Hayward Pool Heaters
Review and Buying Tips

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Check out a review of Hayward pool heaters for heating in-ground and above-ground swimming pools, utilizing gas and electrical energy. Explore the main features and specs to find the best option for efficient and reliable pool water heating no matter weather conditions. See the differences between different heater types, advantages, and disadvantages.

Hayward pool heaters are built for residential and commercial applications, offering superior comfort and efficiency when heating both in-ground and above-ground pools.

Let's check out models that offer the most cost-effective solution for your home.

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In-ground pool heaters

Hayward pool heaters – Universal H-series

Hayward gas pool heater

Hayward pool heaters, powered by natural and propane gas, are recommended for homeowners looking for quick and reliable water heating in in-ground pools. Heaters can be used in any region, no matter the climate. Gas heaters are very popular in North America due to their powerful Eco burners, fast and efficient heating, and lower gas emission.

The Universal H series from Hayward offers efficient gas pool heaters in several sizes and capacities, all heating swimming pool water and spas utilizing natural gas or propane.

The main feature, which also makes these Hayward heaters more attractive and superior from some competitors, is the cupro-nickel heat exchanger (a combination of high-quality copper and nickel materials), which is the standard feature.

Due to different and aggressive water chemistry, including corrosive chemicals, a high-quality heat exchanger is very important for reliable and long-term use.

The Hayward manufacturer offers several models, providing power up to 500,000 BTU and maximum efficiency of 83% (model H500FDN and FDP), while heating pools from 450 to 1350 sq. ft. of surface area.

When it comes to the time needed to heat the pool, the most powerful model - H500, for example, can heat 10,000 gallons of water in just 6 hours (20' pool).

Hayward gas pool heaters are equipped with an easy-to-use control panel with the user interface keypad, LED numeric display, and indicator lights for selecting and monitoring the outgoing water temperature and one of the three modes, including diagnostics.

  • Standby mode – a mode when the heater is not heating water
  • Spa mode – a mode where the heater automatically maintains the set spa temperature
  • Pool mode – a mode where the heater automatically keeps the pool temperature as set


  • 7 models available with power ranging from 150,000 to 500,000 BTU
  • Standard cupro nickel heat exchanger
  • Patented header by-pass design
  • Uniform water flow for fast heating
  • Excellent saltwater and corrosion resistance
  • The heaters' size is from 21" to 41" in width

The advantages of Hayward gas heaters include quick and effective water heating, as long as the units are correctly sized. They heat water faster than any other type. Models do not lose on performance with the weather change, rainy days, or even freezing temperatures.

Superb resistance to corrosion and weather conditions makes them ideal for installation even in regions close to seas and oceans. The units have an acceptable initial cost but are costly to operate. Gas heaters are suitable for both pools and spas, not frequent but occasional use.

Hayward heat pumps – HeatPro series

Hayward electric

Hayward heat pumps are ideal for homes and owners who use the swimming pool daily, prefer quiet and efficient heating but do not mind slower water heating. It is not recommended for homeowners who live in cold regions as the minimum outside air temperature should be above 45 F. The main advantage is the availability of the fuel source - electricity, low operating cost, and ultra-high energy efficiency.

Hayward heat pumps come from the HeatPro series, a series with ultra-efficient and environment-friendly swimming pool heaters.

Several models available provide the power of up to 140,000 BTU and reach a high COP of 6.

All models are equipped with the exclusive Ultra Gold corrosion-resistant evaporator fin, titanium heat exchanger technology, and heavy-duty scroll compressor, providing reliable and durable operation even when exposed to harsh conditions, such as the proximity of the ocean and exposure to high winds and salt.

Hayward heat pumps are all equipped with electronic temperature control and dual thermostat - for both spa and pool use.

The best option for heating the pool is combining these two technologies, where the heat pump is used most of the time due to the higher efficiency while the gas unit during the cold days.

The main advantage of the heat pumps is cost reduction, or low cost to operate the unit (due to the high energy efficiency). They are also more reliable and require less maintenance. Heat pumps are reliable and safe to operate. As there is no combustion and gas emission, these units are eco-friendly.

The disadvantages are high initial cost and expensive installation (requires the electrician for the hookup), especially with the dedicated electrical circuit and strong breaker. Opposed to the powerful gas burner and fast heating, heat pumps tend to heat water slow.


  • 8 models available with power ranging from 95,000 to 140,000 BTU
  • Low-ambient models available for use during cooler days
  • Titanium counter-flow heat exchanger for superb resistance to corrosion, maximum heat transfer, and energy cost reduction
  • Corrosion-resistant evaporator coil protected by the polyethylene screen
  • Heavy-duty scroll compressor
  • COP ranging from 5.7 to 6
  • Lightweight design up to 250 pounds for easy installation
  • Heaters' size from 21" to 44" in height

The best option for heating the pool is a combination of the above two technologies, where the heat pump is used most of the time due to the higher efficiency while the gas unit is used mainly during cold days.

Above-ground Hayward pool heaters

Gas heaters – H series

The H-series comprises the induced draft heaters operating in natural or propane gas and is designed for the above-ground swimming pools. Models can provide up to 100,000 BTU while heating approximately 13,500 gallons of water (the pool size is 24' in diameter) in 8 hours with the temperature rise of 5.6 F.

As opposed to the above gas pool heaters from the Universal H series; the H-series heaters utilize a heat exchanger made of copper material only, while still offering reliable and superior performance.


  • 6 models using natural gas and propane available in sizes with the power of 100,000 and 135,000 BTU
  • Used for pools and spas
  • An induced draft system makes it resistant to high wind conditions
  • Electronic direct spark ignition and FireTile combustion chamber for quick operation
  • Built-in 120 V electric cord for easy installation
  • Environment-friendly due to low gas emission
  • The energy efficiency of 82%
  • Lightweight design of only 75 (100) lbs

Heat pumps

Hayward heat pumps for the above-ground swimming pools are designed for heating mainly smaller pools, up to 13,000 gallons of water (24' pools). There are two models available, HP50TA, which comes with the 50,000 BTU, and HP50HA with the 45,000 BTU and COP of 5.4. Both models are equipped with a titanium heat exchanger so the heat pumps can be used efficiently and for a long time, even if located close to the coast.


  • Titanium heat exchanger
  • Electronic temperature control for easy use and constant temperature
  • Power of 50,000 BTU, heating pools up to 13,000 gallons
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Quiet operation
  • High energy efficiency; COP of 5.4 for significant energy savings
  • The lightweight design of 120 lbs

There are many popular brands and quality pool heaters out there; Pentair, AquaCal, Sta-Rite, Raypak, and Jandy, but Hayward is probably the biggest name in the residential swimming pool industry.

Either model you choose from the above reviewed Hayward pool heaters, one is for sure; you can now enjoy more with the extended swimming pool season because you and your new high-quality heater are now in control of the pool temperature and the level of comfort, not weather. You have to choose between different Hayward models, gas or heat pumps, and have them installed right after the cold weather.