric, Power Vent, Power Direct Vent
  • Heavy Duty: Atmospheric, Power Direct Vent, Power Vent and Ultra Low NOx
  • Ultra Low NOx

Classic line

  • Atmospheric, Power Vent, Power Direct Vent and Direct Vent
  • Atmospheric, Direct Vent and DV Co-Axial for Mobile homes
  • Atmospheric and Power Vent Ultra Lox NOx
  • Powered Damper
  • Heavy Duty

Performance line

Performance line comes with the Platinum, Performance Plus and Performance series. The best models have the ultra high energy factor of 0.94 - Energy Star approved, high first hour delivery, advanced electronics and long warranty of up to 12 years.

Platinum line

  • Powered Damper and Power Damper Ultra Lox NOx
  • Induced Draft
  • Atmospheric Vent and AV Ultra Low NOx
  • High Demand

Performance Plus line

  • Atmospheric Vent
  • AV Ultra Low NOx

Performance line

  • High Demand; Atmospheric, Power Vent and AV Ultra Low NOx
  • Power Vent High Demand
  • Atmospheric and Direct Vent for Manufactured Housing
  • Atmospheric, Direct and Power Vent
  • Atmospheric Vent Ultra Low NOx

Specialty line

The Specialty line consists mainly of the tankless water heaters (series; 95, 84, 64) for on-demand and continuous water heating, and there is only one tank-type, as the High-Efficiency Power Direct Vent model.

Best models

Series 95

Series 95 (Specialty line) - condensing tankless water heaters that operate with the 94% energy efficiency, for on-demand and the endless supply of hot water. These small and compact units utilize two heat exchangers for an efficient and reliable operation and include the advanced electronics for the greater comfort, savings, and safety.

The greatest features minimize the temperature fluctuation, allow the combination of two and more units into one system for high hot water demands, allow self-diagnostic for simpler troubleshooting, come with the remote control and long 12-year warranty.

HE Condensing Power Direct Vent

This is a high efficiency condensing tank-type water heater that is coming from the Professional Prestige line and it has one of the highest energy factors of all tank-type models - 0.82, which makes it Energy Star compliant and great energy saver.

The main features include the submerged coil type heat exchanger for better heat transfer, the eco-friendly gas burner for lower emission, power direct venting system with the two-pipe system and lengths up to 60 feet, self-diagnostic system, two anode rod protection and reliable hot surface ignition.

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When looking at the above list of Rheem gas water heaters, it can be seen that there is a model for every house size and family needs; from small point-of-use tankless to whole-house units. For budget-oriented families, a standard atmospheric vent is a great option, and if money is not a concern than condensing gas heaters with the low emission are the best buy.

For the residential homes with high hot water demand, you can go with the condensing tankless, condensing tank-type or high-demand models, or Ultra Low NOx models for the environmentally conscious buyers.

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