Whirlpool Gas Water Heaters 
Review and Buying Tips

High efficiency and Energy Star Whirlpool gas water heaters for heating potable water. Explore the most advanced features that improve efficiency and performance, reduce energy waste and save money.

There is a decent selection of the Whirlpool gas water heaters, available in capacities from 30 to 60 gallons, designed for families with one to five members, and warranties of 6, 9, and 12 years. There are three groups where most of the heaters use natural gas, while only a few use propane; Standard, Energy Efficient, and High Efficiency.

Every gas water heater that comes with the FVIR certified Flame Lock system has a sealed combustion chamber and specially designed flame trap to capture the flammable vapors inside the chamber where they are ignited. After its ignition, the thermal switch shuts down the whole unit as a safety precaution.

Standard series

Whirlpool gas

Whirlpool water heaters from the Standard series can be found in three sizes and warranties of 6, 9, and 12 years. These units are powered by natural gas or propane and utilize the standard and low NOx burners.

The standard group uses the advanced 6th Sense technology that incorporates the self-powered and commercial-grade Honeywell gas control valve for precise temperature control and diagnostics. The microprocessor controls the gas control valve, resulting in improved efficiency and performance and easy troubleshooting. If the water heater is not working, there will be a certain number of flashes that indicate different problems.

The water temperature setting can be adjusted from 55 F to 155 F (180 F is max. on some models). If the unit is not used for a longer period, the vacation setting sets the controller at its minimum temperature.

This system also includes an integrated igniter and thermopile, so there is no need for manual lighting. It uses the heavy-duty aluminum anode rod to protect the tank from corrosion and a piezoelectric igniter to light the pilot.

Models with 9- and 12-year warranties are equipped with the self-cleaning system, which uses a specially designed dip tube that creates the turbulent water flow to reduce the sediment build-up inside the water tank. This is what prolongs the tank life and keeps efficiency high.

Energy Efficient series

Whirlpool gas water heaters from the Energy Efficient series are more efficient than the standard type, where the highest energy factor, EF, was 0.63 (model 333587, 6-year warranty). The high efficient operation is the result of the unique water heater design that incorporates the electronic gas valve and automatic flue damper that can reduce heat loss.

Energy Efficient models are using the intelligent electronic gas valve with the self-diagnostics and electronic ignition as the standard type. When the water is inactive, the automatic pilot re-light system shuts the unit off to reduce the gas consumption and save. The water heaters are eco-friendly as they use the patented low NOx burner to reduce greenhouse gases. This group of heaters has only two models, both with an EF of 0.67.

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High-Efficiency series

Whirlpool gas water heaters from the High-Efficiency series are atmospheric vented models equipped with the patented air intake system that creates a pressurized environment, so more heat is transferred to the cold incoming water, and less energy is wasted, resulting in a high 0.70 energy factor. It is estimated that energy savings can go up to 25%.

Other differences from the standard type include the LCD digital display, which shows the water temperature and error code diagnostics, the electronic hot surface ignition, and the non-sacrificial powered anode rod, great in any water condition. Due to the standard connection sizes, it is as easy to install as the conventional type.

Whirlpool gas water heaters are different from electric models and should be chosen carefully. This is why correct installation and maintenance are very important to extend the unit's life, provide safe water heating and reduce energy costs. Some models are equipped with connections for use with space heating applications, such as solar storage or backup for solar water heating systems.


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