American Gas Water Heaters
Review and Buying Tips

A review of the American gas water heaters utilizing conventional tank-type and tankless technology for water heating in residential and light commercial applications. Check out the most advanced and efficient Energy Star compliant models and see what innovative features they include.

American Polaris high-efficiency water heaterAmerican Polaris water heater

The American water heating company offers a comprehensive line of gas-powered water heaters grouped into several categories, supplying enough hot water from small to large homes.

Some models come from the economy series utilizing simple features, or advanced series with superior features, and utilizing atmospheric, direct, power-direct, or power venting systems.

Gas water heaters are designed either with the storage tank or without as tank-less. While the tank-type water heaters heat water stored inside the tank, tankless gas models heat water on demand and deliver hot water in an endless supply to one or multiple fixtures. Tank-type units are big, and tankless are small.

Features to look for

American gas water heaters with storage tanks are mainly built for whole-house heating utilizing tank sizes from 30 to 100 gallons, built as a tall and short type for residential homes and mobile housing. Due to the quality components, American gas models are considered commercial-grade water heaters.

Most water heaters are built with eco-friendly gas burners called “Green Choice” that burns natural or propane gas with the reduced gas emission. For the regions with strict laws, the American manufacturer offers heaters with ultra-low gas emissions.

One of the widely used advanced features is the self-powered electronic gas valve with intelligent control logic that allows better accuracy, higher comfort, and diagnostics. It uses the thermopile to generate electricity and power the unit making such water heaters independent from the external power source.

The DynaClean Automatic Sediment-Cleaning System is another great feature found on American gas water heaters. It helps reduce the risk of sediment built-up, allowing longer unit life and better performance.

For protection, the Blue Diamond Glass Coating system and CoreGard Anode Rod are used to fighting corrosion of the metal tanks and other metal components.

Premium features such as the powered anode, condensing technology, electronic user interface, and cutting edge technology are found on top models only, which are mentioned below.

Depending on the model and what kind of elements it uses, the American manufacturer offers four types of warranties; 6, 8, 10, and 15 years. Better quality elements allow the company to provide more extended warranties.

An overview of American gas water heaters (including the best)

American gas water heaters with storage tanks are grouped into three categories, with many sizes at your disposal:

  • Polaris
  • Nautilus 
  • ProLine (Standard and Master models)

We won’t review every single model but will present to you those that we think are worth considering, including the best from this manufacturer. Such models have the most innovative features available today, the highest efficiency, recovery rate and first-hour rating, superior performance, and low operating costs and gas emission.

With an efficiency of 96%, Polaris is one of the most efficient water heaters from the American manufacturer. Polaris is also considered the best model as it includes superior features. A metal fiber burner ensures clean and efficient gas combustion, reliable and durable operation, the ultra-quiet blower has a low noise level, and 120 feet long power/direct venting is there for flexible installation. It is available in two tank sizes of 34 and 50 gallons offering a fantastic recovery rate of up to 257 GPH.

These high-performing water heaters are equipped with stainless steel storage tanks, provide endless shower time, and can last for a long time; plus, they are backed by a warranty of 10 years.

Another amazing gas water heater from the American manufacturer comes from the Nautilus Power Direct vent series, with two sizes available: 50 and 75 gallons. Both models have a recovery rate of 129 GPH and superior thermal efficiency of 96%, making them Energy Star approved.

What makes Nautilus unique is the spiral heat exchanger that keeps the heat longer, resulting in higher thermal efficiency and energy savings. The innovative electronic system offers an advanced diagnostic system, a large LCD display, and excellent temperature control.

Nautilus Power Vent water heater is the ultra-efficient and Energy Star model, designed with the power venting that offers excellent flexibility with the 128 feet long vents. What makes it different from standard types is the high-grade hot surface ignitor that is more robust and durable than the pilot light. The system also has excellent system diagnostic capabilities, two heavy-duty anodes for extra protection, and high first-hour delivery of 119 gallons.

Polaris and Nautilus are condensing models coming from the ProLine XE series and are considered by the manufacturer as “BEST” - recommended for average and large homes.

ProLine Standard and Master series include many more types and models than Polaris and Nautilus series. While most models come with average and low efficiency, there are still highly efficient models, low NOx, and affordable. These are ranked as "GOOD" and "BETTER."

ProLine models are recommended for small and average-size homes.

Here is the selection of tank-type water heaters that are worth considering:

  • ProLine XE High-Efficiency Ultra-Low NOx Flue Damper – available in 40 and 50-gall sizes and has a maximum efficiency of 0.70.
  • ProLine XE Ultra-Low NOx Power Vent – available in 40 and 50-gall sizes and has a maximum efficiency of 0.70. 
  • ProLine XE High-Efficiency Power Direct Vent – feature hot surface ignitor. Available in sizes from 40 to 75 gallons. The maximum efficiency is 0.73.
  • ProLine XE High-Efficiency Power Vent - features an exclusive 3-position rotatable blower and hot surface ignitor. Available in sizes from 40 to 75 gallons. The maximum efficiency is 0.73.

All models feature advanced electronics with diagnostics, eco-friendly gas burner, self-cleaning dip tube, CoreGard anode rod, Blue Diamond glass coating, and are Energy Star approved.

American tankless water heaters

American tankless water heaterAmerican tankless water heater

As opposed to tank-type models, American tankless water heaters are designed to heat water only when you need it – on demand, and they do not have storage tanks, so there is no capacity limit. You can take a shower as long as you want. Even people after you. No need to wait for a water heater to heat the water. A gas burner is heating water as long as the tap/shower is open.

There are two types of tankless available from the American manufacturer: non-condensing and condensing.

Non-condensing models are high- efficient, while condensing are ultra-efficient, whose energy efficiency can reach high values of over 90%.

The best tankless models come from the condensing group with the recirculation system and ultra-low NOx gas emissions. If you want to know more about American tankless, check out our detailed review in this article.


The purpose of this article is to help homeowners select the best American gas water heater for their homes. With many types and models available, choosing the right model can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating.

This is why we have explained what features to look for and what are the best models with the tank and tankless technology. Either you choose Polaris, Nautilus, or any other form XE series, including any tankless, you won’t make a mistake. If, instead, you would like to check out electric models, see our review here.


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