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Rinnai gas boilerRinnai gas boiler

Explore Rinnai gas boilers for water heating, with the flexible installation, powerful, high performing, and ultra-efficient operation, for significant savings and durable work.


Models review

Rinnai manufacturer has produced a wide variety of gas boilers grouped in three categories: Q Premier, Q series, and E series, all utilizing quality elements and advanced condensing technology for efficient whole-house central and domestic water heating.

Rinnai boilers from the E series are the smallest and, as such, can be mounted on the wall easily, including the models from the Q series.

Models from Q Premier are larger and heavier and therefore designed as the floor standing and space-saving design. Every model comes with the safety features, innovative technology, and elements such as the outdoor temperature sensor that allows the boiler to provide desired comfort level continually and for a long time.

The main features found on all models include the down-fired and self-cleaning stainless steel heat exchanger that guarantees long life and high performance. The One-Side Sealed construction prevents damages during heat stress built-in circulation pump for faster hot water delivery.

With the modulating gas valve, Rinnai boilers consistently provide desired power by decreasing or increasing the power, resulting in decent savings and enhance comfort.

Rinnai Q Premier

Rinnai Q Premier boilers utilize a stainless steel water tank with a capacity of 24 gallons and can produce enough power for high hot water demands in large houses.

Measured 23.6” x 61.8” x 25.2”, these units can be used in the existing heating system as a retrofit or in new houses. While its easily accessed connections provide simple and fast installation, and with the pre-piped setup and installed pump, the user can benefit when utilizing the hot water recirculation system. The approximate weight is 236 pounds.

There are two models available; QP85N with the maximum gas input of 85,000 BTU and larger QP130N with 130,000 BTU, where the energy efficiency for both models is close to 96%, resulting in the Energy Star approval and reduced energy losses. Both models are factory-built to use natural gas, and with the approved Rinnai conversion kit, these boilers can be converted to use propane gas instead.

Both models have the turndown ratio of 5:1, which allows power modulation from its maximum to its minimum of 17,000 BTU/26,000 BTU, while the First Hour Rating is 141 gal/h for QP85N and 211 gal/h for the QP130N model.

Rinnai boilers from the Q Premier series are covered with a 12-year warranty on the heat exchanger and water storage tank.

Rinnai Q series

Rinnai Q series is the most extensive group of condensing boilers, and it consists of the following models: Q85S, Q130S, Q175S, Q175C, and Q205S, all made for residential and some commercial applications. With a maximum weight of 141 lbs., all models are much lighter than the floor-standing models from the Q Premier group. With the size of 26“ x 26.8” x 15.2,” it is guaranteed that the user will benefit from the flexible and space-saving installation – on the wall.

The maximum heating capacity is from 85,000 to 205,000 BTU, where the modulating gas valve can reduce the power to 17,000 BTU, which leads to a turndown ratio of 5:1 for most models. All the models have an ultra-high energy efficiency ranging from 95 to 95.4%. They can work with a separate indirect hot water tank, except the Q175C model that is used for space and potable water heating, with a maximum flow rate of 4.1 gals/min.

It utilizes natural gas or propane gas and is field compatible for easy conversion. It does not include the storage water tank but is indirect tank compatible.

Rinnai E series

Rinnai boilers from the E series are also combi boilers that can heat water for the central heating system and produce domestic hot water. Due to their size and heat output, they are recommended for homes with one to two bathrooms.

There are three models available: E50C, E75C, and E110C, having the gas input in the range from 50,000 to 110,000 BTU, all ultra-efficient and Energy Star approved. As opposed to the Q series and Premier Q series, series E also comes with two heat exchangers, one made of stainless steel and the other made of softer but corrosion-resistant copper.

The boilers from the E series are the smallest and lightest of all Rinnai gas boilers, so handling is even easier. The boiler’s display and the function buttons on the front panel, found on the Q models also, allowing the user control of the central heating, hot water, and pump programming.

E75 has a single-speed pump and integrated expansion tank.

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Key features

  • Down-fired and self-cleaning stainless steel heat exchanger
  • One-Side Sealed construction
  • Built-in circulation pump
  • Modulating gas valve
  • Stainless steel water tank


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