Bosch 2400E

by Judy Oter0
(San Antonio, TX)

My Bosch 2400E NG is 10 years old and all of a sudden it had a pinpoint leak in the heat exchanger. I live in the south so it has never frozen. The leak repair at radiator shop was $50. After getting the parts back in place it would not ignite. looking at youtube I took it apart again and cleaned the electrodes that weren't even scaled. Still didn't light. Called Bosch and you will never get past the receptionist. This company does not care. There is no support for their products. The only way any questions are answered is through a certified somebody. After 3 weeks of trying everything I could from youtube, I emailed and got a response. I went into great detail about what I had done as a homeowner. Their suggest was maybe water had got into the gas valve and that part cannot be repaired. The new part would be $500 plus certified plumber cost of installation. They offered a reduced price of a new Bosch heater. I emailed back and told them just what I thought of there support. First, why would I have to wait nearly 3 weeks to get that information by email? Bosch isn't even on the list of the best tankless heaters. I have no idea what is wrong with this piece of junk but I do know what I saved on gas these years does not even come close to what this unit has cost me. I did finally get the one and only certified Bosch plumber out and he suggested going back to a conventional heater. Can you believe it? What a joke! I'm so frustrated with the whole mess. I can't even make a rational decision on the next step. My biggest mistake was not reviewing Bosch. These heaters are very simple. Why this has been so complicated is a mystery. Would have been nice to talk to someone knowledgeable about Bosch.

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