Whirlpool Electric Water Heaters
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Standard and High-Efficiency Whirlpool electric water heaters for residential use. See the differences between Energy Smart and Hybrid categories and its main features.

There are two types of Whirlpool electric water heaters; standard Energy Smart and Hybrid; where the first type uses the electric heating elements for heating water, while the hybrid combines two technologies; conventional electric and heat pump, which makes it more efficient and Energy Star compliant.

Energy Smart

whirlpool electric water heater

Water heaters from this group utilize the 6th Sense technology, Energy Smart Control and a new reliable and accurate electronic thermostat for easy control, better comfort and more savings.

The water temperature can be adjusted on the Energy Smart Module from 80 F to 150 F by using the up and down arrows.

The touch screen electronic user interface also allows the hassle-free setup of the operating modes.

If there is a problem in water heating the error codes with the Alert Icon flashing will show-up on the LCD screen or Element Functioning Icon which is displayed when both heating elements are working properly.

There are three heating modes available on the control module:

  • Normal or Standard mode

  • Energy Smart mode is the energy saving mode as it automatically adjusts the temperature to the water draw usage pattern of the consumer.

  • Vacation mode - mainly used when you are away and during the winter cold temperatures, so it automatically turns the unit on to approximately 60 F, to protect the unit from freezing.

  • Smart Grid mode is part of the smart technology which enables the water heater to communicate with the local power company and react accordingly to save energy and money.

energy smart modul

The Whirlpool electric water heaters are also equipped with several safety features which protect its users, the property and the unit.

These features include the dry fire protection so the unit doesn't turn on if the heater's tank is not full of water. A self-cleaning system and its dip tube help in reducing the sediment build-up at the bottom of the tank and heater's elements. The safety lock feature on the thermostat prevents the kids from accessing the modes or temperature settings.

All the models from Energy Smart series come with the 9- or 12-year warranty.

Model Warranty FHR Recovery
345708 12-year 54 20.7 40 0.95
345709 58 50 0.93
345705 89 80 0.92
345706 6-year 54 40 0.92
345707 58 50 0.92

Hybrid heat pump

whirlpool heat pump

Whirlpool electric water heaters can also use the hybrid technology, which incorporates the electric heating element and the heat pump. By using the hybrid technology, the electric water heater is able to provide over twice as efficient as the conventional tank-type water heaters. Due to its high energy factor and first-hour delivery, hybrid units are the only electric water heaters from Whirlpool that are Energy Star compliant. See how the heat pumps work here.

Whirlpool heat pump is more expensive than the above Energy Smart models, but when comparing, the energy factor of 2.3 is more than double than the conventional type (EF is 0.95 max.), which means more savings and less energy waste. Also, the heat pump uses the powered anode rod that doesn't deplete over time and doesn't require maintenance and service. According to Whirlpool, the payback is in 3 years and with the local rebates and tax breaks, it makes it even more attractive.

As the Energy Smart models, the Whirlpool Hybrid is designed with the User Interface Module that allows you to adjust the temperature from 95 F to 150 F, read the temperature, set the operation mode, lock the unit, check the work of the heating element, heat pump and check the efficiency.

There are four operating modes available in the heat pump:

  • In the Electric mode, water heater uses only the heating element, and the efficiency is the lowest.

  • Hybrid - this is the default mode when the heat pump is used as the main source for water heating and electric element as the back-up to reduce the recovery time.

  • Efficient mode is the most energy efficient mode when only the heat pump works as long as the ambient temperature is between 45 F and 109 F.

  • Vacation mode is recommended when the unit is not in use for the longer period of time so the water heater works with the minimal energy consumption.

Hybrid technology is an ideal solution for those who live in the area where the electricity is the only available fuel source, plus it is the most effective and efficient way of heating the potable water.

Model Warranty FHR Capacity
89263 10-year 84 80 2.33
89263 68 60 2.33

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