Water boilers and Warmers – Buying Guide and Top Sellers

There's something about water boilers and warmers. First of all, having hot water on demand makes you more efficient. But, it's more than that. You get to FEEL more efficient. You know that at any time of the day or night you can get hot water. And, you don't even have to wait for it to get warm. Really, it doesn't get much better than that.

Zojirushi Hybrid Water Boiler and WarmerZojirushi Hybrid Water Boiler and Warmer

Now, if you don't have a water boiler and warmer, you're probably wondering what the big deal is all about. And, that's understandable. This is something you have to experience. Not that we're saying it's for everyone (actually, we are). However, it might help to get to know the benefits of owning one before making up your mind.

Benefits of owning a water boiler and warmer

Let's face it; an electric kettle can heat water very quickly if you need just a cup of water. When you need several cups of water and have it hot for a longer time, however, it becomes a problem. That's where a water boiler and warmer comes in.

A good quality water boiler and warmer let you heat several cups of water and keeps it warm for several hours. This means that you can get hot water any time you need it. With the Zojirushi CD-WCC30 Micom Water Boiler & Warmer, for instance, you're sure of 3 Liters of hot water. That's pretty decent, to be honest.

Although there are several manufacturers, some of the best boilers and warmers are made by Zojirushi. They specialize in hybrid and energy-efficient appliances. Below are some of the benefits of owning a water boiler and warmer.

It is convenient

Really, it's just convenient to know that there's always clean hot water any time you need it. Great for you if you need to serve tea and coffee to a lot of people. And also, if you need to make soup in a hurry. All you need to do is reach for the dispenser, and you have hot water ready for use.

It saves time

Again, a hot water boiler and warmer saves lots of time. Imagine the minutes you spend waiting around for water to heat up. Owning one of these drastically cuts down on the waiting time. So, no need to wait for water on the stove to boil when you need to make oats, for instance, or a baby is crying for the warm formula. Simply fetch some water from the water boiler and warmer and make that meal.

Energy saving

Similarly, an added advantage is the savings on energy. First of all, water heating takes less time, so you don't use up as much electricity, saving on energy bills. You don't need to boil several cups of water each time you need hot water. With these boilers and warmer, the water is kept at the temperature you want for as long as you want it.

Again, an excellent brand to consider is the Zojirushi CD-LFC30 Panorama Window Micom Water Boiler and Warmer. With its Optional Quick Temp Mode, the water reaches optimal temperature without getting to the boiling point. This technology enhances the energy efficiency of the water boiler and warmer.

Who is it for?

Now that we've established that owning a water boiler and warmer does have benefits, we need to move on. It is a fact that this appliance may not be for everyone. If you're not a tea or coffee drinker and don't really need water heating, then skip it. This appliance is probably not for you.

So, who is it for then? We'll do a quick run-down of those we think would benefit the most from owning one. Basically, you need this sort of water heating appliance if:

  • You drink several cups of tea or coffee in a day
  • You entertain a lot or have people over often
  • You're a busy mom, and you need to get meals going in a hurry
  • You serve tea and coffee in the workplace

Basically, almost anyone could do with a water boiler and warmer. However, as we've mentioned before, you don't need one if you only have that one cup of tea or coffee. If you live alone and you don't have lots of people over often, then having one would be unnecessary.


Right, so you probably already have an idea about some of the advantages of water boilers and warmers. There are several, and we'll mention some here. We should also mention that users of the water boilers and warmers from Zojirushi enjoy these advantages.

They conserve energy

Firstly, water boilers and warmers are energy efficient. If you have high energy bills, this is one way to bring them down. These appliances keep water at the temperature you desire. Each time you need to make a cup of tea or coffee (or anything else that requires hot water), you're covered. Because you don't need to bring water to boil each time you need it, you use less energy.

They have a large capacity

Secondly, the capacity of these appliances is another advantage. Imagine having to boil a dozen or more cups of water in an electric kettle. That's going to require water heating up several times. With a water boiler and warmer, you can get several cups of hot water at once. No need to bring an appliance to boil several times just to get enough hot water.

Portable and easy to carry

Thirdly, modern water boilers and warmers are portable and very easy to carry around. It can conveniently sit on your kitchen countertop or the corner of a table without taking up too much space. This is a handy tool to have in the kitchen or workplace.

They're easy to maintain

Finally, these devices are really easy to maintain. By the way, setting one up is as simple as plugging it into a socket. So, there's nothing complicated about that. To clean, use a damp rag for the outside and wash the inside. Because of the insulation, it's essential not to use anything metal to clean inside.

Now, this is really important because some water boilers and warmers get a scale build-up, which isn't easy to remove. It is a good idea to get one with a nonstick interior, preferably made of stainless steel. Interestingly, both the CD-LFC30 Panorama Window Micom and Zojirushi CD-WCC30 Micom Water Boilers & Warmers have nonstick interiors.


Now, do these appliances have disadvantages? Yes, they do, and that has to do with the composition of the water. Although you don't have to empty the water at the end of the day, it's a good idea. This is because when water is boiled repeatedly, the chemical composition of the water could change. And this might not be good for your health.

Important features to look out for

Again, it is essential to note that there are several water boilers and warmers out there. Different brands and different types. So, how do you know what to look out for when you want to buy one? The next part of this article will guide you. Below, we have essential features to look out for.


First of all, let's start by saying there are water boilers and warmers of different sizes and capacities. Most are large enough to take several cups of water, but there are larger ones. Naturally, the capacity of the boiler and warmer you choose is going to depend on your needs. A large family will need a device with a larger capacity.

For instance, the Zojirushi 586361-CV-DCC40XT Ve Hybrid Water Boiler and Warmer has a 4-Liter capacity. This is perfect for a large family or office. For a smaller family or office, boiler and warmer with less capacity might be a better option. Like the Zojirushi CD-WCC30 Micom Water Boiler & Warmer, which has a 4-Liter capacity.

Tip: Any boiler or warmer that's smaller than 3-Liters isn't worth it. You're better off with the cheaper electric kettle.

Display screen

Yes, this is a feature that is important as it helps set the temperature. You could also set a timer to the water boiler and warmer. However, some models do not come with a display screen. The problem with those models is that you might not be able to regulate the temperature. And, this is necessary for energy savings.

As a matter of fact, water boilers like the Zojirushi CD-LFC30 Panorama Window Micom Water Boiler and Warmer have LCD screens.

Dispensing method

Again, another feature of note is the method of dispensing. How does the boiler and warmer dispense water? There are generally two ways that could happen: automatic or non-automatic dispenser. You should go for the automatic dispenser.

Now, with the Zojirushi CD-LFC30 Panorama Window Micom Water Boiler and Warmer, you get a simple one-touch dispensing system. This is easy and intuitive to use. However, if you want something a little bit more, then try the Zojirushi CD-WCC30 Micom Water Boiler & Warmer. It has a café drip mode for slower dispensing.

Energy efficiency

Perhaps, this is the most important feature to look out for. It would be best if you only chose a boiler and warmer with a high Energy Star rating as this is more efficient. With the Zojirushi CD-LFC30 Panorama Window Micom Water Boiler and Warmer, you have the Quick Temp Mode. This lets the water get to a temperature of up to 195 Degrees F without reaching boiling point. It can also maintain warmth at several temperatures.

Now, the Zojirushi 586361-CV-DCC40XT America Corporation Ve Hybrid Water Boiler and Warmer, on the other hand, has an automatic shut-off. You can use the timer function to shut off the electricity after the water has boiled. This goes a long way in conserving energy. The Zojirushi CD-WCC30 Micom Water Boiler & Warmer also has a timer function for energy efficiency.

Safety precaution

Equally important are the safety features, particularly if you have kids in the house. Like all Zojirushi water boilers and warmers, there are certain features to look out for. Some of these include:

  • Protection against spills when tilted or tipped over
  • A power cord that's magnetic so that the water boiler and warmer isn't pulled off the kitchen counter
  • An automatic lock for the dispenser
  • Automatic power shut-off for safety

Without a doubt, these safety precautions should be present in whatever brand you decide to buy.


On the whole, a water boiler and warmer can make your life so much easier. However, it is vital to choose wisely and pay attention to the features. One brand that has consistently built top-quality water boilers and warmers is Zojirushi. If you're thinking of getting a water warmer and boiler, why not buy a top Zojirushi model today.