Marey Gas Water Heaters
Review and Buying Tips

Marey gas water heaters with tankless technology - a cost-effective solution at home or when camping.

One of the most useful devices to have at home is a water heater. Whether it is an electric tankless, natural gas, or propane, these devices can help you enjoy an abundant supply of hot water efficiently and conveniently at any part of your house.

Water heaters are expensive. Since it is the second-highest energy expense, you should carefully select your water heater by getting familiar with the available brands and models and their pros and cons.

In this article, we are presenting Marey gas water heaters. The company that makes Marey is coming from Puerto Rico, offering several models to the customers in North America. Even being around for many years (since 1955), the Marey brand is not as popular as Rheem or AO Smith. However, it is still worth considering, not only due to its simple design but also a variety of models and affordable prices, and decent quality.

While looking for a device to heat domestic water, you will find many options out there, and most of them are too advanced, making you spend thousands of dollars to get one. Plus, the installation and its complexity, which can lead to, again, expensive repairs.

How about spending only a few hundred dollars for the simple unit which heats the water efficiently, safely, and reliably, but without fancy features.

That's why Marey gas water heaters could be your choice – as it offers a cost-effective solution, simplicity and less headache. As with the more popular brands, you can also expect good performance, durability, reliability, and a decent selection of small tankless models.

Marey gas water heaterMarey gas water heater

Tankless water heaters: Advantages & benefits

Tankless water heaters are designed to use electricity, natural gas, or propane and heat the water in residential homes or commercial applications - on-demand and in continuous supply. This is all done with a gas burner or heating elements that heat the water while passing through the heat exchanger and then delivered to the sink or other application for use.

The advantages of tankless water heaters over tank-type heaters are:

Energy efficiency

The water is not stored in any step of the heating process, so they don't have to use the same energy a tank-type heater does, resulting in a reduction of over 30% of the overall energy demands. What's more, these tankless heaters, including the Marey brand, only operate when the water goes through the system. Otherwise, it is turned off without wasting energy. On the other side, the tank heaters are even working when hot water is not needed (no demand), increasing energy consumption.

Money & costs

Marey gas water heaters cost less than the advanced models from Rinnai, Noritz, or Navien, which could cost up to $2000, just for the unit.

The installation cost is also lower. When compared to the tank type, and due to the tankless technology and higher efficiency, more money goes back into your pocket.

Installation & maintenance

Tankless devices, due to the wall mount and lightweight design, are excellent for carrying and installation. Many components are replaceable, so fewer models go into the landfills, reducing the waste. As there is no standing water, sediment build-up is greatly reduced, resulting in easier maintenance. You will have to do maintenance about twice a year to a tank heater, while a tankless heater may last up to a year or more without it and still work correctly.


A tank heater may store a significant amount of water while not being used, but once the hot water starts to run out, it will be a slow process to recover as the heating process is slow (recovery rate). With a tankless heater, this process is almost instant, as this type of heaters is directly connected to the plumbing, so while water is passing through the heat exchanger, it heats it using the powerful burner.


A tankless water heater does not occupy as much space as a tank heater due to its tank-less, compact and lightweight design. Instead of occupying the floor space, its small size allows installation on the wall.


While a tank heater has a typical lifespan of about 5 to 15 years, a tankless heater may last between 20 to 35 or more. By reducing the component failure and working only when needed, they can promote longer durability. This is why manufacturers of tankless water heaters often offer a 12-year warranty, while the standard for the storage tank is 6 years. While Marey gas tankless heaters come with a warranty of 5 years, they can truly last much longer while keeping the efficiency high. It is a fact that tankless is not as prone to rust as tank-type.

According to Marey, its tankless models are DIY friendly, easy to install, and ideal for homes or regions with frequent power disruptions.

Marey water heaters – models to choose!

Gas 16L ETL

Marey 16L ETL gas tankless water heaters offer a compact design that saves space and provides easy installation. The models are available in natural (16L ETL NG) and propane gas options (16L ETL LPG), delivering decent performance and efficiency. They heat water faster and more efficiently while saving up to 60% more energy than other models. What's even better, they are very durable, reliable, and resistant.

Marey 16L ETL models come with a convenient LCD display and controls and showing the temperature and pressure. Thanks to the tankless and modulating design, both models can produce hot water flow of up to 5.4 GPM with an energy efficiency of 82%, utilizing the gas burner with the power of up to 110,000 BTU. If you need a tankless and gas-powered water heater as a backup or for one or two fixtures, Marey 16L ETL is something you want to check out.

Feature highlights:

  • Excellent efficiency
  • Faster & larger hot water production
  • Exceptional design & build for durability
  • More resistant and reliable build eliminates the danger of water leaks and corrosion
  • Works with low-pressure water plumbing
  • Space saver and easy to install due to small size (14" x 22" x 6") and lightweight design (35 lbs)

Gas 10L NG and LPG

Marey Gas 10 L NG and LPG are two models – powered by natural gas and propane that have a user-friendly design and provide reliable work. According to the manufacturer, no electric connection is required while it operates using the 2D cell batteries. It is not using the electric ignition and electronics for monitoring and diagnostics, as found in advanced tankless models. This makes it great for use off-grid and where the electricity is limited (such as cottages/camping).

Its design is minimal, making it convenient for installation and spacing. It is also one of the lightest (only 21 lbs). Moreover, thanks to its performance-oriented build, it can offer up to 80,000 BTUs and a 3.1 GPM water flow rate. With the price of around $230, it is 3 times cheaper than the above model.

Feature highlights:

  • Superb energy efficiency & pressure
  • Better hot water delivery
  • Easy to use and to install
  • Excellent build for reliability
  • Works with low-pressure water plumbing

Gas Portable 5L NG and LPG

No need to install them alongside an electrical source or add a direct gas connection. The gas portable offers a fantastic set of features for those who want to enjoy the superb versatility and do not want to depend on electricity.

Both natural gas (NG) and propane (LPG) models require only 3 V to operate. Apart from that, with its super lightweight design (only 11 lbs.), you can install it practically anywhere. It offers up to 35,000 BTUs while producing only 2.0 GPM of hot water, making it ideal for one application.

Feature highlights:

  • Smaller and more convenient design
  • Offers portability & versatility
  • Simple hook up
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Additional hoses for easy connections

Top-selling Marey gas water heaters to consider!

Marey 10L gas tankless water heater

Marey Gas 10 L saves installation time, keeps performance at the peak, and regulates gas flow effectively to promote energy-efficient consumption. What's more, it delivers continuous hot water performance at 3.1 GPM water flow.


  • Compact design saves installation time and costs
  • Saves up to 60% in monthly bills when compared to other heaters
  • You can choose either the liquid propane or natural gas models
  • It can be used practically on any water source

Marey 10L Digital Panel tankless water heater

Marey 10L with digital panel doesn't need electricity to run, making it reliable even during the harsh weather. With its digital panel, you won't have a problem using it, as it needs only 2 D-Cell batteries to work. It promotes much faster hot water delivery, with a water flow of 3.1 GPM.


  • It can be installed anywhere, even with no electricity nearby
  • Promotes a faster yet more efficient hot water delivery
  • Exceptional construction helps you have a more durable and reliable device
  • Digital panel with control knobs make it a lot easier to use

Marey Portable 5L tankless water heater

The unique portable yet high efficient tankless water heater will give you hot water at any time and any place. Perfect for trips and garden use, you can use its versatility and its 87% efficiency for better savings. Apart from that, you need 2-D cell batteries only, without electricity connections or anything else. The heaters also come with side handles for easy carrying, and as with other tankless, they can be installed anywhere without problems.


  • Outstanding versatility and ease of use
  • Better design for portability
  • Need no electricity or gas connection (works with 2-D batteries and gas tank)
  • Provides a considerable heating efficiency to reduce consumption and costs
  • Very convenient for trips & out-of-home operation

Why choose Marey gas water heaters

Marey has been creating tankless water heaters for over 60 years, which means it has a long history of making. Apart from that, each device this manufacturer offers has been known for providing exceptional performance so anyone can enjoy its efficiency and reliable operation.

Whether you want to use natural gas or propane at home or cottage, Marey gas water heaters are there to meet your needs completely.