Hubbell Marine Water Heaters 
Review and Buying Tips

If you are a boat owner and looking for appliances to heat water for dishes or a shower when sailing - marine water heaters from Hubbell are what you need. Check out the review and find the top features with the benefits of Hubbell heaters.

Hubbell marine water heaters from the MTX series are electric units using tankless or on-demand technology for water heating. Small and compact size, a significant reduction of standby heat loss and weight, and high-efficiency operation give these units an advantage over the storage tank-type models.

Features and benefits


All Hubbell marine heaters are built of quality, tough materials, such as the corrosion-resistant stainless steel casing, to provide long-lasting service even in the harsh environment with stormy, windy, wet, and salty conditions.


Hubbell marine appliances for water heating are available in various models where the maximum power is 54 kW and minimum 5 kW, either using single or three-phase voltages (208 thru 600 V).

Modulation for savings and comfort

The Hubbell MTX model combines the high-powered heating elements and electronic temperature controller to provide precise modulating power, which can go from 0 to 100%, and as needed, and deliver an accurate hot water temperature with less fluctuation.

Each heating element is proportionally and independently energized to provide an equally distributed load. This provides greater savings and better comfort when using hot water and a longer life for the heating elements. The maximum number of six heating elements is found on models with tank sizes from 24 to 54 kW, while smaller units have 2 and 3.

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MTX models also come with several useful features such as:

  • Drain port to allow easy service and maintenance 
  • Safety thermostats with the hi-limit switch to protect against overheating (200 F)
  • Inlet and outlet thermistors to measure the temperature
  • Dielectric unions for easy plumbing work and numeric digital display

Easy adjustment

These units work with the minimum water flow of 0.2 gallons per minute and a maximum of 8 GPM, while the temperature can be set to its maximum of 194 F. The temperature can be adjusted by pressing the UP or DOWN buttons on display.

The advanced electronic temperature controller controls all the information, resulting in the precise amount of power needed for the set temperature. The outlet temperature of hot water is then shown on the LED digital display located at the front of the unit. If there is a problem inside the unit, the error code will also be seen on the digital screen (example: Err 1).

Remote controller

The MTX models can integrate remote and priority control so you can remotely enable the heating operation and prioritize the water heater over another appliance so that both do not operate at the same time.


The Hubbell marine water heaters can be installed almost anywhere on the boat, indoor or outdoor (only in the correct enclosure), while the location where can be exposed to freezing and excessive humidity should be avoided. Upon delivery of the unit, plumbing and electrical service connections are ready.