Paloma Condensing
Water Heaters PHH-32
Review and Buying Tips

Paloma condensing water heater PHH-32

Explore Paloma condensing water heaters with a detailed review of the top features and benefits for your home. If you have a house with two to three bathrooms and looking for high-efficient water heating, Paloma gas water heaters with condensing technology are the right choice.

Paloma water heaters from the PHH-32 series with an energy efficiency of over 90% are the most efficient models from this manufacturer. These gas heaters provide two great benefits and features: tankless and condensing technology.

Tankless technology allows on-demand water heating with an endless and continuous supply of hot water while condensing technology brings you extremely efficient heating and a cheaper venting system.


Models review

Paloma condensing water heaters are designed for outdoor and indoor installation, and with the compact, space-saving design, they are ideal for the wall mount.

An outdoor model PHH-32ROFN can be installed outside only, usually inside the recess box for protection, and with the built-in electric blower, the venting system is not required.

An indoor model PHH-32RDVN is the sealed-combustion, direct-vent water heater, which, thanks to the condensing technology, uses affordable PVC venting, vs. non-condensing water heaters that must use expensive stainless steel pipes.

Thanks to the built-in electric blower, flexible 2-pipe direct vent system, and the sealed combustion, the flue gases, as the products of the gas combustion, are transferred outside safely, making the water heater great for installation anywhere inside the house.


Power and water flow

Paloma tankless water heaters work within the power range from 11,000 to 199,900 BTU, thanks to the modulating gas control valve and burner, while the water flow runs from the minimum 0.4 GPM to high 9.5 GPM when the unit runs at the highest power. This is what makes these Paloma heaters ideal for homes with two to three baths.


Paloma PHH-32RDVN offers the exclusive sensing burner and ICAD Safety System, which monitors and optimizes gas combustion and shuts down the unit in case of an increased level of carbon monoxide.

Diagnostic system

The self-diagnostic system is built into the heater. If there is a problem with the unit, an error code appears on the LED display of the remote control. These codes look like this: 1L, 05, 11, 12, 13... This article provides more info about tankless problems you might experience and how properly to maintain the tankless unit.

Remote control

Digital remote control provides the convenience to change the temperature of the hot water and comfort and peace of mind to monitor the heater's operation.

DUOnex system

As said before, Paloma condensing water heaters from the PHH-32 series come with a maximum water flow of 9.5 GPM, making them ideal for two to three-bath homes. Still, thanks to its easy expansion capability and DUOnex system, they can combine the power of two units into one and provide even more hot water, which is excellent for high-demanding homes. With an optional MIC-185 even larger system, up to 20 units, can be combined.

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Safety features

  • ICAD - Incomplete Combustion Avoidance Device
  • Overheat film wrap, which wraps the heat exchanger and detects the unsafe overheating at its early stage.
  • Three flame rods to monitor flame failure
  • High-limit switch for hot water temperature
  • High-limit switch for the flue temperature
  • Freeze protection up to -30 F


Paloma condensing water heaters are mainly designed for residential use but can be converted for commercial installation. The maximum temperature of hot water now changes to a higher 185 F and installs as part of the circulating water system. The warranty is 12-years on the heat exchanger and 5 on parts.