Rheem Electric Water Heaters
Review and Buying Tips

Reviewing the popular Rheem electric water heaters for residential water heating. Find Rheem's advanced features and see how homeowners can benefit from buying one of the best electric hot water heaters.

When it comes to buying a water heater, most people rely on the brand name or what they were told in one of the mega stores such as Lowe's or Home Depot. Keep in mind that most of today's heaters in North America are owned or built by three of the biggest manufacturers: AO Smith, Bradford White, and Rheem.

Popular from Rheem

Rheem heat pump

Rheem, as one of the largest and most popular manufacturers of water heating appliances, offers a variety of electric water heaters, which are different in size, features they offer, quality and the price. The best models provide excellent efficiency, lots of hot water with a high recovery rate, reliable and long-term operation, and savings. 

Most of the Rheem electric water heaters can be found through the local dealers, hardware, or online stores, and which ones are available depends on the model.

Most of the electric water heaters from Rheem are high-efficient but are not Energy Star compliant, except one type - Rheem heat pumps or hybrid water heaters.

It is also worth mentioning the best from Rheem electric water heaters - Marathon, with its innovative tank design and limited lifetime warranty.


The most advanced Rheem electric water heaters are equipped with the latest technology which provides longer heater's life, makes the water heating efficient, reliable, and performance high.

Anode rod

Patented magnesium and resistored R-Tech anode rod is one of the elements which protects the tank from corrosion and prolongs the heater's life in different conditions.

Heating elements

Most of Rheem electric water heaters have two heating elements whose purpose is to heat the cold incoming water. To get a sufficient amount of hot water, they must both work. Patented LifeGuard resistored heating elements are not only durable but provide high performance and additional protection.

EverKleen system

The EverKleen system is a self-cleaning system that includes the specially designed dip tube which creates a turbulent swirl to fight the sediment build-up. Such protection allows for better performance, which saves you money and time.


Rheemglass is the patented tank lining that is protecting the metal tank from corrosion, ensuring long component life. 

Rheem electric water heaters review

Professional Prestige

Professional Prestige series (sold on homedepot.com) of Rheem electric water heaters are high-performing and high-efficiency models that come with the extended 12-year warranty. Found in two popular sizes of 40 and 50 gallons, Prestige electric water heaters offer several unique features such as a diagnostic system with digital thermostat settings, ease to read diagnostics, operating mode control and leak protection; also EcoNet WiFi connection, premium anode rod, two stainless steel heating elements and EverKleen self-cleaning system.

Professional Classic Plus

Electric water heaters from Classic Plus series can be found in three sizes; 30, 40 and 50 gallons.

Models from Classic Plus look similar to models from Prestige series, but there are also differences. The diagnostic system is simpler with the LED lights instead of the digital display, they don't include the EcoNet WiFi technology, the recovery rate is lower, and the warranty is shorter – 8 years.

Professional Classic

Rheem electric water heaters from the Classic series is the largest group with the tank sizes varying from 20 to 55 gallons. Models share some features as the above groups while the warranty is the shortest – 6 years.


Marathon water heaters are the most durable electric heaters you can find and the best from Rheem. Tanks are lightweight and come with a limited lifetime warranty. They do not utilize a metal tank as the majority of models, but seamless polybutene tank which allows better rust protection, elimination of the anode rod, and reasons for the rotten egg smell. The insulation jacket is resistant to saltwater and corrosion, while the titanium heating elements could last longer with the dry fire protection.

Marathon heaters are available for any home size. Tanks come in a range from 30 to 100 gallons which are used for the whole house potable water heating, heavy-duty use and 15 and 20 gallons for point-of-use service.

Table Top

The Table Top model is available as the 40-gallon model only and is designed for installations in the kitchen where it can provide additional workspace.

Point of use

Point of use (POU) water heaters are designed with a small storage tank of 2 to 30 gallons and one heating element, supplying hot water to one fixture, at the point-of-use. POU heaters are recommended in homes or small businesses with distant sinks, also garages, apartments, condos and cottages, and wherever hot water has to be delivered fast. Due to its space-saving design, POU models are mostly installed in kitchen cabinets and bathrooms, under the sink or above.

Rheem tankless

Rheem tankless and electric water heaters (sold on amazon.com) heat water on demand and provide an endless supply of hot water to one or multiple fixtures, which is excellent for demanding homes and busy life. Rheem tankless heaters do not utilize storage tanks; they heat water while it is passing through the heat exchanger. They offer compact and stylish design, easy installation and standard connections, making them perfect for simple and fast hook-up in the bathrooms and kitchens. If you would like to know more about RTEX tankless electric heaters from Rheem, check out this article.

Rheem heat pump

Rheem heat pump water heaters (sold on homedepot.com), also known as hybrids, are designed to use a heat pump technology and heating elements for ultra-efficient water heating and deliver hot water fast. With the three sizes available, and five operation modes, hybrids can heat water with energy factors ranging from 3.55 to 3.70 and reach high First Hour Ratings ranging from 53 to 89 GPH, which is more than standard electric units. Rheem heat pumps are the only one from all-electric models Energy Star compliant.

The size of the hybrids is similar to standard type, and except the great specs as mentioned above, they also have excellent features such as EcoNet and WiFi connection technology, Incoloy stainless steel heating elements with dry-fire protection, large LCD and advanced electronics and premium anode rod.


So, in short, if you need an electric water heater for a single application, get either point-of-use tank-type or tankless from RTEX series.

For the whole house water heating, and if you are on the budget, we recommend a model from the Classic series.

For those who would like to have a water heater with the latest advanced technology and features, look for the Marathon or Professional Prestige series, where 50-gal size is the most popular and usually recommended for a family of 3-4 members.

(updated 2019)


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