American Electric Water Heaters
Review and Buying Tips

An overview of the American electric water heaters for heating potable water in residential applications. A review of the top features found in the most popular models from Standard and High-Efficiency series.

American electric water heaterAmerican electric water heater

American electric water heaters are designed to supply homes and manufactured housings with hot water reliably and safely. They are found in many sizes and capacities, which are different in quality and warranty lengths.

Due to the extensive line of the products, there is a product for every family; you can buy an economy model that fits anyone's budget or top of the line unit, which is more expensive but more durable.

Residential electric water heaters

This comprehensive line of American electric water heaters includes:

  • High-Efficiency Hybrid models
  • Standard series
  • Self Cleaning
  • Mobile homes
  • Specialty

High-Efficiency Hybrid series

American electric water heaters from the High-Efficiency Hybrid series are designed as hybrid models, models that heat water utilizing a heat pump technology and heating elements as the backup. As the heat pump moves the hot air rather than heating the air, this type of electric water heaters is the most effective and efficient. These are also the only type of electric that are Energy Star compliant, providing decent savings.

Great user experience is the result of the included Electronic User Interface with the large LCD display that also helps in easy troubleshooting and four heating modes for a variety of situations.

Hybrid water heaters come in sizes from 50 to 80 gallons and have the warranty of up to 10 years.

Standard series

Standard series is the largest group of all American electric categories and is coming with the capacities ranging from 30 to 55 gallons, and three heights; tall, short and Lowboy - providing more flexibility in selection and later in the installation.

American electric water heaters from this group can operate not only in residential homes but manufacturing housing too.

They still utilize basic features, exclusively made by American; Coregard anode rod, Blue Diamond glass coating, and self-cleaning dip tube.

The standard warranty is 6 years but for some models can be extended to 10 years.

Self Cleaning series

Self-Cleaning series is very similar to the above Standard series but has stronger heating elements resulting in faster recovery and dry fire protection for the greater reliability. Another difference is the built-in Electronic User Interface with the touchscreen display and diagnostic capabilities for better user experience.

Tall and short models with the tank sizes from 40 to 55 gallons are also present in this group as the most popular type.

Specialty Electric series

Specialty Electric series of electric water heaters are designed with the storage tanks from the smallest 2.5 gals to the largest 38 gals. and used mainly for point-of-use service. They are grouped in several categories: Table Top, point-of-use, Compact and LowBoy and due to its small and unique design can be installed either in the kitchen, above or below the kitchen sink, closet, garage or in the utility room.

As the above models, the Specialty Electric series are also compliant with HUD standards for installation in mobile homes and manufactured housing.


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