AquaCal Pool Heaters
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Explore one of the top brands of swimming pool heaters - AquaCal. Being in business from 1981 the company became one of the leading manufacturers of swimming pool heat pumps in America and Canada.

AquaCal heat pumps are available in several sizes and capacities, from the small residential to large commercial ones, made for the above and inground pools. While other companies offer a variety of pool heaters, the AquaCal offers only heat pumps, both conventional - widely used and geothermal type.

The conventional type is the one that moves the warm air from surrounding to the pool water and are known as the air-to-water heat pumps. Those devices that transfer the heat from surface, underground water or land to your pool are called geothermal heat pumps. This is how these heat pumps provide great benefits to the users - low operating costs with free energy usage (renewable) and low energy consumption.

Model selection

Aquacal pool heater

Air-to-water type

Heatwave SuperQuiet

The best-selling AquaCal heat pumps are coming from the Heatwave SuperQuiet series. Designed in five sizes, the heat pumps are built explicitly for residential applications, heating and cooling pool water in any weather conditions. Model SQ145 is the model with the highest Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 6.8, and model SQ225 with the most BTU - 143,000. The water flow is the same on all models - 30 GPM at a minimum and 70 GPM at its maximum.

The greatest advantage of the Heatwave models is its core element; ThermoLink heat exchanger made of titanium, high performing and resistant to temperature shocks and chemical compounds found in swimming water. A patented water management system allows better performance to the improved surface contact between the heat exchanger and surrounding water. It has a limited lifetime warranty.

As with other advanced heat pumps, the AquaCal model is equipped with the efficient and heavy duty scroll compressor so it can achieve higher pressure due to the reduced high-stress situations. The advantage over the reciprocating compressor is up to 25% better efficiency and up to 60% less noise.

The control panel with the built-in microprocessor and digital thermostat followed by the large LED display and water resistant keypads allows easy setup, control and monitoring, and self-diagnostics if the unpredictable problems occur.

Some of the HeatWave SuperQuiet heat pumps are available as ICEBREAKER models for both heating and cooling the pool and can operate even at lower temperatures due to the defrost system.


AquaCal heat pumps from the TropiCal series are designed more for the budget-oriented families. With five models available you can choose between models with the quality titanium heat exchanger known as Thermolink (T90, T115, and T135) or tube-in-tube type which is found on the other two models. The highest COP is found on the T90 model, while the T135 has the highest BTU power. Also, models T90, T115 and T135 have the same water flow as the above HeatWave SuperQuiet heat pumps 30/70, while others have lower; minimum/maximum 20/45 GPM.

The above series is also available in 50 Hz.

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Water Source

Water Source is the AquaCal geothermal heat pump that as other of this type, utilize the heat from the surface water such as lakes, rivers, ponds or underground water, for heating the pool water. Several models are available with the titanium (ThermoLink) and cupronickel heat exchanger, all utilizing the advanced scroll compressor for better efficiency and quiet operation. The model WS10-TT is the most powerful unit with the power of 213,000 BTUs while its smallest WS03-TT has the highest COP value of 6.6. These models are also operating with the frequency of 50 and 60Hz.

Proper sizing is vital so the AquaCal heat pumps can provide all the comfort and energy savings you would expect. The heat pumps heat the pool with less energy consumed than the gas type, are environment-friendly and very quiet when compared to the competition. According to the AquaCal manufacturer, heat pumps can save you between 50% and 80%, when compared to gas type and much more than when compared to the electric resistance heaters.


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