Bradford White 30-gal 
Gas Water Heaters 
Review and Buying Tips

Explore popular Bradford White 30-gal gas water heaters. With the 30 gallons capacity, the following gas water heaters are ideal for homes with up to two bathrooms.

Bradford White gas water heater

Those models with the capacity of 30 gallons are, according to the information found in the article about storage-tank heaters, designed to provide the sufficient amount of hot water for smaller homes and apartments - up to two bedrooms, 1-1.5 bathrooms and serving up to two people.

Note: Keep in mind that 30 gallons is the tank size, but there are approximately 20 gallons available... according to the formula - 0.7 x capacity.

All gas water heaters must be vented outside for safety. The recommendation is to look for the sealed combustion or power venting units for increased safety and better efficiency. Bradford White 30 gal gas water heaters are available as the atmospheric vent models only, and they offer various types with useful features.

Atmospheric vent models

Almost all Bradford White 30-gallon gas water heaters from the atmospheric vent series are utilizing the Defender Safety System and the most advanced features Bradford White has to offer: an Icon System, ScreenLock Technology, Hydrojet Total Performance System and Vitraglass - more about these advanced features here.

Built as the atmospheric vented models, they are using a draft diverter with an easy-to-install "Snap Lock" feature for the 3" or 4" vent connections and maximum gas input of 40,000 Btu/hr.

30-gallon water heaters can use both natural gas and propane gas for water heating, and in both cases, BW provides standard 6-year warranty, with an option to buy an extended 10-year warranty.

Energy Saver Defender Safety System Series

The following models are known as Energy Saver Defender Safety System models:

  • M-I-30T6FBN - comes with the gas input of 32,000 Btu/hr and recovery rate of 33 GPH.
  • M-I-303T6FBN - is designed with the gas input of 40,000 Btu/hr and recovery rate of 42 GPH.
  • M-I-30S6FBN - comes with the 30, 000 Btu/hr and 31 GPH recovery rate.

Other notable features for you to know and consider are magnesium anode rod for protection against corrosion; factory installed heat traps and 1" thick foam which, is in direct relation with the efficiency and standby heat loss.

High-Efficiency Energy Saver Series

M-4-30T6FBN has the gas input of 32,000 Btu/hr and recovery of 34 GPH. This high EF 30 gallons gas water heater is equipped with the thicker, 2" foam insulation and heat traps to provide high efficient water heating and reduce the standby heat loss. It utilizes the above mentioned advanced features and standard magnesium anode rod.

Ultra Low NOx Energy Saver Series

Bradford White 30-gallon water heaters from the Ultra-Low NOx series are vital as they emit less greenhouse gases or 75% less NOx than standard models. At the same time, gas combustion efficiency is kept optimal. It uses the self-diagnostic Honeywell gas control and Low NOx burner with the primary and secondary distribution devices. The foam thickness is 1" and the anode rod is made of the magnesium. For its operation, these models are not using electricity.

  • U1-30S6FRN - gas input is 30,000 Btu/hr and recovery 31 GPH.
  • U1-30T6FRN - gas input is 32,000 Btu/hr and recovery 33 GPH.
  • U4-30T6FRN is the Ultra-Low NOx and high-efficiency water heater that qualifies for most utility rebate programs. It is Energy Star approved. It comes with the gas input of 32,000 Btu/hr and 34 GPH recovery rate.

Defender Safety System - Manufactured home models

M-I-MS30T6LX is the direct vent gas water heater built as the conventional model, but with the narrower width, specifically designed for manufactured or mobile homes. It features the Defender Safety System and Hydrojet System to reduce the sediment build-up, and it comes with the sealed combustion roof jack kit for the flexible installation. It is equipped with the magnesium rod and 1" thick foam insulation.


After reviewing all the models, the recommendation is to buy Bradford White 30 gal gas water heaters with the Icon System as you will have access to the intelligent diagnostics, run the unit even without the electricity, remove the gas control valve without draining, have better temperature control and enhanced performance and operate the unit with almost no maintenance.

The Icon System and other superior features known as Defender Safety System will provide you reliable and efficient water heating.


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