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Reviewing the popular Rheem electric water heaters for residential water heating. Find Rheem's advanced features and how homeowners can benefit from buying one of the electric hot water heaters.

Most people rely on the brand name when it comes to buying the water heater. Keep in mind that most of today's heaters in North America are owned or built by three of the biggest manufacturers: AO Smith, Bradford White, and Rheem. Rheem, owned by Paloma from Japan, makes and owns GE, Richmond, Marathon, Ruud brands...

Rheem, as one of the largest and most popular manufacturers of water heating appliances, offers a variety of electric water heaters, which are different in size, features they offer, quality and the price. The best models provide great efficiency, lots of hot water with high recovery rate, reliable and long-term operation and savings.

rheem electric water heater heat pumpMost of the Rheem electric water heaters can be found through the local dealers, hardware or online stores, and which ones are available depends on the model (for example, Table Top, Imperial and Warrior series are not available in Canada).

Most of the electric water heaters from Rheem are high-efficient but are not Energy Star compliant, except one, Rheem's heat pump or hybrid water heater.

Also, one of the electric water heaters stands out, Marathon series, with its innovative design and lifetime storage tanks.


The most advanced Rheem electric water heaters are equipped with the latest technology which provides longer heater's life, makes the water heating efficient, reliable and performance high.

Anode rod

Patented magnesium and resistored R-Tech anode rod is one of the elements which protects the tank from corrosion and prolongs the heater's life in different conditions.

Heating elements

Most of Rheem electric water heaters have two heating elements whose purpose is to heat water. They both should work so you will always have hot water in sufficient amount. Patented LifeGuard heating elements are not only durable but provide high performance and are resistored for additional protection.

EverKleen system

The EverKleen system is a self-cleaning system that includes the specially designed dip tube which creates turbulent swirl to fight the sediment build-up. Such a protection allows better performance which saves you money and time.


Rheemglass is the patented tank lining for protection against corrosion and for longer tank life.

Rheem electric water heaters


Professional electric series covers sizes from 30 to 80 gallons and is designed tough - it uses the premium grade anode rod for better protection. Models from this group are available in three sizes; short, medium and tall and are covered under 8-year warranty.


Marathon water heaters are the most durable electric heaters you can find and the best from Rheem. They don't have a metal tank and anode rod - no rotten egg smell, no rust, and corrosion, are lightweight and have the lifetime warranty. Marathon heaters are available in the size range from 40 to 105 gallons which is used for the whole house potable water heating, heavy-duty use and 15 and 20 gallons for point-of-use service.


Fury series also offers premium elements such as the anode rod and resistored heating elements. Rheem electric water heaters from this series can be found in the capacity range from 20 to 120 gallons, in three sizes.


Water heaters from the Imperial series are built for high-efficient heating where maximum EF is 0.95. All models, which are available in capacities from 40 to 80-gal are designed for high volume applications. The basic warranty for these heaters is the longest, 10 years.


Warrior water heaters are built for manufactured or mobile homes in capacities from 20 to 50 gallons.

Table Top

The Table Top model is available as the 40-gallon model only and is designed for installations in the kitchen where it can provide additional workspace.

Point of use

As the name says, these electric water heaters are small in size that are used for point-of-use service for distant sinks and used in a garage, apartments, condos or cottages.


Rheem electric water heaters that heat water on demand and provide endless supply are called tankless. Rheem tankless heaters do not have a storage tank; they are small, easy to install and are perfect for point-of-use applications... read more.

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Heat pump

Rheem heat pump is the hybrid water heater that uses a heat pump technology which is twice as efficient as the standard electric unit. This is the only electric model that is Energy Star compliant.

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