Bosch Therm C 1050 ES 
Tankless Water Heater
Review and Buying Tips

Bosch Greentherm C 1050 ES is the second most powerful condensing and tankless water heater from this manufacturer (right after the C 1210 ES model) and, with the maximum water flow of 10.7 gallons, is recommended for residential homes and commercial applications supplying up to five fixtures simultaneously.

Features and specifications

Bosch Greentherm C 1050 ES

Bosch C 1050 ES has the highest gas input in the Greentherm group of residential tankless water heaters - 199,000 BTU, which ensures plenty of hot water even in high-demanding households. For ultra-high demanding applications, Bosch C 1050 ES can use the Intelligent Cascading option so up to 24 units can be installed in parallel.

As opposed to the Bosch non-condensing units, C 1050 ES, as the condensing unit, features two heat exchangers, made of copper and aluminum. This ensures high thermal efficiency, while the Low NOx gas burner and its constant air/gas mixture allow this model to burn cleaner gas and meet rigorous environmental standards.

The temperature of the hot water is mainly stable so that the user can experience better comfort during the shower. This is achieved as the model is equipped with the fully modulating bypass, which automatically adjusts the water flow with any change (demand, inlet water temperature...).

Bosch Greentherm C 1050 ES is not only great for direct water heating but can also be used for direct domestic hot water recirculation for faster delivery, storage water tank loading, as a booster in solar heating systems, or combined with the small electric water heater such as Bosch Triton.

The C 1050 ES uses flexible direct venting and sealed combustion to safely remove exhaust gases.

Since the products of combustion have a lower temperature, the indoor models use affordable PVC, CPVC, ABS, SS, or PP venting, while the outdoor models are ventless.

The water heaters are equipped with intelligent electronics to control the electronic ignition of the main burner, modulation of the gas valve, real-time diagnostics for troubleshooting, monitoring, and control of the temperature, programming...

There are also many useful accessories available for this model, and the following are recommended, high-temperature kit, outdoor venting kit, wireless remote controller for more convenience, and others.


Warranty is 15 years on heat exchangers, while the 5-year warranty is on all other parts.


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