changing the heating element on Kenmore

by Lee

How can I convert the heating element on Kemore Power Miser 12 50-gal to use different wattage than factory installed?

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Oct 13, 2013
a guide for heating element conversion
by: Zee

The Kemore Power Miser 12 is equipped with the two heating elements; upper with the 3800 watts that operates on 240 volts and the lower element that can be converted from the factory built-in 3800 watts to 5500 watts.

In order to do that the power supply must be 240 volts, wire 10 gauge AWG and circuit breaker on the electric panel 30 AMP. Once you do the conversion, the change must be marked on the rating plate.

Every new electric water heater from Kenmore and PowerMiser group is equipped with the conversion parts that are found inside the electrical junction box, at the top of the unit. These parts are the 5500 W buss bar and the screw. Keep in mind that the convertible elements are not offered as replacement parts.

Turn the power off to the electric water heater, either on the circuit breaker, main fuse or switch if provided. Locate the lower access panel and remove it by taking the two screws out. The next step is to remove the insulation cap with handle. The terminal cover is now exposed. Lift out the tab to unclip and remove the terminal cover from thermostat. Take out the screws from the terminal 2 to disconnect the wires. This is where you will put the buss bar, terminal 2 and 3 so the mark is visible. Reconnect the wire by putting the wire loop ends and screws back on top of the buss bar. Make sure these are tightened securely to keep them in place and provide proper electrical connection.

Now is also the perfect time to set the temperature of the outgoing hot water. There is a slotted adjustment on the thermostat that needs to be turned clockwise to increase the temperature and counter-clockwise to decrease the temperature. Use the screwdriver for this action. Put the terminal cover, insulation cap and the access panel back, making sure that the thermostat is flush against the tank. Once the wiring to the water heater is completed and set per local codes and utility company requirements, make sure that the tank is full of water and only after that turn the electric power to ON.

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