Bradford White Gas
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Explore Bradford White gas water heaters, see what to look for, and discover heaters' superior features. See more about different types such as power, direct, power-direct, and atmospheric venting, including the benefits of Energy Star models.

Bradford White gas water heater

Bradford White offers various natural and propane gas water heaters for home water heating, divided into two main groups: storage tank-type and tankless models.

The tankless group is much smaller, designed for high-efficient water heating in homes with higher demand for hot water and delivering in continuous supply and on-demand.

The gas group that consists of water storage tanks is much bigger, and below you will explore a variety of types and models, including Energy Star compliant models.

Features review

Bradford White gas water heaters are well-known for the quality, reliability, and advanced features. Some of these features are explained below.

The ICON system is the system that includes sophisticate and intelligent gas control technology supported by the microprocessor for your benefits and energy savings. The ICON system offers advanced temperature control for accurate and consistent water temperature, enhanced first-hour delivery, diagnostic codes for easy troubleshooting, energy independence, and other advantages that increase safety, performance, and efficiency.

The Defender Safety System includes the ScreenLok Technology, which prevents the flame from escaping a water heater's combustion chamber. The technology prevents ignition of flammable vapors, which allows Bradford White gas water heaters FVIR and ANSI compliance. The benefits of this feature are increased efficiency, low NOx emission, less maintenance, and the unit's longevity. Some models also include an Eco-Defender system, which provides even better environmental protection as its improved gas burner allows combustion with the ultra-low NOx emission.

The Hydrojet or Hydrojet 2 System with a specially designed dip tube that generates turbulence when the incoming cold water and hot water stored inside the tank are mixing. During this process, sediment, build-up, and energy consumption are reduced.

The Vitraglass lining is actually a ceramic porcelain-like coating that effectively protects the metal tank from aggressive water conditions (corrosion).

Bradford White gas water heaters with the power venting have a powerful electronic blower, allowing flexible installation with the long vents running horizontally and vertically. They are used in areas where it is hard to utilize the atmospheric type.

Atmospheric vent models utilize a vertical pipe or a chimney to remove the exhaust gases to the outside atmosphere, naturally and without using an electric blower.

Power direct vent models utilize a closed combustion system and a twin-pipe venting system for use in areas that lack fresh air for gas combustion.

Direct vent water heaters are designed with a closed combustion chamber and are used in situations where there is no sufficient combustion airflow. These utilize a co-axial venting system, a pipe within a pipe, moving the flue gases out and bringing the fresh combustion air.

Types and models overview

Defender series

Bradford White gas water heaters from the Defender series are available in sizes from 30 to 100 gallons and include several venting options; atmospheric, direct, power, and power direct venting. This is the most popular group, and also the largest.

Tank-type water heaters with atmospheric venting are the most affordable of all and include several types, all available in both natural and propane gas:

Standard type – includes models with the tank sizes from 30 to 50 gallons, first-hour rating from 46 to 75 gallons, and energy factor up to 0.64.

High Input – these models have a higher first-hour rating than other tank-type models. The tank capacity ranges from 48 to 100 gallons, a first-hour rating from 106 to 157 gallons, and the highest energy factor is 0.63.

Fan assist – there are two Energy Star approved models of 40 or 50 gallons, the first-hour rating of 62 and 76 gallons, and maximum efficiency of 0.68.

Damper atmospheric vent models – include Energy Star models with tank capacities from 30 to 50 gallons, first hour ranging from 53 to 81 gallons, and maximum uniform energy factor (UEF) of 0.68.

Manufactured home – features two models with tank sizes of 40 and 50 gallons and energy factor below 0.60.

Tank-type water heaters with direct venting are designed for residential and manufactured homes.

Power vent models can be found as the standard power vent type and high-efficiency eF series.

Power direct vent models also come in two types; standard power direct vent and high-efficiency eF series.

Eco-Defender series

Water heaters from the Eco-Defender series are recommended for green-conscious homeowners. There are many models utilizing tanks with capacities from 48 to 100 gallons and heating water with an efficiency of up to 0.72. Thanks to the advanced design and control, Eco-Defender water heaters emit 75% less greenhouse gases than the standard type, making them ultra-Low NOx.

These are available in all four venting options where the atmospheric type is found among Damper and High Input models.

EF series

Gas water heaters from the eF series are the most advanced of all tank-type heaters, and according to the manufacturer, they are the top performers. There are two types available to homeowners; power vent and power direct vent models. They both include a tank size of 50 gallons, have a high energy factor of 0.80, the first-hour rating of up to 120 gallons, and are Energy Star approved.

In addition to the above features, water heaters from the eF series include advanced features such as the dual-pass vertical heat exchanger system with Vitraglas protection and two anode rods for enhanced corrosion protection.


Tankless water heaters from Bradford White are coming from the Infinity and Infinity K series. They include mid-efficient and ultra-efficient models, all heating water on demand with ultra-low NOx gas emission.

As opposed to tank-type, tankless heaters do not have tanks, but heat exchangers, one or two. They are small and lightweight and are usually installed on the wall. Tankless can be used for point of use or whole-house water heating and installed indoors or outdoors.

The tank-type water heaters come with a 6 and 10 years warranty, while the tankless has a longer warranty of up to 15 years.


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