Ruud Gas Water Heaters 
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A review of Ruud gas water heaters using the tankless and storage tank-type design, including high efficiency, condensing, low NOx, direct, atmospheric and power vented models. Explore the main features, pros, and cons.

Features and benefits

All the Ruud gas water heaters reviewed here are designed for the whole-house hot water supply in residential and light commercial applications, either small or large in size.

Most of the gas water heaters are using the conventional technology for water heating which allows Ruud to provide energy efficiency of an average 0.82 on non-condensing tankless models and 0.67 for storage tank-type. There are also condensing water heaters found in both tank-type and tankless category, and this technology allows much higher energy factors of over 0.9.

Other advanced features found in some Ruud gas-powered models are:

  • EverKleen Self Cleaning System reduces the risk of the sediment and limescale buildup at the bottom of the tank and other elements. Cold water enters the tank through the specially designed dip tube, which creates a turbulent flow reducing the risk of deposits while increasing the efficiency.
  • Guardian System that uses the air-fuel shut off device and flame arrestor plate to protect the unit in the presence of flammable vapor accumulation also reduces the time for maintenance by eliminating the need for the filters.
  • The porcelain enamel tank lining against corrosion and for durability.
  • Low NOx gas burner with low nitrous oxide emission that meets 40ng/J NOx requirements making the gas burner eco-friendly.

Standard warranty length is 6 years, but there are models where the extended warranty is available for up to 10 years.

Ruud model selection

XR90 series

There is only one model from XR90 series, and it has a capacity of 29 gallons, but with the First Hour Rating of 90 gallons and Recovery Rate of 61 GPH, it outperforms the standard 50-gal unit. The XR90 is the small and lightweight unit, and when compared to the 50-gal unit, it provides more flexibility during the installation as it has a smaller footprint.

Professional series

Gas water heaters from the Professional series are designed in a range from 29 to 50 gallons and are available as short and tall in height. All the models with the Powered Damper have a high EF, which is from 0.67-0.69 while all other models have the energy factor of 0.62.  They all come with the Low NOx gas burner, self-diagnostic system, and Guardian system, 8- or 12-year warranty and sizes from the lowest 38 to high 98 gallons:

  • Professional Ultra Low NOx Powered Damper Series - two models in the offer and both Energy Star approved. They come with the environment-friendly and Ultra Low NOx burner.
  • Professional Powered Damper Series - all models are Energy Star compliant.
  • Professional Series - no Energy Star models. Includes the EverKleen system to fight the sediment build-up.
  • Professional Heavy Duty Series - no Energy Star models. Incorporates the EverKleen system to fight the sediment build-up.

Fury series

Ruud gas water heaters from Fury series are the most popular and probably the best selling models. As the Professional series, Fury series consists of several sub-groups. As other Ruud water heaters, models from this group contains the advanced features such as the Guardian system, diagnostics system, and Ultra Low NOx burner:

  • Fury Ultra Low NOx Powered Damper Series - both models from this series, meets the Energy Star requirements.
  • Fury Powered Damper Series - this is a group with much more models than the previous group, that is design tall and short, and still, Energy Star approved.
  • Fury Gas Series - gas water heaters from this series are designed with the energy efficiency lower than the Energy Star required. This is the most extensive group, and all the models have the EverKleen system for the built-up sediment problem.
  • Fury Heavy Duty Series - this is the group of water heaters with the lowest energy efficiency in Fury series. They are designed with the high gas inputs which ensure fast recovery for high volume hot water applications.
  • Fury Direct Vent series contains gas water heaters with the two installation options; horizontal through the wall and vertical through the roof.

Power Vent series

Power Vent gas water heaters can be found in the capacity range from 40 to 75-gallons, shart and tall in size, where the majority of models are Energy Star approved. They are designed for those looking for flexible installation. They also offer a self-diagnostics, Guardian and EverKleen systems, and very quiet blower.

Power Vent with electronic control comes with the LCD display, adjustable temperature, mode options, and other useful features. They are designed as tall; Energy Star approved and shorter models. 

Power Direct Vent series

Power Direct Vent consists of several gas water heaters, tall in size and capacities from 40 to 75 gallons, where 40 and 50 gallons are high-efficiency models. These model are equipped with a silicon nitride ignitor.

Imperial series

Ruud gas water heaters from Imperial series can be found in three sizes; 38, 40 and 50-gallon, short and tall sizes. As most of the Ruud heaters, they are equipped with the Guardian system, EverKleen sediment build-up fighter, and environmentally friendly burner.

Warrior series

Gas water heaters from warrior series are specifically designed for manufactured and mobile homes. There are two types within Warrior series and with the 30, 40 and 50-gallon tank capacity; Warrior DV as direct vent models and Warrior DVX as the vertical co-axial direct vent models. None of the models from the Warrior series are Energy Star compliant.

How to choose the right gas water heater size

For sizing, tips and other interesting info about tank-type water heaters use this article. In general, this is how you should size your water heater:

  • Two people or less - use 40-gal for regular and 50-gallon for high demand.
  • Three to four people - use a 50-gallon water heater.
  • Five or more people - use 60-gal for regular demand and 75-gallon gas water heater for high demand.

Ruud gas tankless water heaters

Ruud gas water heaters with the tankless technology are the perfect solution for your home as they provide hot water on demand, in endless and continuous supply, are energy efficient, smart, occupy a small space on the wall and are very durable. To find out more use this article about Ruud tankless water heaters.


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