American Gas Water Heaters
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A review of the American gas water heaters utilizing conventional tank-type and tankless technology for water heating in residential and light commercial applications. Check out the most advanced and efficient models that are Energy Star compliant and what innovative features they include.

This article covers only the best of conventional type water heaters that utilize the storage water tank, while the details of the gas tankless models can be found in this review.

An American Water Heating Company offers a comprehensive line of gas-powered water heaters grouped in several categories, covering from smaller to large homes and including from economy to advanced models, also models with the atmospheric, direct, power-direct and power venting system.

American gas water heaters are mainly built for home use in sizes from 30 gallons to 100 gallons, with the tall and short type, while some models are designed specifically for mobile housing. Most of the water heaters are built with the gas burners called Green Choice Burner that produce low NOx emission, while for regions with the strict law, the American manufacturer offers heaters with the ultra-low gas emission.

American gas water heaters are factory built to use mainly natural gas while in areas where this fuel is not available, propane water heaters can be used, but is more expensive.

One of the widely used advanced features is the self-powered electronic gas valve with the intelligent control logic that allows better accuracy and higher comfort. It uses the thermopile to generate electricity and power the unit and therefore makes the water heater independent from the external power source.

DynaClean Automatic Sediment-Cleaning System is another great feature, found on all American gas water heaters and it helps in sediment built-up reduction allowing longer life and better performance.

For protection, Blue Diamond Glass Coating and CoreGard Advanced Anode Rod Protection are used to fight the aggressive water condition.

Premium features such as the powered anode, condensing technology, electronic user interface, and the cutting edge technology are found on top models only reviewed below.

Depending on the model and what kind of elements it uses, the American manufacturer offers four types of warranties; 6, 9, 10 and 12 years, where better quality elements allow the company to provide more extended warranties.

Residential gas water heaters

American gas water heater

As said before, American gas water heaters are designed in many types and sizes, but we will present them in four groups covering only the best from this manufacturer. The reason is simple - they have the most innovative features available today, the efficiency is the highest so as the recovery rate and First Hour Rating, the performance is the best, and the operating costs are the lowest.

  • Polaris
  • Nautilus
  • PowerFlex
  • Other

Polaris is, with the efficiency of 96%, one of the most efficient water heaters from the American manufacturer. Polaris is also considered the best model that comes with the superior features such as the metal fiber burner that ensures clean and efficient gas combustion, reliable and durable operation, ultra-quiet blower for the low noise level and 120 feet long power/direct venting for flexible installation. It is available in two sizes 34 and popular 50 gallons offering a fantastic recovery rate of 257 GPH.

Another amazing gas water heater from American manufacturer comes from the Nautilus Power Direct series and is built in two sizes, 50 and 75 gallons, both models having the recovery rate of 129 GPH and superior thermal efficiency of 96%, making it Energy Star approved. What makes it unique is the spiral heat exchanger that keeps the heat longer, resulting in the higher thermal efficiency. The innovative electronic system offers an advanced diagnostic system, large LCD display, and excellent temperature control.

Nautilus Power Vent water heater is the high-efficient and Energy Star 50-gal unit, designed with the power venting that offers excellent flexibility with the 128 feet long vents. What makes it different from standard type is the high-grade hot surface ignitor - more robust and durable than the pilot, great system diagnostic capabilities, two heavy-duty anodes for extra protection and high First Hour Delivery of 127 gallons.

Powerflex series comes in two groups with the power and power direct venting system, both Energy Star, but much lower energy factor (0.7) than the above models. While it offers a variety of model sizes which are from 40 to 75 gallons, the recovery is much lower. It comes with the hot surface ignitor, self-cleaning system, and long vent pipes.

The above American gas water heaters are considered the best, and that is why they are presented here. There are also many more models available, and we will name some;

  • Ultra-Low NOx models available with the atmospheric, direct and power venting system and models with the high recovery.
  • High-Efficiency models with the pressurized combustion system, powered anode, and LCD user interface.
  • High Efficiency with the flue damper that also increases the thermal efficiency making it Energy Star.


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